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No system can perform efficiently when one is looking for a needle in a haystack by checking each straw individually.
Ingesting this slower air allows an engine to burn its fuel more efficiently while generating the same amount of thrust.
Chewing is important because it enables animals to break down and efficiently process many different kinds of vegetation.
To go farther into space, humans will first have to figure out how to get there cheaply and more efficiently.
The butterflies' similar appearance imparts the don't-eat-us lesson more efficiently.
In essence, the shelves in its shops are a highly efficiently managed depot.
Green plants have been using photosynthesis for billions of years to efficiently convert sunlight into energy.
He said the genetic mutation seems to make people sleep more efficiently.
Perhaps some kids need to be guided to work more efficiently.
The duo of smartphones were used to test and investigate how humans and robots can coexist in space more efficiently.
In nature, nutrients recycle efficiently on their own.
Thus, plants farmed organically used available nutrients more efficiently.
Rather, the dust grains simply reflect blue light more efficiently than red wavelengths.
The catalyst enables the electrolysis system to function efficiently at room temperature and at ordinary pressure.
Foreign aid could, in principle, be dispensed as efficiently by bilateral donors as multilateral ones.
Maintain your furnace or heating system to make sure it is running properly and efficiently.
He further notes that genetic engineering will produce fish that grow faster and convert feed to meat more efficiently.
The connections in a biological brain also work more efficiently.
Employees should know how to answer calls efficiently and in a friendly manner.
Real estate experts agree that marketing one's property efficiently requires meticulous attention to detail.
Finding ways to produce hydrogen cheaply and efficiently is an enormous task, as is shipping and storing it.
Update your building's lighting to make sure it uses energy efficiently.
Supporters claim that the change will help governments and bureaucrats to plan more efficiently.
But the relief effort is moving more smoothly and efficiently than has been portrayed in news reports, he said.
By generating about one ton of pellets every day, they are changing the view that such recycling could not be done efficiently.
Enter the inflatable boat, which not only stows away nicely but travels efficiently in its own bag.
So developing a financial system that can intermediate between savers and borrowers effectively and efficiently is crucial.
In many instances, you may be able to cut energy costs by using your existing appliances more efficiently.
Bra cups need to be retooled to handle their loads more efficiently.
And then there is the need to move some fences around, a bit at a time, so that grazing land can be used efficiently.
The structure helps sharks swim efficiently and minimizes the area to which organisms can adhere.
Such abnormal hemoglobins often do not transport oxygen efficiently and may also be unstable.
That's a strong incentive for private companies to meet market demands efficiently.
Firms that have slimmed down their workforces and found ways to produce steel more efficiently have benefited the most.
More efficiently use existing water resources and better control salinization to improve arid lands.
Private-equity and hedge-fund managers improve economic welfare by allocating capital more efficiently.
Serve soda and mixers from cans instead of plastic bottles because aluminum can be more efficiently recycled than plastic.
By collecting their e-mail addresses, she says a campaign can activate volunteers quickly and efficiently.
In a more liquid corporate-bond market, capital will be invested more efficiently.
Stainless steel and porcelain-enameled cast iron not only outlast but also cook more efficiently than chrome-plated aluminum.
The market will efficiently allocate money from your brokerage account into mine.
But larger primates have a metabolic advantage when it comes to walking, which they do more efficiently than their smaller kin.
Adjust your computer settings to run efficiently during the day.
They would also take up less space on land, allowing depots to operate more efficiently.
The experiment was designed only to test the lasers' ability to heat the cylinder efficiently.
Audits are vital to investors, who need trustworthy accounts if they are to allocate capital efficiently.
So you're using that spring to keep running efficiently.
Pack lighter and travel more efficiently with this unique all-in-one adapter.
The ground is also drier and thus may propagate waves more efficiently.
For this to be feasible, the steam must be used as efficiently as possible.
Be prepared, but don't surround yourself with so much paper that you can't find the things you need quickly and efficiently.
The technology can also help civilian emergency workers to communicate more efficiently.
You'd also need to figure out how to efficiently break it up into smaller easily playable files.
Clean the fan's filter once a month to ensure that it runs efficiently.
They are plastic attachments that permit you to connect two pieces of cardboard far more efficiently than tape or staples.
Productivity is also dependent on how efficiently and effectively you work.
Rattan says that the cellular insults from exercise prompt the defense system to work more efficiently.
It's a job once done less efficiently and more dangerously by laborers wielding automatic knives.
Recognizing these patterns can help us diagnose disease more efficiently and prescribe medications more effectively.
But researchers say lasers can ignite an internal combustion engine's fuel-air mixture far more efficiently than spark plugs.
Warm, contaminated air is pushed upward to the ceiling, where it can be efficiently extracted by an exhaust air system.
He then applied what he had observed to the business of building automobiles, lots of them, quickly and efficiently.
For many years, she worked efficiently as supervisor of an advertising firm, spending her spare time working in community theater.
Some irrigation networks held in common were more efficiently run than the public and private systems that worked alongside them.
So drivers of cars whose engines can switch efficiently between mixtures will be able to shop around.
If this is enlarged with minimal loss of streamline you can even go faster, or use your strength more efficiently.
It's already a digital-age dilemma that there is too much information for humans to scan efficiently.
Manufacturers will manage supply chains more efficiently.
The old swivel search had no visuals and didn't provide immediate information that could help a user choose efficiently.
Better functioning water markets would be one way to share out water more efficiently.
Insoluble fiber moves food efficiently through the digestive system.
Cricket is a business that should be managed efficiently and transparently.
But researchers are running tests of agent-based systems to see if planes could self-organize safely and efficiently.
In truth, the elevators were moving far more efficiently than under the previous system.
Humans may be advertising themselves more efficiently.
Even more important, look for ways to use water in agriculture more efficiently.
The article claims that this theory allows particle physicists to more efficiently conduct simulations.
As a result, its vehicles may not have been running as efficiently as they should, resulting in lower gas mileage.
Some items can be recycled more efficiently than others.
However, the trick is that the buildings must be built more efficiently.
The appropriate messengers will then be efficiently mugged and the gene in question silenced.
Thanks to this pattern, he has been able to work efficiently now for twenty-seven years.
They retain their body moisture efficiently, but they do not function without water.
Leave the water as efficiently, calmly, and swiftly as possible.
They are big enough to support the animal's bulk on snow and to paddle it efficiently through the water.
So the reactor core operates at a higher temperature in these systems, and heat can be transferred more efficiently.
The oceans offer a nearly-limitless source of water, provided it can be efficiently and affordably desalinated.
Greenhouses use water and nutrients efficiently and produce all year-tomatoes in winter, for instance.
It's an adjustment that could make a big difference in how efficiently the car will move.
Many of these could be efficiently remediated so that communities can profit from the lands.
The trial is short, and the execution is carried out efficiently and quickly.
If buying frozen meat were more widely accepted, ranchers could run their operations more efficiently and more comfortably.
The reality is that you can create an ideal environment hydroponically and produce a product efficiently.
We owe it to our students-and the public, in general-to operate as efficiently as possible.
Learning to run through hoops and do it efficiently is part of your education.
So rational busy people should measure time more accurately, and manage it more efficiently.
The prominent feature of authentic learning is that it transfers and generalizes efficiently.
It must enable the government efficiently to try those prisoners it can show guilty of war crimes.
The interior walls have no firebreaks: from bottom to top, all four walls carry fire as efficiently as a chimney.
Finally, producing a flat thread was something any machinist could do quickly and efficiently by himself.
Certain outmoded provisions need to be revised so that businesses can raise capital more easily and efficiently.
Using less power and at lower prices, wireless spectrum can be employed far more efficiently.
As a result, programs don't communicate efficiently with one another, which creates walls between data.
Many of those discussions turn into real ways to make our small farm operate more efficiently.
And while the synthetic creatures sport a myriad of configurations, they share a strength- they cover ground quite efficiently.
And converting starlight efficiently into a detectable electronic signal was crucial for transit photometry.
To avoid exposure, they developed spatial sense and learned to cover their hunting grounds methodically and efficiently.
With muscles and limbs on both sides of their bodies, animals could move forward quickly and efficiently.
It's likely, then, that the ability to walk efficiently and to run was lost in the early evolution of bats.
By limiting birthdays to a subset of the year, they can more efficiently combine the lunches.
The mesh would also reduce drag, letting a cloaked sub or ship cut through the water more efficiently than a traditional vessel.
By continually redistributing their weight, the snakes can slither as quickly and efficiently as possible.
However, much should be done on how to efficiently collect this plastic bottles and be delivered to recycling plants.
By precisely targeting the typo, the team could efficiently replace it with the right letter.
The proteins of their mitochondria have to shunt electrons from one to another quickly and efficiently.
It's possible that these changes are adaptations that help the cave fish feed more efficiently.
In addition, the right ventricle may be unable to pump blood efficiently to the lungs and to the left ventricle.
Later in the disease, the heart may not pump blood efficiently.
But whoever it was, they have turned out an efficiently intriguing show.
Bugs can be found more quickly, and the code is written more efficiently when two people create it simultaneously.
Dilated cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart becomes weakened and enlarged, and it cannot pump blood efficiently.
But if the silicon byproduct can be sold or recycled efficiently, the new approach could be economically feasible.
To make it travel more efficiently, researchers blasted a short burst of sound at an electron trapped in an energy well.
Cells need zinc as a catalyst in their protective processes, so if you supply them with zinc, it helps them work more efficiently.
Improved cardio-respiratory function means that the body is able to perform exercise much more efficiently.
The more bubbles, the more efficiently and quickly the water boils.
In this way, a big part of the solar spectrum can be used efficiently.
In cold weather, the compressor would simply work more efficiently.
Migrating birds fly in formation in order to use lift more efficiently.
Ingenious people left to their own ends will devise a way to cheaply and efficiently meet energy demands.
The grid is there and can be used more efficiently ie night charging.
His plan featured a reliable source of central power generation that could be safely and efficiently distributed.
Hydrogen is efficiently produced as a byproduct using process heat from a nuclear reactor.
The results may also indicate the need to really utilize the brain more efficiently by learners.
To efficiently get by requires a lot of observation of the soldiers, simple planning, and good execution.
Since all of the world's efficiently run power companies are public, almost all new nuke projects are for public power.
The normal human brain simply cannot command the body that efficiently, but that's what she's doing.
Humans are trying to figure out a way to efficiently create fusion energy.
Until recently, large amounts of electricity could not be efficiently stored.
Free-market prices allow the marketplace to efficiently allocate scarce resources.
If you didn't pursue that type of strategy in those formats, your team isn't operating nearly as efficiently as it should.
The slim one-cent difference shows the security is efficiently traded.
Three in four say business can do things more efficiently than the government.
Efficiently matching applicants and companies is only a small part of the problem when it comes to filling jobs.
Communication satellites are rented out by the second and are not always used efficiently.
The complex structure of snow crystals results in countless tiny surfaces from which visible light is efficiently reflected.
All state programs should be scrutinized to determine if they are running efficiently.
New technology makes it possible to alter plant genes precisely and efficiently.
Robots might behave more efficiently if they had emotions.
The new generator runs efficiently over a wider range of conditions than conventional generators do.
Cloud computing allows companies to store and process data more efficiently than ever.
What's more, it absorbed every wavelength more efficiently than conventional silicon does.
Several other companies are developing inductive chargers that can send power efficiently through the air.
The platforms can also mine collective intelligence to solve problems efficiently.
To efficiently convert light into electricity, organic cells currently require two carefully interlaid polymers.
There are several countries profitably using biofuels cars can be designed to run effectively and efficiently on ethanol.
Breastfeeding helps moms lose the abdominal fat they gain during pregnancy more efficiently.
Apparently, the molds attach themselves to diesel particles, which deliver them more efficiently deep into the lungs.
The other is to work with existing knowledge and technology, but to concentrate on allocating it efficiently.
These tips on driving more efficiently and maintaining your car will help you improve the fuel economy of your car or truck.
Third, a renewed focus on managing existing capacity efficiently, rather than investing in revenue growth.
To house the turbines that create the electricity and to provide a sufficient head of water pressure to drive them efficiently.
Boroughs commission their own roadworks, and have less incentive than utilities to work efficiently.
But for the system to work efficiently, firms must take advantage of all opportunities to reduce the costs of participation.
Whether the bureaucrats can channel the public largesse efficiently is an open question.
Savings and investment are allocated more efficiently.
Being able to use the new capital efficiently also helps.
One of the problems was that electrons in the terahertz lasers were not efficiently recycled and pumped back up.
The more data there are, the more efficiently resources can be allocated.
Their reach and value is to increase and they are to be run more efficiently.
Those who stay on the farm could acquire bigger land holdings and use them more efficiently.
Moreover, the government does not spend its pay bill efficiently.
The administration wants to find ways to spend money more efficiently to reign in the budget.
Nobody trusts either to use donations honestly or to implement projects efficiently.
So too is software that allocates computing resources more efficiently.
The development of markets to trade oil and oil futures means that price signals are relayed faster and more efficiently.
If free markets do indeed efficiently allocate resources, individuals should bear the cost of their education.
Sometimes it is to channel water molecules efficiently, thus keeping a surface clean.
The idea of relaying information from the home to make it function more efficiently is not new.
But a broken financial system's inability to allocate capital efficiently has bigger long-term consequences.

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