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Example sentences for electromagnetic radiation

It makes me a much happier particle of electromagnetic radiation.
X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, as is light.
Every day, our eyes are bombarded with the sun's electromagnetic radiation.
As a bonus, they can be expected to give off a reasonably plaintive yelp of electromagnetic radiation as they do so.
Third, there's the concern about electromagnetic radiation.
Researchers there test devices that fire intense beams of electromagnetic radiation at automobiles.
The image was created by x-rays: electromagnetic radiation beams whose soft-tissue attenuation is recorded on film or a monitor.
All objects in the universe, including people, emit electromagnetic radiation.
Across the street from the filmmaker's modest office building is a cellphone tower that emits electromagnetic radiation.
Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation, a kind of energy that also includes visible light.
Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation at the highest-energy, or shortest-wavelength, end of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Then they applied a pulse of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, which in effect turned the quantum state upside down.
Dark matter does not reveal its presence by emitting any type of electromagnetic radiation.
But the word light can be applied to any form of electromagnetic radiation.
Most of the sources you cited emit electromagnetic radiation of far to low an energy level to ionize anything.
Whatever the origin of the pulse in a wire, it involves the motion of electric charge and emits electromagnetic radiation.
Gamma rays are high-frequency electromagnetic radiation-essentially, extremely energetic light.
As a result, say the authors of the new paper, he significantly overestimated the level of electromagnetic radiation.
Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation.
Yet these are all phenomena of electromagnetic radiation.
And politicians and business people would do well to keep an eye on the health risks of electromagnetic radiation.
Systems for protecting against electromagnetic radiation are already being developed.
The incoming missile's electronics can also be scrambled with blasts of electromagnetic radiation, such as microwaves.
Although there might be an evanescent small amount of electromagnetic radiation there is absolutely no proof of damage by that.
Electromagnetic radiation from any source could easily interfere with drive-by-wire or local electronics.
Small seismic shocks would produce smaller voltages and give rise to electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves.
Dark matter isn't the same thing as matter that doesn't interact with electromagnetic radiation.
We can measure minute amounts of electromagnetic radiation.
We have confirmed the existence of matter in space by its emissions of electromagnetic radiation along the entire spectrum.
Radiative equilibrium, ditto for net flux of electromagnetic radiation.
Photons are also carriers of electromagnetic radiation.
Wherever plasma exist, they produce prodigious amounts of electromagnetic radiation.
Gamma rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation that results from a redistribution of electric charge within a nucleus.
When placed in the presence of an electric field, the sensor receives an input beam of electromagnetic radiation into the sensor.
Second, the next question is how a molecular species interacts with electromagnetic radiation.
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