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Example sentences for effigies

All around, set into niches in limestone cliffs, are tau-tau: effigies of the deceased.
Somewhere down the line, shopkeepers began adorning the stands with old clothes to create effigies.
Sitting on the edge of a pavement, effigies of a couple of lynched bankers swing gently in the breeze.
The unexpected defeat sparked protests and burned effigies of team members.
The tribal affiliation of the creators of many of these turtle effigies is unknown.
He was quoted as saying that he could find his way across the country by the light of his effigies burning.
Conical and linear mounds were used for burial mounds, but effigies were probably used for ceremonial purposes.
Numerous tiny stone animal effigies were likewise discovered.
The animal effigies show considerably more attempt on the part of the makers to reproduce all parts of the body.
The bowls are plain or shaped into bird and other animal effigies.
Sometimes these effigies honored white politicians and explorers.
Others are elaborately carved and may include four supports and animal or human head effigies.
Animal heads, claws, or other effigies may be added to end of the handle.
Animal heads, claws, or other effigies may be added to the end of the handle.
Once the crows have vacated a location, crow effigies will be hung to dissuade the crows from returning.
Handles were added to jars and human and animal effigies were attached to some bowls and bottles.
Add effigies to the pot by molding a small amount of clay into an animal shape and attaching it as a handle to the pot.
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