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Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs.
Mix dry ingredients, add eggs slightly beaten, and pour on gradually scalded milk.
Eggs, too, have a long shelf life in the refrigerator.
Pasture-raised eggs wow us with their rich flavor, deep yellow yolks, and perky whites.
My understanding is that you are not planning to harvest the chickens for meat, only their eggs.
We also check the nesting box daily, to see if this is the day that the hens start laying eggs.
The researchers quickly realised that these were sharks' eggs.
Comb size in females is a good predictor of egg size, and chicks hatched from large eggs have a better start in life.
In addition, many of the lobsters were egg-bearing or had their eggs removed.
Eggs flew at the speaker, who sheltered under umbrellas.
In this species, either parent may decide to abandon its partner after incubation of the eggs.
Sitting on those eggs to incubate them thus squashed them.
And you think of how helpless they are as eggs and pupae, when they are stuck in place, unable to take evasive action.
Then the hens go on strike too-no blankets, no eggs.
If it takes you a little longer learning how to beat eggs in your mom's kitchen, mom works with you till you get it.
Genetically modified chickens that produce medicines in their eggs may be the drug factories of the future.
Stem cells from unfertilized eggs may be too tightly regulated.
As the eggs disappeared, the symptoms of colitis returned.
Our mammalian ancestors started giving milk when they were still laying yolky eggs.
Cracks in eggs aren't simply an inconvenience for shoppers, they're also a open door for pathogens to enter.
Salmon, for example, had increased mortality for four years after the spill because incubating eggs had come into contact with it.
Still, the lush cover photography of a verdant table setting and a bowl of farm-fresh eggs drew me in.
In a second approach, a group of researchers successfully cloned mice from fertilized embryos instead of unfertilized eggs.
Others lose interest in males and start laying eggs.
Exposed eggs are no longer viable, but they still support life.
These small eggs are normally fried in butter to enhance their delicate savor.
The eggs were eroded and thinned by the acidic nature of the entombing sediment.
Some females had not yet reached fully mature body size when they started laying eggs.
They also eat such wildlife as deer and quail and feast on the eggs of endangered sea turtles.
Originally, the marshmallow plant's gummy root juices were combined with eggs and sugar and then beaten into a foamy paste.
Within two days, the eggs hatch, and larval wasps crawl into the caterpillar-and eat it.
Slowly add in eggs, salt, and the yeast in the water.
He ate eggs with a spoon because his host forgot the chopsticks.
My once-beautiful eggs ended up with more craters than the moon.
Scientists have discovered for the first time a dinosaur with shelled eggs inside her belly.
Scientists have found a dinosaur with shelled eggs in her belly.
These workers then take over expanding the nest, building multiple six-sided cells into which the queen continually lays eggs.
The whole time the eggs are incubating, they're also protected by the host anemone.
About a week after the eggs are deposited they hatch.
Apart from coots and related rails, only ostriches and weaverbirds can detect parasitic eggs left by their own species.
In the spring they return, laying eggs along the way.
They will also eat lizards, eggs, and small mammals.
Access to pasture is a requirement for certified-organic poultry products, including eggs.
What you see in the accompanying photo gallery are the eggs of a few small branches of the insect tree of life.
Even in the buried nest, the loggerhead eggs may fall prey to hungry raccoons or wild pigs that dig them up.
He'll then watch over her until she spawns to try to ensure no other males fertilize her eggs.
They take turns sitting on a pair of eggs to keep them warm and safe from predators.
Gargantuan eaters consume for breakfast eight quarts of coffee, thirty raw eggs, and the juice of forty oranges.
In the spring a queen that has managed to survive emerges and lays eggs to found a new colony.
For the oologist, the rarer the bird, the more desirable was its clutch of eggs.
Whoever has chosen to make an omelette cannot do so without breaking eggs.
It was too early for there to be much else to gather in the way of food, but they stole bird's eggs and scratched up weeds.
The price of a cabbage or a couple of eggs sometimes exceeds the daily wage.
Food producers go to to great lengths to keep salmonella out of eggs.
There, eggs are placed on a conveyor, where they go through a washing machine.
With three whole eggs and two egg yolks, this dessert owes it to eggs for its richness.
The next step in the recipe calls for adding eggs or other liquid to the butter-sugar.
Slowly pour the egg mixture back to the pot with the cooking liquid, whisking constantly, to prevent the eggs from curdling.
The chunky, tasty corn mixture makes a wonderful accompaniment to baked eggs.
But the designer eggs that fetch the highest prices are likely to be sought from the privileged, not the poor.
As soon as the grits are done, put one of the eggs into a medium mixing bowl with the cream and stir well to combine.
Also, biotech games for children, played with real eggs and seeds rather than with images on a screen.
Zebrafish embryos are a staple of developmental biology: the transparent eggs allow scientists to study development as it unfolds.
We wolfed down a breakfast of cakes, eggs, and sausages.
Again, we've only seen it once, and there are probably dozens more eggs to be found.
Go to the deli for coffee and eggs, but only if you're sure you don't see the satellite.
They've got a hamburger patty on rice, with eggs and gravy.
When she keeps her advisers working until midnight, it is she who has to rustle up scrambled eggs and tea.
When poaching eggs for a crowd, we've found the baking pan method below to be almost foolproof.
Lightly whisk eggs in a medium bowl, then add half of hot milk mixture in a slow stream, whisking constantly.
Add eggs and toss or pulse until eggs are incorporated and a dough is formed.
Lightly beat eggs with salt in a bowl, then add hot chocolate mixture in a slow stream, whisking.
In a bowl whisk together eggs and honey until combined well.
The virus is cultured and grown in eggs, that has been the best way to make a lot of vaccines rapidly.
Sally packed devilled eggs-something she usually hated to take on a picnic, because they were so messy.
The father asks for scrambled eggs, but the waitress returns with two fried eggs, sunny-side up.
But by the time he was eighteen he had advanced from pilfering eggs and potatoes to stealing horses.
They're after the tasty contents of ostrich eggs and there are plenty to go around.
Let's say you are given nine identical-looking eggs and told that one is heavier than the others, but you aren't told which one.
Both of them are chimeras, living things that are formed when two or more fertilised eggs fuse together.
Ripe eggs don't keep, which means a fish with a ready clutch of eggs must mate before dark or the eggs will be wasted.
If you want bigger eggs, you keep selecting the hens that are laying the biggest eggs, and you get bigger and bigger eggs.
They found that, several weeks before females laid eggs, birds festooned their nests with pieces of white plastic.
From these came eggs that could ultimately be fertilised and develop into healthy pups.
By ant colony conventions, worker ants are supposed to give up procreating themselves in favor of taking care of the queen's eggs.
It specialises on seed beetle eggs and lays its own eggs inside.
Deposited nearby were rust-brown worm eggs with lateral spines.
In three months the glut of eggs across the land had put prices on the skids.
Place the cooked quail eggs in a straight line on top of the stack.
Roll the stack over the quail eggs as though you were making sushi.
Bags of little chocolate eggs suddenly appear in my grocery basket.
Some chickens are raised on diets high in these fats, which do get into their eggs.
If you enjoy eating eggs with runny yolks or snitching a bit of raw batter when you're making cookies, you're not alone.
Verify whether eggnog has pasteurized eggs and contains no alcohol.
Allergy to eggs must be distinguished from allergy to influenza vaccine.
Sour eggs are often difficult to detect by standard candling methods.

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