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We here become acquainted with a new source of work, the electric current which decomposes water.
The convection generates an electric current and, as a result, a magnetic field.
On the planet's surface, extra currents of solar particles drive extra electric current through power lines and heat them up.
The acupuncturist inserts more than a dozen needles and runs a low electric current through them.
Then a mild electric current is turned on for five minutes, driving the pilocarpine into the skin.
His code used short and long pulses of electric current to represent letters of the alphabet.
They also tested the pantograph, the device that carries electric current from the overhead lines to the train.
Packets of molten iron rise, cool and sink within the core, and generate an electric current.
As glucose molecules release electrons, and oxygen molecules absorb them, an electric current flows.
Such electrons can move about and, if they all move in the same direction, create an electric current.
The fibers, the researchers say, should be able to harvest any kind of vibration or motion for electric current.
But traditional approaches, which use an electric current to change the surface shape of a liquid, require a lot of power.
Cells expansion and short circuit caused by direct anode contact and continuous high efficiency electric current overcharging.
Unlike a permanent magnet, an electromagnet creates a magnetic field when an electric current is applied to it.
In the researchers' prototype, electric current flows through a coil, inducing a magnetic field.
The electrode supplies an electric current to nerve cells in an area of the brain thought to control motor function-the thalamus.
So the solar cell on top delivers power, sending an electric current to both a sensor and a communication circuit.
The coating reacts with the glutamate, creating an electric current proportional to the glutamate concentration.
Finally, metal contacts are connected to the indium phosphide, and an electric current applied.
They can detect the electromagnetic field created by an electric current that runs down the original well's casing.
Hook up wires to capture the electric current and that's your solar panel.
Atoms in a gas, liquid, or solid are first pumped to high energy by a bright light or electric current.
When they applied an electric current with an audio frequency to the sheets, the sheets broadcast the sounds loud and clear.
These form where electric current or the resulting shock wave in the body bursts capillaries in your skin.
Any conductor moving through a magnetic field will have induced in it electric current.
Electric current is the flow of electric charge, and both protons and electrons possess charge.
The fewer points there are at which the chains touch, the more resistance there is to an electric current.
Quartz crystals will vibrate at a certain preferred frequency when tingled by an electric current.
The induced electric current caused by these fluctuations is what causes the damage.
Inside the camera the focused light strikes the halides, sending an electric current flowing through the crystalline structure.
These useless swirls of electric current, generated in metallic components, sap energy from the flywheel.
The resulting plasma of charged ions and electrons carries the electric current between the tube's electrodes.
The scientists then slowly increased the frequency of an electric current flowing into the quartz.
From time to time, it spontaneously unleashes a wave of electric current that travels down its length.
In superconductors electric current flows completely without resistance.
As electrons are separated from the nuclei of atoms, the resulting electric current creates a magnetic field.
Thermoacoustic generators convert heat into electric current.
When the electric current is turned on, the rigor and tremors of this movement disorder disappear instantly.
Furthermore, when the direction of the electric current is reversed, the polarity of the magnetic field is likewise reversed.
Electric current flows vertically, which increases efficiency also.
The air is left in the small tube, because otherwise the copper wires would be fused by the electric current.
Fuel cells combine hydrogen and oxygen to form electric current and water, with high efficiency and no pollution.
The laboratory specialist will place the urine sample on special paper and apply an electric current.
If there is bleeding, the blood vessels may be sealed off with an electric current or laser.
Electrical stimulation uses low-voltage electric current to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles.
If an appliance or tool is faulty or has a shorted wire, for example, the electric current may try to find another path to ground.
Touching the electrodes to your tongue closes the circuit and allows an small electric current to flow.
The electric current method involves delivering electric energy to targeted infestations.
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