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Durable furnishings and well-organized tools and materials are key to a small but efficient workspace.
The learning-sciences literature has demonstrated that learning is more efficient and effective in such groups.
The results revealed that human skulls, far from being weak, are quite tough and unusually efficient for their size.
It remains to be seen how weather conditions affect the air flows that make formation flight more efficient.
In my opinion, it would prove to be a very efficient strategy.
Everyone moans about the poor efficiency of solar cells, but very little money has been spent in making them more efficient.
Homeschooling will likely be more efficient for my kids.
Skill is the ability to make efficient decisions in new situations.
Everything in her life is organized, minimal, and efficient.
Plan details carefully to make efficient use of small spaces.
She was pleasant, magnetic, efficient and good.
This garden has made efficient use of restricted space.
Good writers are those who keep the language efficient.
But it is now time to retire this technology in favor of more energy-efficient models.
Unfortunately, the spikes are both too short and too thin to do an efficient job.
For larger lawns, however, battery-operated or gas-powered edgers are more efficient.
Bees gathering nectar may accomplish pollination, but bees that are deliberately gathering pollen are more efficient pollinators.
Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public.
Sugar processing makes up one-third of industrial activity but is not efficient.
While that check is efficient, there is no reason to fear that the king or the nobles will oppress the people.
First they had to find out what made fish such efficient swimmers.
The technique is more efficient and more precise than previous methods.
Several reasons for this- first the electric drivetrain is inherently more efficient- so there's less wasted energy.
Without raw materials and an efficient immigration policy, they suffer.
To achieve and retain organic labels, farms have to invest significant capital into modern, energy-efficient equipment.
The system is reputed to be surprisingly efficient, with few lunches misplaced.
Computers that run on chips made from tiny magnets may be as energy-efficient as physics permits.
We have the technology to move to a more efficient, convenient, freely flowing medium of exchange.
It would be much more efficient to be able to categorize contacts during the process of importing them.
All of that has changed the way research is done today and makes it more efficient.
The drawbacks of asynchronous tools are that they are by nature less timely and efficient-they are asynchronous, after all.
And it is likely that those in cities and counties and neighborhoods that are more efficient also complete and compete.
Meanwhile, more efficient vehicles would reduce the cost of long commutes, potentially making the situation worse.
Cells can be made from other, cheaper materials, but these are not as efficient as those made from silicon.
When efficient-market theorists come across a market anomaly, they tend to dismiss it in one of three ways.
High prices have also been eased by the slew of fuel-efficient cars that have come onto the market.
Advanced computer modelling has also made it possible to design more efficient rotors.
The ones that succeed typically do so by being highly efficient.
The national policies used to implement cuts need to be more efficient than the ones that are so far in place.
Otherwise, a tax-efficient fund could lose you money in the long run.
Efficient, fuel-sipping cars are all the rage, for example.
Now, researchers report that the creatures are even more efficient than had been believed.
Mileage fees would take the place of gasoline taxes, which will decrease as more fuel-efficient and electric cars are introduced.
As a general rule, trains are considerably more energy efficient than buses.
To do so, they limited the size of their rooftop solar array by making the house as efficient as possible.
So, make our economy as energy efficient as possible and end energy subsidies.
New engine technology makes wind power more efficient in any weather.
Theoretical walker struts its energy-efficient stuff.
All he has to do is crack a market, a market that has stubbornly resisted the notion of energy-efficient buildings for decades.
Cheap, durable, efficient devices are needed to generate a significant amount of electricity from the sun.
The process is cheaper and more energy efficient, and it emits fewer pollutants than conventional production methods.
The next generation of space probes is being powered by highly efficient electric plasma rockets.
It is great to see companies from these two countries teaming up in this instance to create more efficient solar cells.
Energy efficient light bulbs are cool already, but they are getting a whole lot cooler.
These remain efficient regardless of their size, whereas internal combustion engines become less efficient the smaller they are.
If you think you're being efficient when you perform three tasks at once, think again.
Energy efficient homes reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and demands for nonrenewable resources.
More efficient energy extraction processes may also double the energy produced from coal over the next two decades.
When your incandescent bulbs burn out, replace them with energy-efficient ones.
Selecting a fuel-efficient vehicle is an essential step for pollution prevention.
Energy-efficient washing machines can reduce both electricity and water use.
Energy-efficient windows can help in both these situations.
To make sure that you are not using inefficient lights, replace all of your light bulbs with energy efficient models.
Homeowners are increasingly looking to solar power to make their homes more efficient.
At the company's commissaries, a small army employed efficient cooking tactics.
The space is small but efficient, and it is busy from early until late.
The president's final priority must be to connect a much smarter power grid to vastly more efficient buildings and machines.
So instead of reinventing the wheel, they'll be using stuff that has flown before and putting it together in an efficient way.
Some hotels are small, and rather efficient about getting things up from the kitchen, and suchlike.
If my brother were not so efficient, it would be easier for me to be efficient.
We shouldn't seek to make the pack mentality as efficient as possible.
Cheaper paper, more efficient printing, and faster transportation encouraged the proliferation of newspapers and magazines.
And things were never more efficient than they were then.
Many skeptics think this argument requires an implausibly efficient labor market.
The company would have become much more efficient and profitable if it had remained in private hands.
Protein is tightly bound to the exoskeletons, and his team needs to devise more-efficient separation methods.
Countries with fast food chains that piggy-backed on the corn boom have become more efficient eaters.
Simultaneous buying and selling makes the economy extremely efficient.
It's an efficient way of getting a balance of performance, fuel economy, and pricing for the customer.
If gas rises over a period of ten years, consumers buy more fuel efficient cars and move closer to work.
No-as an environmentalist, he needed a new airplane, one that was much more energy-efficient than the ones he now had.
From a distance, authoritarian great powers appear far more efficient at harnessing economic tools for strategic advantage.
And by killing off high frequency trading, you'll make the stock market less efficient.
Tax expenditures are often less efficient than spending, and they tend to benefit the wealthy.
The genius of the cellular network is that it allowed much more efficient use of scarce radio spectrum.
People talk about starting with one basil plant, or one day a week of biking to work, or changing to energy-efficient light bulbs.
Under careful stewardship, farm animals can be efficient converters of resources and valuable members of ecological communities.
The problem is that, while this system is undeniably more efficient, it's also much more fragile.
Its basic notions were the efficient-markets hypothesis and the rational-expectations theory.
The trouble is, it's not easy to be both efficient and big.
He drew with an efficient medium-weight line-not particularly bold and brash, but not anxious and self-effacing.
Up to this point it had been a methodical, efficient, but unspectacular offensive game for both sides.
Studios sell stars because it's efficient: their images are already established.
Much more efficient solar cells may soon be possible as a result of technology that more efficiently captures and uses light.
These include a more efficient engine and transmission, and a lighter body and suspension.
Research shows that silicon is as efficient as pricier materials.
But those watches and flashlights aren't highly efficient at generating power.
Rates will be higher during rush hour and for people who drive gas-guzzlers instead of fuel-efficient models.
Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners in moderate climates.
Make the decision early in your project to select energy-efficient lighting technology.
Replacing your old heating and cooling equipment with new, energy-efficient models is a great start.
When selecting energy-efficient lighting, it's a good idea to understand basic lighting terms and principles.
Two new designs aim to make nuclear reactors safer and vastly more efficient.
Chemical engineers are looking to leaves as they try to make better, more efficient solar cells.
As the brains of athletes become more efficient, they learn how to make sense of a new situation sooner.
Leading thinkers offer visions of how to make our energy supply cleaner, more efficient, and more abundant.
Using the principles of photosynthesis, scientists create more efficient storage for solar power.
The lab tests were done with a type of highly efficient fuel cells known as alkaline fuel cells.
For a mindless organism, the slime mould's skill at creating efficient networks is extraordinary.
Sodium-sulfur batteries can also be charged up to the maximum and discharged completely, which makes them more efficient.
For decades researchers have labored to make batteries smaller, cheaper, and more efficient.
Of course they adopted it because agriculture is an efficient way to get more food for less work.
Researchers say this longtime bane of offshore drilling is more cost-efficient than wind and solar.
Depending on wind conditions, the generators can be positioned to power efficient lights in a few rooms on small electrical grids.
More drastically, you can use car-sharing services or buy a hybrid or a more fuel-efficient car.
If it is harvested from a place that didn't replace a forest, then it could be an efficient use of resources.

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