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Plants are rated to help prioritize both control and prevention efforts.
His efforts create a powerful vortex, which sucks his meal of brine shrimp to the surface.
Thanks for all your efforts and best wishes into the future.
Many conservationists now argue that human health and well-being should be central to conservation efforts.
Dark energy, on the other hand, originates from our efforts to understand the observed accelerated expansion of the universe.
The lack of good information on global soils is hampering efforts to improve agriculture and combat climate change.
Growing resistance is threatening global malaria-control efforts.
Freeloading crows start to contribute to group efforts when hardworking birds become handicapped, a study shows.
All the efforts to combine social networking with energy conservation seem to be pulling the plug.
Animals near extinction have been resurrected through conservation efforts and education.
Despite sustained efforts to confront this problem, elite colleges sometimes seem to be compounding it.
So it seemed to me that colleges would welcome any efforts to help students persist to graduation.
Thirty volumes and a large number of pamphlets remain to attest the persistence of his efforts.
We dined with him in a sulky silence, after a few ineffectual efforts on my part to talk.
Two books give unforgettable pictures of the efforts of the planters to meet the new industrial situation.
Few would object to vegetable gardening and hula-hooping, but efforts around marketing food are more contentious.
Efforts to build transmission have moved more slowly.
But serious efforts are finally being made to make parallel programming easier and more approachable.
The interminable travails over efforts to set standard container sizes, for instance, are important but mind-numbing.
It is also unlikely that the renewed efforts to delve more broadly into a painful history would have taken place.
We're all attached to our hometowns and want them to succeed, but efforts to spread economic activity out artificially are costly.
Although the government's efforts to stop foreclosures have had lackluster results, another new program hopes to do better.
Fourteen more people still remain missing, as search and rescue teams continue their efforts to find survivors.
Moreover, to equate the efforts to remedy that plight with the actions that produced it is to twist history even further.
And as his rescue efforts came to light, he was embraced by the same government that had cast him aside.
But pollution, overfishing and development are harming efforts to conserve habitat and wildlife.
Fortunately, the solenodon has recently become the focus of conservation efforts.
Around the country, ecotourism efforts are underway targeting specific needs.
Those efforts proved futile, and he let his hair grow.
Hopefully people could see that and maybe history will reflect kindly on our efforts one day.
Others simply think that the efforts at popularization will be futile.
These are both efforts to explain mind and behavior biologically, as products of natural selection and genetic endowment.
The beautiful game seems to mock our best efforts to describe its beauty.
Less celebrated, though, is the company's influential efforts in the field of design.
He turned his attic into a laboratory, and redoubled his efforts.
The problem is a culture of exposure that is far more advanced than any efforts to combat online cruelty.
Efforts to create regional genetic databases of threatened animals could help wildlife experts protect them.
But their need for antennas to transmit data has held up efforts to shrink them.
Efforts to harness the sea for electricity generation are still in their infancy, though.
People can create projects that range from blinking light shows to more sophisticated efforts such as robotics.
The company has made affordability an important part of its innovation efforts.
He has made money available to fund community-building efforts, and his message to everyone is that these efforts are important.
For now, the company is focusing its efforts on corn, already a source of ethanol.
The group's money-raising efforts are off to a promising start.
However, previous efforts to make spider silk using bacteria have been hamstrung for several reasons.
Eos officials say they have solved several problems that have confounded previous efforts.
But in the wake of that scandal, other researchers are revving up their efforts to create cloned stem cells.
The obsession with developing new media has inhibited efforts to preserve the old.
These efforts to enhance the status of psychiatry were undertaken deliberately.
The industry is fighting these efforts-mainly with its legions of lobbyists and lawyers.
In the developing world, in particular, efforts at prevention have failed to stem the tide of new infections.
But now that money is drying up, it remains to be seen if such efforts will continue.
But the socially conscious efforts didn't attract enough subscribers, and they fizzled.
Despite its stated goal of subverting hierarchy, the group's efforts will be hamstrung by infighting and power struggles.
Whatever the truth, the palace's efforts were all about keeping up appearances.
Some players devised entirely original ones, while others combined the best of existing efforts.
Here's a list of opportunities to get involved in local watershed monitoring efforts.
Today tinnitus continues to resist medicine's best efforts, despite being one of the more common medical disorders.
At a minimum, it should help halt such dead-end efforts as string theory.
Despite their energy-saving efforts, wind farms have a bad rap for killing birds.
As they mill around, the egg selects one and reels it in, pinning it down in spite of its efforts to escape.
Despite the millions of dollars devoted to research and outreach, malaria has largely evaded our best efforts at eradication.
Dresser is a leading advocate of efforts to protect rare animals by cloning and other advanced reproductive techniques.
Depending on how you look at it, their efforts are either heroic or quixotic.
On the basis of these findings, he plans to search for molecules that can block bacteria's efforts to patch up their genes.
We were so happy to see our design, fabrication and testing efforts finally come to fruition.

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