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Electricity theft is not only dangerous, but it weakens power delivery systems around the world.
Still, unlike electricity from traditional sources, wind power is not always available on demand.
Nuclear power supplies a sixth of the world's electricity.
Scientists have invented a backpack that creates enough electricity to power seven portable gadgets at once.
Hybrid chargers can be plugged in and are capable of automatically switching between solar power and home electricity.
It is the first time in the world that electricity directly from a tidal current has been fed into a power grid.
Wind turbines, also called windmills, harness the power of the wind to produce electricity.
And, although it didn't seem to matter at the time, it used less electricity and extended the life of the bulb.
Purchase environmentally friendly green power electricity.
These translate the old-fashioned muscle power of hand and wrist into electricity.
More electricity will be required to power electric vehicles, and more must be renewable.
Power generators went into electricity distribution, and water companies seemed to flow everywhere.
Grappling hooks attached to siphon electricity from low-hanging power lines.
Hydrogen could then be stored until needed to power a car or provide electricity to a home.
The electricity generated to power air conditioning carries both global and personal health consequences.
And in many cases, they're operating as mini-utilities, selling excess electricity back to the power company.
It also supplies power to thousands of villages that previously lacked electricity.
He hopes to generate all the school's electricity from wind power.
More electricity use at homes and higher prices are driving up power bills.
Pedal power is gaining traction as thousands of bikes and elliptical machines are retrofitted to produce electricity.
They are increasingly supplying electricity to an unlikely recipient: the power grid itself.
Solar panels harness the power of the sun to produce electricity without releasing harmful emissions into the environment.
Further transportation brings these products to power plants, which generate electricity by burning the fuel in turbines.
Garbage piles up by the roadside, and the squatters string wires from power lines to steal electricity.
Without a good way to store electricity on a large scale, solar power is useless at night.
Renewable power is inspiring clever new ways to store electricity-and to uncork it exactly when and where it is needed.
Rather than burning fuel to create heat to power a turbine, fuel cells turn chemical energy directly into a flow of electricity.
In a conventional solar power plant, the steam drives a turbine to generate electricity.
Subway trains need a lot of electricity to get going, turning electricity into kinetic energy, the energy of movement.
The only electricity he used was for lights and refrigerator.
Electricity is a particularly high-grade form of energy and to use it for space heating seems almost criminal to me.
Wind-generated electricity is not enormously more expensive than electricity generated from fossil fuel combustion.
Both forms of energy can be converted into electricity.
Hydrogen is used by fuel cells to generate electricity without generating those nasty greenhouse gases.
And those who lack electricity at home are forced to study in public parks.
Thereafter, his electricity cost would fall near to nothing.
Replacing wood and coal with electricity could help reduce poverty and pollution.
The steam thereafter is channeled to a steam turbine generator to produce electricity.
Computers crash, electricity goes out, and servers go down.
Saving electricity requires either conserving or improving efficiency.
Since its discovery, electricity has helped humans make labor and tools more efficient.
Tiwa-speaking people maintain their traditional way of life and do not use electricity or plumbing.
Electricity that is transferred wirelessly between two electromagnetic coils resonating at the same frequency.
Life in the woods without electricity is really disgusting.
Nanotechnology scientists are working to generate electricity from raindrops.
Cheap, durable, efficient devices are needed to generate a significant amount of electricity from the sun.
Look for other, more environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity.
The fact you're powered by electricity is irrelevant as far as what you do while flying.
The fleet itself is fairly inexpensive to operate, and for years has been a source of cheap electricity.
Cost of electricity will go up and the original notion of inexpensive operation will be dispelled.
The electricity meter is one of those things that homeowners scarcely think about.
It was a hybrid car that relied on both batteries and a generator to produce electricity for its motors.
If operators don't have to worry about unexpected crises, they'll be able to transmit more electricity to their customers.
And they found that drawing electricity from the grid after-hours is best.
Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of moving water.
But instead of getting electricity from a wall socket, the first jolt comes from a small solar panel.
Scientists have harnessed a group of naturally occurring bacteria to generate electricity from organic material in mud.
What if the electricity were generated by wind or solar.
Scientists say they have generated clean, renewable electricity from the bacteria-rich fluids found inside cow stomachs.
Saving money and environmental resources through water and electricity conservation is the green way to go in more ways than one.
Each bolt can contain up to one billion volts of electricity.
And they deliver electricity more cheaply than gas or coal plants.
Also avoid using landline phones, televisions, and other appliances that conduct electricity.
But the true costs, from worker exploitation to pollution, are not measured by electricity meters.
Our calculator includes only electricity use at home, not oil or other heating fuels.
Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories and electricity production.
Photovoltaics convert sunlight directly into electricity.
People have reported seeing small, glowing spheres of electricity for centuries.
Amazed by the important role the cans play in triggering energy to produce electricity.
Ask students to suggest a number of ways that electricity is produced around the world and to write them on the board.
For other electricity trades, done either directly or through brokers, no prices or volumes are published.
Many tout fuel cells as the answer to our energy woes, but capturing hydrogen gas requires great amounts of electricity.
Your website keeps sucking electricity even when your mom's not reading it.
Corky is a self-charging mouse, turning your clicks and flicks into electricity.
Maybe it was their electricity that broke her coffee pot.
Electricity blackouts are not welcome when you're in the middle of brewing thousands of gallons of blond and brown ales.
Photovoltaic cells will generate some of the electricity for the building.
And when the lights go out more often and/or price of electricity goes through the roof there will be an outcry to build them.
But then you realize oh my goodness, it's creating electricity.
In fact, they may remake electricity as well as transport.
Fuel cells, which mix hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity and water, were the darlings of the technological world.
Electricity really is the ideal form of propulsion for the automobile because it is clean and quiet.
Reversing his effect of using a magnet and electricity to create motion, he used a magnet and motion to generate electricity.
Solar panels convert the sun's energy into electricity.
As the water boils, the pan uses excess heat to generate electricity.
Solar photovoltaic panels produce direct-current electricity.
Heating and cooling your home uses energy in the form of electricity or natural gas.
Solar energy warms the water in swimming pools, heats homes and can be converted into electricity.
Using solar energy to generate electricity is not the only way to take advantage of free energy from the sun to heat your home.
Sunlight is free energy, but the equipment that captures it and turns it into usable electricity can be costly.
Repelling a rocket with a blast of electricity while grinding on a telephone wire.
The point, either way, is to remove even the remotest possibility of electricity interacting with the moisture.
Some of the buildings would be equipped with solar-energy systems that could produce more electricity than the buildings consumed.
The atomic structure, which varies with each tube, determines the way it conducts electricity.
No electricity or internal combustion engines for them.
Books can be read without batteries or electricity, on trains, in the bathtub.
E-readers aren't practical here and electricity is still sporadic.
The subsequent explosion then occurs as normal and the movement is converted to electricity and siphoned-off.
Electricity arcs among the layers, ionizing the air and making it glow.
Some generation has to be slowed or shutdown, or buyers outside the region found for the electricity.
When you get back in the car, you pick up static electricity, which can start a fire when you pull out the hose.
Solar panels and this bike-powered electricity generator are preferable ways to generate electricity at occupation camps.
He hopes to install a wind turbine on the surface that would generate as much electricity as the company consumes.
Whenever the subject gives an incorrect answer, she is given a powerful jolt of electricity.
They also suck up electricity: those halogen lamps alone have wiped out all the gains achieved by compact fluorescent bulbs.
The facility was being kept clean and orderly, with good water and electricity.
Rising consumer demand has already resulted in chronic widespread electricity shortages.
Clean water and electricity are almost nonexistent in many villages.
For one, the electricity that older nuclear plants produce is some of the cheapest in the nation's electricity system.
Electricity bills are confusing, and don't arrive until long after the damage is done.
Their house, which they built with help from friends, gets its electricity from solar panels and its heat from wood stoves.
They simply absorb when there is extra electricity and dispense when there isn't enough.
To convert the rotation of wind turbines into electricity efficiently, however, generators require a single turning speed.
Before the development of electrodynamics the laws of electrostatics and the laws of electricity were regarded indiscriminately.
Some are backwaters with no electricity or potable water.
At the heart of almost every electrical device is a semiconductor, which transmits electricity only under certain conditions.
The humble trailer park has no running water or electricity.
Arriving by train in the pre-dawn darkness, she checked into a hotel where electricity and running water were sporadic.
Usually, they were their localities' earliest to get in electricity and buy automobiles.
Existing houses can be renovated to produce as much electricity as they use.
Other than that, mud is mud, unless you can generate electricity from it.
RV parks offering full hookups will provide water, electricity and sewer.
The interactive exhibits include using static electricity, experimenting with magnets and learning about natural electricity.
The electricity can be transported over long-distance electric lines to homes, factories, and businesses.
Today, more and more people are using wind turbines to wring electricity from the breeze.
If you're still hooked up to the grid, traditional retail electricity can fill the gaps.
People have reported seeing ball lightning-a rare phenomenon that resembles a glowing sphere of electricity-for hundreds of years.
Water heated by burning coal converts into steam and generates electricity.
Reducing the amount of electricity you use can help reduce pollutants and the resulting acid rain.
Photovoltaic, or solar-electric, systems capture light energy from the sun's rays and convert it into electricity.
The lamps helped people light their homes in the days before electricity.
They seem to glow from within, as though the electricity had gone out and the house were lit only by candles.
The city is still not dry and neighborhoods are still without electricity.
In all, the program was rich in subtlety but short on electricity.
We were without electricity and water for three days.
The regime cut off electricity and water and sent in tanks and rooftop snipers.
Singing there, it was the first time she felt real electricity between her and the audience.
Lin was a prominent advocate of heavy investment in rural electricity, running water.
The walls of the houses are still made of mud, and there is still no electricity.
Electricity and running water work, if at all, for only a few hours a day.
But if you want to generate a thousand megawatts of electricity through nuclear energy, it would cost only sixty million dollars.
The fan runs without batteries or external electricity.
On many floors, there were people to direct the evacuees, and in the lower reaches of the building there was even electricity.
The next sentence discussed electricity, water supply, and sewers.
Rusting factories have been abandoned, electricity is available for only four hours a day, and there are no jobs.
They had intermittent electricity and meagre insulation.
But recently they have generated something else: electricity.
Its electricity comes almost entirely from hydropower and geothermal plants.
If only a nuclear bomb could generate electricity, run an air conditioner or light a study lamp.
Electricity was the sector where reforms were first essayed a decade ago.
There is no such promise for industrial users and the electricity industry.
The amount of electricity needed to generate that light would more than double.
She certainly wasn't at her moviemaking zenith at that time, but she radiated electricity.
Generators are on standby to provide backup electricity.
There is no water and electricity outside the houses.
Because of the inherent potential dangers of atomic generation of electricity, citizens have long been wary.
Electricity production from natural gas has among the lowest ratios of social cost to market price.
Its present commercial purpose is to reprocess nuclear fuel for electricity generation.
Even the smog was abating, now that coal had been replaced by electricity and cheap fuel oil.
But often something went wrong with the electricity.
If either connection breaks down, the electricity ceases to flow.
Worldwide demand for electricity is expected to increase five to ten times by the middle of this century.
Its electricity, water, and petrol pumps are all functioning.
There was no hot water and the electricity was erratic.
It never came close to restoring electricity to pre-war levels.
Maxwell's equations are now understood in the same way by everyone with a valid comprehension of electricity and magnetism.
Your electricity bill really has been getting higher and higher.
Rolling electricity blackouts have created a national emergency with dire consequences for the economy.
One is through photovoltaic panels, which transform sunlight directly to electricity.
When electricity runs through the filament, the bulb glows.
Silicon, in the form of photovoltaic cells, is good at generating electricity from sunlight.
It compresses air by using electricity to drive pistons inside cylinders.
Excess electricity is used to heat water, and it could charge the car's battery.
In areas where electricity is scarce, blood may not be adequately refrigerated, potentially degrading a sample's quality.
Controlling the flow of electricity to stabilize the grid.
He says that solar-thermal plants are the solution because storing heat is much easier than storing electricity.
The result: the active materials in the panels absorb more light, and convert more of it into electricity.
Solar thermal technology gathers heat from the sun to produce steam and generate electricity.
As the temperature falls, the clash over the prospect of rising electricity rates is heating up.
The energy in the ion beam can be directly converted to electricity-no need for conventional turbines and generators.
The enzymes convert ethanol into vinegar, generating a stream of electricity.
If you had to blame one thing for the mistaken impression about glia, it would have to be electricity.
Maybe, in other words, they could make a shingle that not only protects a house from rain and snow but also produces electricity.
The syngas ignites inside the turbine, spinning the turbine blades that generate about half the plant's electricity.
Kites with rotors could fly to where the winds are strongest and send electricity down their tethers to users on the ground.
Ultrafast computers, built around vastly downsized circuitry and requiring almost no electricity, seemed within reason.
When the switch is closed, the circuit is complete and electricity flows.
As long as an infrared laser is trained on the plane, the cells send enough electricity to the propeller to keep the craft flying.
Those gases could be stored and later turned back into electricity in a fuel cell.
Platinum is also crucial to the reactions in fuel cells, which combine hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity.
First coal is burned, boiling water and producing steam that drives a turbine to generate electricity.
My judgment is that they never will, although an electricity-producing fuel cell might eventually come close.
Fuel cells work by combining hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity, without the noise and pollution of conventional engines.
Some engineers are hoping to tap into that buried thermal energy and convert it to electricity.
But the solar sail is also covered in thin-film solar cells to generate electricity.
Provides a real-time graph of electricity use during the day.
Inverters condition electricity so that it matches the requirements of the load.

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