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Most animals can tell how fast the electric field in a light wave is oscillating, which is perceived as color.
As the current alternates, the magnetic field reverses, creating an electric field that induces a current in the secondary coil.
The obvious way to go about this task is to send electrons through an electric field and see whether they twist and turn.
When an electric field is applied, one lot is drawn towards it while the other is repelled.
When there is a changing magnetic field, this creates a changing electric field in the conductor which creates a changing current.
The concept involved using a magnetic coil or electric field to focus electrons to a single point.
The filter converts linearly polarized light into circularly polarized light by slowing down one component of the electric field.
The electric field pumps water through each layer, causing droplets to pop through tiny holes in the top layer.
Stud sensors find wood or metal supports in walls, floors, and ceilings by measuring interference in an electric field.
The device is filled with voltage-sensitive dye that gives off green to red light in proportion to the surrounding electric field.
Charged particles of soot appear to respond to the electric field, throwing the flame off balance.
The answer lies in this: ice crystals, especially long needles, tend to become aligned with the ambient electric field.
Charges that are sitting there produce not a magnetic field but only an electric field.
Such an electric field is what drives the electron along the path through the circuit.
Unlike an electric field, which can be obstructed by any material that has an opposite charge, gravity can't be blocked.
When current runs through the wire, it enters the brain from only this single tip, keeping the electric field focused.
The protons will rush after the electrons trying to catch up to cancel out the electric field.
When a cyclotron is powered up, voltage crackles through each dee, producing an electric field in the gap between them.
Charge separation of electric charges causes an electric field to be set up between the charges.
Then they coated the holes in liquid crystals, whose light-scattering properties change in the presence of an electric field.
Due to the electric field in the depleted region the electron-hole pairs are swept apart.
Reducing the electric field would bring the polymer back to a low temperature so that it could be reused.
It has also been used to develop displays because it changes its color and charge when an electric field is applied.
Switching between these levels requires applying and removing an electric field.
Infrared images show how a new micro-cooling device uses ions and an electric field to cool a heated surface.
However, the key point is that the reflected waves ought to be modulated by any changes in the electric field within the plasma.
Now the electric field is several orders of magnitude bigger and points in the opposite direction.
The fibers are made of a polymer that is embedded with light-emitting molecules, which light up when exposed to an electric field.
The induced electric field in the brain is proportional to the time derivative of the magnetic field.
As you probably already know, when an electric field exists in a metal it sets up an electric charge.
On the way, these electrons gain enough energy from the huge electric field to knock more electrons from other gas molecules.
The reason, he says: capacitor technology that stores energy in the electric field between a pair of closely spaced conductors.
The core of the machine is a lithium tantalate crystal, which generates an electric field when heated.
The team used different techniques to measure both the local and global electric field potentials in the brain.
During the course of the laser pulse, the electric field of the light wave oscillates about a dozen times.
These spikes represent the electric field lines, the lines along which a test charge would move.
Close to the transmitting antenna, the magnetic field is decoupled to the electric field, and would get to the receiver.
Non-ionizing radiation create an electric field, and water is a polar molecule.
Pulsed electric field processing fact sheet for food processors.
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