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Example sentences for effusive

His more effusive colleague had come over for the day to listen.
The style is sentimental and effusive, but it is also winning.
Everyone in the department was thrilled and effusive with praise when the book came out.
He's effusive in his sympathy for the fired bankers.
The reviews from the pros were a little more cautious but nonetheless effusive.
At a time when much music criticism tended to be effusive and flowery, his sharp, elegant prose came as a bracing surprise.
Please make your praise as specific and effusive as possible.
He was the object of the most effusive praise for his humor, warmth and ability to make the Torah come alive.
He heaped effusive praise on his old rival, a man he scorned in life.
Critics have been generous, but not as effusive.
There are two sorts of volcanic eruptions, explosive and effusive.
Others groped around for forms of words that were kind without sounding effusive.
As it happens, some of us are quite a bit more effusive than others.
It was an oddly effusive greeting in what is typically a somber moment: the victor offering his condolences to the vanquished.
She was effusive, welcoming, and kissed me on both cheeks.
Bill was less effusive, but obviously enjoyed his company.
Noah is both a dynamic star on the court and effusive off it, with political views as strong as his post moves.
Effusive eruptions are generally considered to be gentler than explosive eruptions.
Each beam can be independently controlled and operated as a continuous or pulsed effusive or supersonic beam.
Eruptive behavior has varied from vigorous explosions, accompanied by tephra falls and pyroclastic flows, to effusive lava flows.

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