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Or function at all with any semblance of efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.
This is probably not a good plan from an efficiency stand point.
Energy efficiency is the unglamorous policy that nobody seems to be taking seriously, but it's got superb potential.
Propellers lost efficiency and thrust when they neared supersonic speeds.
Energy regulators plan to promote renewables and energy efficiency.
By the 1800s, steam-powered machines improved efficiency and textile mills opened.
Considering the age and significance of a house will help balance historic preservation and energy efficiency goals.
There are a few other tweaks that could be done to maximise efficiency, but i can't think of them right now.
Also discusses the improved efficiency of air-conditioners.
Describes the different fuel efficiency and body construction requirements for trucks and cars.
Organization, efficiency, and a clear sense of your filing system are key.
Some conductors have resisted this new era of corporate efficiency.
He was awed by their scale and magnitude, by their design, and by the efficiency of the use of materials.
New kinds of high-tech heat carriers could help plants achieve both efficiency and safety.
The problem is that declining prices have done little to solve solar energy's efficiency problem.
In a computing first, it will even be able to automatically select algorithms based on their energy efficiency, he says.
The tightness reflects the efficiency of the heart's electrical conducting system.
They can't get through the air system, because of high-efficiency particulate air filters.
The warm glow of terbium is essential to high-efficiency compact-fluorescent bulbs.
We depend on the murderous efficiency of boiling water to purify food and sterilize medical instruments.
Overall, the president relies heavily on marketplace mechanisms to promote energy efficiency.
The rest of the solution came down to a fanatic quest for efficiency.
Plasmodium has adapted itself to its human host with ghastly efficiency.
It also features low-rolling-resistance tires and regenerative braking, both designed to maximize fuel efficiency.
The true distance runners in the animals kingdom are ostriches, who scoot along with twice the efficiency compared to us.
German efficiency would have been surprising news to ancient peoples.
Because with unlimited government money there is no need for efficiency.
With commercial space launches there is every need for efficiency.
Technology exists to double gas guzzlers' fuel efficiency.
The results are a step toward solar cells that break conventional efficiency limits.
The company is also improving the efficiency of the system by increasing the amount of electricity that can be generated.
The intense heat created by concentrating the sun so much can reduce both the efficiency and the life of the solar cell.
Move these coils apart, and the efficiency of energy transfer drops off quickly.
It takes extra energy to make this vacuum, which decreases the engine's efficiency.
The quantum dots are designed to absorb colors that silicon doesn't, potentially doubling the efficiency of solar cells.
Other companies have tried to compete with silicon by using higher-efficiency thin-film panels of copper indium gallium selenide.
The measurement of health care efficiency has lagged behind the measurement of health care quality.
Improve your home's energy efficiency and comfort through proper insulation and air sealing techniques.

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