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Someday, in a house next door, a robot may be playing a game of cribbage with an elderly widow.
Elderly visitors who drink the spring's sulfur-smelling water don't turn into teenagers.
But bites can be fatal-usually to small children, the elderly, or the infirm.
Some elderly males do become completely white, though many retain small flecks of dusky plumage.
If possible, talk to elderly residents who might have interesting stories to share about the changes they've seen in the area.
Ash and toxic gases can cause lung damage and other problems, particularly for infants and the elderly.
In the developed world cataracts hardly ever cause blindness, and mostly elderly people are affected.
In reality, the nebula is made of two elderly stars.
One cure for age discrimination against elderly habitat is to hike through what replaces it after logging.
Such beliefs are fading with the tigers, recalled now only by the elderly.
Cocaine users and the elderly exhibit similar brain changes, so seniors who use cocaine could be compounding the damage.
The strength of that bang seems to be waning over time, however, especially for the elderly.
Elderly face lack of geriatric specialists, new report warns.
High blood pressure, obesity linked to memory loss in elderly.
With gentle tenacity, she pried loose memories of long-gone ancestors from elderly villagers.
If something awful were going to happen to these elderly folk, it would have happened before now.
Since zoos tend to preserve animal life far beyond what would be expected in the wild, they see a lot of elderly animals.
We as neighbors have been forced to take matters into our own hands to protect our children, elderly and livestock.
It was amazingly popular with the elderly and especially with church folk.
He methodically triangulated his way to this spot, where an elderly couple live with a nasty old dog penned in back.
Elderly professors should be addressed formally at first encounter.
He was divorced so the only people that could take over were his elderly parents.
Some people are caring for their elderly relatives, and others simply have obligations outside of work.
Not only are the elderly wealthier, they are also healthier and have more time to spend their money.
It is intended to be a safe haven for youngsters and the elderly.
But when their business involves the residential care of elderly, sick or vulnerable people, it is a different matter.
As the country ages and grows poorer, this has led to a surge in petty crime, such as shoplifting by the elderly.
Marketing managed-care plans to the elderly is expensive, since they must be persuaded and enrolled one by one.
Stepping up the welfare payouts for the rising elderly population is part of the problem, not a solution.
At the other end of the age spectrum are accommodation and health-care facilities for elderly people.
Both the general rise in life expectancy and the widening gap between the elderly rich and poor have implications for policy.
Anyone who has explored the world of care for the elderly knows that the costs can be astronomical.
For example, many elderly homeowners take out a second mortgage to pay the college fees of their grandchildren.
Can you speak to the impact of dogs on the lives of the elderly or the infirm.
Two elderly nuns told him that they were praying for him.
His elderly father insisted that he could manage by himself.
There is a wide disparity in care for terminal illness, especially for the elderly.
The elderly are large consumers of health care, and costs have gone up faster in this sector than in the rest of the economy.
The first thing one notices is that the original studies are a trifle elderly.
In general, any industry aimed at the elderly will be better off if people life longer.
Homebound elderly and disabled people who could vote by absentee ballot in primaries can't participate in caucuses.
The victims included many children and elderly citizens.
Among those who often find it difficult to move away from this are the elderly.
If you look at the elderly, one in ten who are infected may die from it.
For starters, medicine in general and biotechnology in particular will get skewed more toward the concerns of the elderly.
Elderly mice and aging yeast have more in common than scientists ever suspected.
Elderly brain cells are particularly vulnerable because they have a diminished ability to get rid of excess calcium.
For example, the device could be used to alert emergency services to problems suffered by elderly cardiac patients who live alone.
He even reversed some of these problems in elderly mice.
In fact, their cells behave in the same way as those of the truly elderly.
Elderly dementia patients have several difficulties with their circadian clocks.
The patient was delusional, technically a psychiatric complaint, but delusions in the elderly often result from organic disease.
Most flu viruses, on the other hand, strike hardest at the elderly.
Blog responses came from all over the world, from grade-school children to the elderly, scientists to laypeople.
Perhaps the current trends of depression and suicide among the elderly will continue.
The two conflicting theories bothered an elderly neurotic member of the commission.
These devises end up being used against the elderly, females and children, before it is all said and done.
But with that one sheet of paper, they were allowed near the elderly, already severely immunocompromised patients.
Warmer weather makes plants grow faster and better, the elderly die or get sick more often when its deeply cold.
Once he told us how on a bus ride an elderly lady was constantly staring at him.
Yes, there was an elderly staff member in one archive, for example.
Bashing an elderly nun under an obscene label does not seem to be a particularly brave or stylish thing to do.
Now many of the elderly in cities are being moved to apartment towers where they live alone and where public space is scarce.
Some of these mothers have sick children or elderly parents who require constant attention.
Most of them were elderly retirees, many of them widows.
She was checking on the elderly residents, many of whom have obtained oxygen tanks.
Job loss and home foreclosures have caused many adult children to live with their elderly parents.
Many adult children would prefer to be caregivers for their elderly parents.

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