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Unlike physics biology can not rely too long on elegance, beauty, and formal clarity.
Even more remarkable is how they achieved their seriousness of purpose with elegance, wit, and beauty.
Surround your ceremony with the elegance and beauty of nature.
His elegance consoled me, and his refusal made him all the dearer.
Apart from a propensity to pounce on prey, cats' aloof elegance has long made them the choice for animal companionship.
The elegance of its syntax is unmatched by any other numerical programming software.
It does so with complex, mathematical formulas, and with considerable elegance.
Combine organic and architectural elements for streamlined elegance.
Typically the best designs combine elegance with utility.
Instead, mirrors add an airy elegance as they reflect light.
But the administrative elegance of such a system is not so immediately apparent.
Microbursts of information may not have the elegance of formal literature, but they are more efficient.
Again, there is an elegance in the small bits of design on display here.
These threats to validity refer to more than elegance in metrics and statistics.
But overall, the camera shoots few things horribly, and many things with elegance.
If you can't convey the sheer elegance of what calculus is then you have no right to be teaching it.
Hillis's rolling-ball clocks have a gratifying elegance that is sort of a tactile onomatopoeia.
There is an elegance to his thought processes that can be seen in everything he does.
These structures create privacy with artful elegance.
Their second thought-part of the first, actually-is for elegance, detail.
He had friends by the carload, who were drawn to his tall, semi-silent elegance and attentive ear.
The show was an aggressively drab-looking affair on the whole, but touched with formal and spiritual elegance.
Present it with elegance and with cheer for the palate.
Alas for theoretical elegance, there are no empirical studies providing conclusive support for this proposition.
The instinct for hospitality, the elegance of manner have not been exaggerated.
These bring a craft and elegance new to flavored vodkas.
Climbers speak often of elegance--elegance of climbing style, elegance of route.
It was a sleek design that spoke of luxury, elegance, and efficiency.
Before long your gestures develop elegance and grace.
Likewise, simple elegance was another tool, and even wit and humor came into play.
The tin, tinsel, and ribbon packaging added an unusual elegance to a holiday table.
The engineers are interested in the elegance of the design.
Elegance refined from the boardroom to the golf course.
The rooms are immaculate, with pretty furnishings and an understated elegance.
Again, declaring that his speech is plain, he disclaimed any rhetorical show of elegance.
The whole is written with great variety, elegance, and perspicuity.
And yet with all this he combined great pretensions to elegance, to sumptuous dress, and noble bearing.
His verse is often, if not always, polished into a state of monotonous elegance.
Because, elegance comes of no breeding, but of birth.
The upscale, premium ships are known for their elegance and well-traveled clientele.
High-end accommodations await travelers looking for elegance during their stay here.
When the company branched out into other types of shoe design, it combined the comfort of a nursing shoe with style and elegance.
The grand piano and the string section add a needed touch of elegance.
The resort is a must see for anyone who is looking for special accommodations, luxury and elegance all served on a silver platter.
Elegance unquestionably plays a big part in the advancement of science.
The tremor all but disappeared, and the graceful elegance of her walk had nearly returned.
There is great elegance in the way this system has evolved, with its complex mix of instinct and learning.
From the point of view of aesthetic and intellectual elegance, it is a bad experiment.
In each of these examples you can begin to see the logic, an elegance that teams of engineers couldn't do much to improve.
The delight is in the humor and elegance of the language and narrative.
The elegance of this artifice was only compatible with comedy.
He still has his palaces, along with a life of culture and elegance.
Kodachrome had more poetry in it, a softness, an elegance.
Ancient elegance and new opulence are all tangled up in a dazzling blur of op and pop.
Reveal the alien, reveal the monster, allow it to unfold in a way that has some elegance.
It is this elegance that has focused so much attention on it so quickly.
Be that as it may, it also has a certain elegance and explanatory power that makes it worth pursuing in significantly more detail.
String theory is mathematical elegance with no empirical application.
The dining room lends an affordable elegance to any function.
Treat yourself to a dining experience in an atmosphere of casual elegance.
Elegance in a lush natural setting creates the perfect backdrop for a happy couple to begin a new life together.
The design of the new building would convey the permanence and elegance a proper town should display.
Decorative streetlights can add warmth and elegance to your neighborhood.
The sky show the planets have planned for this month is a reminder of the aesthetic elegance the solar system can sometimes offer.
The goal of modern theoretical physics is to reveal the universe's lost elegance.
It's as though the elegance and ease of all our shiny screens make consumption of trivial dross more tasteful.
It was a magnificent performance, what with a couple of triple-triples and all manner of elegance and charm.
It's a square of craggy chocolate that carries none of the elegance of a cake.

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