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They are notoriously egocentric and selfish.
He is hastily generalizing from his egocentric point of view.
We have historically been very egocentric in our view of the universe which leaves us to not see the forest for the trees.
He fit the image of the mad genius, a romantic figure America glorifies while resenting it as egocentric and inegalitarian.
Certainly the title is a little grand and the tone egocentric.
The world was not made to just house, clothe, feed and adulate the egocentric individual.
Looking back, I was very egocentric.
In an otherwise egocentric book, Pollack deserves credit for diagnosing universal existential maladies.
Sometimes they agree, other times they don't, and they're all a tad egocentric.
It is short sited and egocentric for anyone to say anything is impossible.
It had none of the showmanship or egocentric flamboyance that later would-be imitators often exhibit.
The first group suffered from a condition called egocentric neglect, unaware of space on one side of their bodies.
Psychological studies have found that people are always a tad egocentric when considering other people's mindsets.
It is anthropocentric and egocentric, and in principle mostly exclusive, to define life around consciousness of a few species.

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