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Example sentences for electrify

He could electrify an audience, even at mundane events such as an annual general meeting.
Life-goes-on movies usually don't electrify the senses, but this one stimulates moral imagination.
He will need to listen patiently and propose solutions in countless small town meetings, not simply electrify large arenas.
Not every quarterback can electrify a crowd by going four-for-10.
It's another big step forward for the two companies and their aggressive plans to electrify transportation.
Private industry hadn't found it profitable to electrify sparsely populated areas.
On the other, small modular systems can electrify isolated areas for which the cost of connection to the grid is prohibitive.
When an inverter continues to electrify the grid during an outage, that is called islanding.
The continuing work to electrify the transportation sector will also raise future demand for electricity.
It is not feasible to electrify the outer portion of all these routes.

Famous quotes containing the word electrify

I declare Two lineages electrify the air, That will like pennons from a mast Fly over sleep and life and de... more
To live without killing is a thought which could electrify the world, if men were only capable of staying a... more
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