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Without it, they either don't bloom, or flower poorly.
They can be made ahead, and they take well to either buffet or plated service.
And you probably didn't worry over a color wheel for hours when you decorated your house, either.
On the other hand, beans and wienies aren't exactly a cheery prospect, either.
Either it's tasteless or it leaves you feeling empty.
Made of either translucent or opaque plastic, many have oversize openings with screw-on lids.
Note that heavy feeding of either type in spring leads to excessive leafy growth, soft fruit, and fruit rot.
Candle sconces on either side of the mirror add drama at night.
The room widens almost imperceptibly, then narrows again as the adobe walls converge on either side of the altar.
They also can be exceptionally convenient if you buy them peeled and deveined, either fresh or frozen.
Either way, this healthy main dish is chock-full of fresh seasonal produce and rich chicken flavor.
Circular flowers arise either alone or in clusters from a foliage rosette.
Custom storage cubes on casters located on either side of the sofa house guest bedding.
And we're not talking stuff-in-your-purse toy dogs either.
Most lawns are watered by sprinklers--either the hose-end sort or those that are part of a fixed system.
Use horticultural oil either alone or mixed with lime sulfur or fixed copper.
Lime, available in either ground or powdered form, is often suggested to raise pH.
The tree should be able to move an inch in either direction.
Students already in the fixed-tuition program, adopted three years ago, will not be affected by either decision.
In addition, the app allows instructors to create an attendance report, and to track attendance either by date or by student.
We don't get a raise with either tenure or promotion.
She is applying for residency training in either internal medicine or pathology.
Candidates must demonstrate evidence of effective teaching at either the undergraduate or advanced high school level.
The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
There are two words and either of them can be plural or singular.
Employments cannot discriminate on these grounds either.
Of a considerable number of songs of the eighteenth century, the authorship is either doubtful or quite unknown.
It is thick and narrow at its central part, but broader and thinner at either end.
He who refuses to serve either king or prince is possessed of lofty resolution.
Then he has a rest, and after that either takes up a book or resumes his conversation in preference to reading.
When the river makes a noise it is either dried up or much swollen.
This, however, does not rob the poem either of its power or its charm.
Sudden movements of the mind often break out either for great good or great evil.
The cow that does not eat with the oxen, either eats before or after them.
If batter does not cling to iron, or drops from iron as soon as immersed in fat, it is either too hot or not sufficiently heated.
He that by the plough would thrive, himself must either hold or drive.
None of us were particularly good at tennis-or at golf, either, for that matter.
When either partner catches a fish, it swallows the prey whole.
Either way, the duped insect is there to aid in pollination.
And then you have to play and replay the piece and learn that the piece makes you feel either calmer or more energized.
For ourselves, plants are both sustenance and beauty, in either order.
Such children had no standing in the eyes of the laws of either parent's country.
We can either adjust and start using land and water more efficiently, or people are going to suffer.
There are strong arguments on either side about the fairness of the ban.
Reserving the best rates for new customers either irritates core depositors or invites them to try and game the system.
They do this either by buying businesses or by starting them up internally from scratch, the former being the more common.
On several occasions the conflict has been declared over, either by police or by the warring parties themselves.
Once, if you wanted to borrow money, you had either to visit a bank or to tap a rich friend or relative.
If a country's current-account surplus rises, it means that either its saving has increased or its investment has fallen, or both.
The secondary market involves the resale of art objects, either through private dealers or via auction houses.
At the same time, headphones either canceled out noise or provided various levels of white noise.
But a floating-rate system is not a free lunch either.
He appeared in two games, failing to top five minutes in either.
Most hiking trails either follow these streams to the source or ascend mountain ridges, where panoramic views seem limitless.
Dozens replied, describing how they either check multiple boxes or write in their answers.
He can either come to camp as a non-roster player or elect free agency.
Then they presented the subjects with images on a computer screen of either a one-euro coin or a one-cent coin.
If there was no time lag or if the lag was a second or longer, the sharks were equally likely to turn in either direction.
As a result, oil companies either release it into the atmosphere-a process known as venting-or burn it in a flare.
Depending on the model, they may not use brake fluid, either.
These landslides either originate in submarine canyons or on the continental slope.
And data suggest that the earlier such patients receive help by either method, the better they fare.
In each case, you can either do the digitizing yourself, or you can send your recordings away to a company that does it for you.
Naive chickens exposed to either disease invariably died.
Companies and individuals are often at odds, concerned either with collecting information or with preserving privacy.
The algae are either grown in tanks or shallow ponds in either an open or closed loop system.
The company is not yet disclosing these commercial partners, either.
The match was not even close: the e-nose was unable to recognize either compound in traces less than a few parts per million.
If the electrons are not extracted fast enough, they decay, releasing their energy as either heat or light.
Either way, marine life could be contaminated, as could humans who eat contaminated seafood.
Have students research paintings or other art forms that portray volcanoes, either erupting or dormant.
Either can be made with or without your subject's awareness and cooperation.
Ask students if they have ever seen alligators or crocodiles, either in the wild or at the zoo.
Ask students if they have ever seen alligators or crocodiles, either in the wild or in the zoo.
Hunters can shoot bears of either gender, cubs included.
The calf appears to have perished when she either drowned or was suffocated in mud near the edge of a river.
Ask students to list some of the environmental problems they have heard about, either locally or in other parts of the world.
Either way, the burial is among the earliest fossil evidence of the dog's domestication.
Fish, shrimp, and all other marine organisms that require oxygen to survive either flee the zone or die.
The remains are the first evidence to suggest that extinct mammals used venom to either capture prey or fend off predators.
The tunes range from four-to-the-bar reels to various types of jigs, which can be either sprightly or stately.
More of both seem available than either source now provides.
People can either choose to move or be forced to move.
Conspiracy theorists and advertisers aren't the only ones to profit from the continuing mystery, either.
They aren't toys or playhouses or aesthetic gestures, and they aren't shacks or cottages, either.
There were only two seats available in the place, one on either side of him.
He placed his hands on either side of the boat and pushed off.
He gives either too much or too little-either not enough skin or too much acting.
As far as he's concerned, either you're for him or you're against him.
They did not have a sharply defined sense of purpose, either.
Not so soon as weeks or months, but not so far off as decades, either.
The move had little to do with the wishes of either school's athletes, fans, or general student body.
Of course, guerrilla armies and startup companies have little to lose-they either win or die, so the lesson for them is clear.
It is true that no one on either side of the studio's thick window expresses or even alludes to any of these objections.
He has never yet seen a plan that worked, and this one won't either.
The final idea above, which would provide additional incentives to encourage principal reduction, might not help much either.
Organic dairy farmers will either be squeezed and go under or organic milk prices will rise.
To me, that's either hyperbole, or shows a lack of historical perspective.
The direction of change doesn't provide any reason for optimism either.
It's either an unaccounted-for background or it's new physics.
They will try to mate with either one and won't fight other males.
In the first experiment, test subjects participated in either a lottery or an auction.
But if insects had not evolved, humans probably wouldn't exist either.
Theoretically, either of those densities could be anything from zero to infinity, and their ratio could vary accordingly.
Each can produce either mechanical motion or fluid pressure, which in turn can drive a generator.
When attacked, a lizard releases its tail either by direct trauma or sometimes before it is even touched.
They received either a combination of two potential vaccines or placebo shots.
You've got a leg on either side and a pelvis directly above.
The shots of the park during the day aren't too shabby, either.
Once freed, pooches could approach either one of the people, each still holding bowls of sausage.
It also requires plate tectonics and volcanism-neither of which seems to be active at this time either.
In effect, the buildings will become photosynthetic and make either oxygen or energy, or both.
At any stage, testing may be dropped, and for reasons as simple as the drug's being either too toxic or too weak.
And so one might expect that they, too, are either inconsistent or incomplete.
The sheet can deform either by stretching or by bending.
The truth is, you can make a great grilled meal using an old grill grid propped up by a few bricks on either side.
Either way, he sprays the chicken with sake before grilling, which gives it an appealing sheen.
She was never a maker of ginger scallion sauce either.
Too often, either the story itself is lacking or the recipes are mere throwaways tacked on to the end of chapters.
Being gluten free doesn't mean giving up pizza and pasta either.
In either case, serve immediately or wrap individually in plastic wrap and freeze until ready to serve.
Most of the wines served here are either organic or biodynamic, and they serve an excellent single menu at lunch and dinner.
Our family's vehicular fleet operates under a communist system in which neither car belongs to either of the two drivers.
My heart was beating either much too much or much too little.
Either being benevolently controlling or clearing my throat.
Most salons that make this claim either don't get the same results as keratin treatments or are secretly using formaldehyde.
In different words, you are either with us or against us.
Either way, he's willing to float you a loan to get you through the next few bill cycles.
When his life is put into basic terms, he has nothing to live for and all he wants to do is either become a human or die.
Then, on the set, ideas would come out of left field from either one of us.
Her spring-summer colors are perfect for either country.
They are arranged in decreasing order of height, with the shortest at either end of the line.
But then, the deed they describe is not pretty either.
People cannot be made to enter the caring professions, or respect them either, by simple exhortation.
Two exhibition stations at either end of the dining room also let diners watch chefs in action.
Abundant supplies of crude oil worldwide are no bargain either.
Either this news station forgot to call the fumigator or this weather forecaster has a healthy imagination.
The rest of the world isn't much of a bargain, either.
Depending on how you felt about the first movie, this one is either way better or way worse.

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