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Example sentences for egoistic

The former could be ugly while the latter could be egoistic.
First, desire in itself does not make a motive egoistic.
We paid a huge price which is from a purely egoistic perspective not justifiable.
His answer is characteristically lacking in egoistic justifications, or sly academic boasting.
Truth and reconciliation can only help a bit by highlighting the egoistic impulses on both sides that prevent a solution.
They fill an ecological niche in the city, as difficult as that is for the myopically egoistic to understand.
The biggest display of egoistic self important jockeying in a long time.
College students indicated that their motives for involvement in community service were egoistic and altruistic.
Focuses on the relationship between egoistic and altruistic motivational components, as well as situational factors.
Regularly full of egoistic prism in terms of how they perceived things.
As a result couples must not hold each other back through fears, prejudices and egoistic tendencies.

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