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Changing demographics, however, are shrinking white voters as a segment of the electorate.
These developments signify good health in the electorate.
The candidates are making their final pitches to the electorate.
They are, after all, serving the wishes of the electorate.
But this third appearance of cancer suggests that the electorate needed more complete information on the health of this candidate.
If anything, it appears to be a surefire recipe for many more electoral defeats at the hands of a browning electorate.
Americans are now an electorate of information junkies.
But as the electorate gets more and more unsettled, the political volatility and misery is on his hands.
Political apathy is not always a bad sign: it can indicate a contented electorate.
They are the ideal nihilistic cheerleaders for an angry electorate.
The electorate is as it is, and complaining about it will change nothing.
But it has not endeared them to the general electorate.
The keys are the timing, the question and the electorate.
The measure now looks unlikely to be put to the electorate next year.
Little more than a third of the electorate would back them if elections were held today.
Tough measures are always opposed by the soft voting electorate.
The electorate will keep quiet and will vote quietly.
He does not excite much of the wider electorate either.
Neither stance resonates so well with the electorate today.
Selections thus made would not represent the untrammeled and independent sentiment of the electorate.
The electorate is presumably choosing between war and peace.
In practice, however, around a fifth of the electorate stays away.
Sawyer based his strategy then and later on polling studies of the electorate.
The polls suggest that the electorate is almost equally divided.
The electorate tended to vote mediocrities into high office.
He lambasts television for infantilising the electorate.
We're weak because your electorate doesn't support you any longer.
In a telling sign of public dissatisfaction with politics, about half the electorate supports neither party.
Self-government can succeed only through an instructed electorate.
He presumes that elections and the electorate are focused on the best leader, as if they could tell.
In other words, eighty per cent of the electorate prefers to have the government dominated by one party-their own.
They listen to the concerns of the electorate, whose support supplies their real power.
If they aren't then they are hiding the truth from the electorate.
Our politicians have to be pragmatic and vote for what is good for their sponsors, rather than what is needed for the electorate.
And stupefying influence over the stultified electorate.
Ignorance is easy and the electorate is taking the easy path.
Nor would increased subsidies for publicly funded candidates lower the total amount of speech available to the electorate.
Only this time it is with the support of the electorate.
The electorate itself is even more controversial, because many deem it geographically unrepresentative.
The tea-partiers' gripes are shared by a huge swathe of the electorate.
Political candidates' positions on the matter are of little interest to the electorate.
Democracy only works if there is a reasonably educated and thoughtful electorate.
The sugar industry has lost money for decades, but politicians have kept it going rather than risk the wrath of the electorate.
Enthusiasm for devolution, among elites and the electorate alike, has already reconfigured public authority.
Politics remain open, public debates are on meaningful issues, and politicians are responsive to the electorate.
If the way politicians address the electorate is any measure, about as sharp as a middle school student.
And that ought to impart a lesson to elected officials and to the electorate: wars generally go much worse than expected.
He understood that images would connect him to the electorate and also that people would read character from likeness.
But game-changers are better described as concentrated periods of political evolution with demographic slices of the electorate.
The result is an electorate whose highly polarized nature shows up in polling data in race after race.
It tries to split the attentive public off from the rest of the electorate, and get us to join up with the insiders.
Among his longest-standing themes in public life is the fickleness of the electorate and its uneven grasp of facts.
We have less faith in society at large: government, the press, the general electorate.
But the electorate still isn't sure who he is or what he stands for.
The electorate is unhappy with the status quo and thinks change is needed, even if they aren't sure of the path to improvement.
Submission of sovereign nation license plate fee to electorate.
She was re-elected by an overwhelming eighty percent of the state's electorate.
In turn, the electorate is more engaged and more involved.

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