egalitarianism in a sentence

Example sentences for egalitarianism

Historically, this has been a country that prided itself on its egalitarianism.
Our communications reflect that growing egalitarianism.
It's true that public policy reinforces the egalitarianism.
Offers a middle ground between extreme egalitarianism and positions that dismiss animal rights.
Higher education has also suffered from misguided egalitarianism.
Beneath the self-conscious egalitarianism of the weekends, where.
Quakers were successful in garrison towns, for example, where their egalitarianism posed a military threat.
Countries that still insist on clinging to egalitarianism are paying a heavy price.
Trying to enforce egalitarianism for information is ridiculous and futile.

Famous quotes containing the word egalitarianism

The trauma of the Sixties persuaded me that my generation's egalitarianism was a sentimental error.... I no... more
Prosperity or egalitarianism—you have to choose. I favor freedom—you never achieve real equality anyway... more
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