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The efficacy of research is by no means to be demeaned.
Some dermatologists have raised questions about the efficacy of the products and their claims.
The manufacturer also touts its efficacy among the hearing impaired or very old.
As life could not exist without service, neither can life survive without the efficacy of a beneficial service.
They acknowledged their own grave doubts as to the efficacy of such laws.
To prove their efficacy, the author supplies anecdotes detailing outrageous (and sometimes unintended) results.
I've never used it, so I can't comment on it's efficacy.
Her fame made her the emblem of a vigorous debate about the efficacy and legitimacy of so-called psychic detectives.
If somebody tends to be relatively negative, it affects their feelings of self-efficacy and likelihood of success.
His folksy manner masked a keen legal mind, a fiercely competitive streak and a relentless faith in the efficacy of punishment.
Use a standard debate procedure and have the non-debating students evaluate the efficacy of the arguments.
He wanted to see the efficacy for himself, which he found impressive.
Oncologists say that no research has been published on the horn's efficacy as a cancer treatment.
But the magnitude of the risks connected with terrorism raised questions about the efficacy of this approach.
Criminologists differ on the efficacy of such measures in deterring youths who are considered threats to public order.
Content producers can get real-time data on use, including student attention and efficacy.
The efficacy of such a program would be easy to test in an educational clinical trial costing no more than a few million dollars.
It soon proved its efficacy, and redeemed the leech's pledge.
What enforced his instructions, and gave them weight and efficacy, was his example.
They have a real use and efficacy toward that which is the end of parliaments.
He preached in every town with wonderful efficacy, and the people having heard him in one place followed him in crowds to others.
Of course, this is not the first time that the efficacy of poverty reduction programs has been questioned.
Given that human society is complex, it's not clear that tactical efficacy implies strategic efficacy.
And because the students all run the same scenarios, they can compare the efficacy of different approaches.
Tougher safety and efficacy standards may also be keeping good drugs out of the public's hands.
Treat cancer, and you can get by with a lot of ugly side effects and not so good efficacy.
Strong crypto, in their view, was an answer of almost magical efficacy.
Furthermore, even when the drugs prove effective, their efficacy remains mysterious.
More important, false positives undermine the efficacy of hand searches.
Although these tactics are working now, their efficacy in the long run is less clear.
On the other hand, that is no real measure of their efficacy.
While both of these methods have proved effective in animal models of pain, their efficacy in human patients remains to be shown.
The present system of clinical trials is designed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of drugs before they come to market.
Fed officials can ignore politics as long as it does not interfere with the efficacy of monetary policy.
But this makes claims of efficacy impossible to test objectively.
Firms are studying genetic correlations that might predict a drug's efficacy or determine the cause of a disease.
But it also depends on the speed and outcome of the foreclosure process and on the efficacy of official interventions.
Such luminous efficacy is probably beyond the scope of incandescent technology.
But efficacy matters as much as justification and here the arguments are more subtle.
These are catalysts added to vaccines to improve their efficacy and reduce the amount of active ingredients required.
Alright, it is not only about economic outcomes, it is about social order and the efficacy of the welfare state.
Then it would need to be tested for efficacy, and that whole process would take several years.
Researchers are now trying to find out to what extent the efficacy and safety of many new drugs is influenced by genetic factors.
It is simply foolish to base models for efficacy upon faulty frameworks.
Abrams had to shift his focus from efficacy to safety to get the study pushed through.
The researchers said their next step is to improve the vaccine's efficacy.
Big clinical trials-to test new drugs or procedures-generate reams of important data about safety and efficacy.
People are coming together to make sure that the science is pushed to maximize efficacy.
Now it appears stress can even diminish the efficacy of vaccinations.
As others have pointed out, getting a vaccine approved requires much research on safety as well as efficacy.
While medications may be a promising option, their efficacy over the long term has yet to be proven.
Earlier immunization studies tested the efficacy of isolated particles, which had been produced in insect cells.
The study found dramatic improvements in the efficacy of treatment but declining access to treatment.
Due to ethical concerns, the volunteers themselves were not exposed to malaria to test the vaccine's efficacy.
Skepticism about the efficacy of supplements has been mounting among scientists.
To test its efficacy, researchers installed air monitors throughout the room housing the masterpiece, and outdoors.
Healthcare apps require doctors who use them and report accurately on their efficacy.
The drugs' safety and efficacy are routinely questioned.
Of course, past spending can be useful evidence for the efficacy of future spending.
Researchers say the findings aren't evidence of the efficacy of subliminal messages, which have mostly been discredited.
Of course the goal might have been buzz more than efficacy.
Promote self-efficacy by encouraging your family member to explore treatment options.
The nature of the tool used to effect mind control, rather than its efficacy is what really matters.
Surely if he's marketing his rubbish with false claims of medical efficacy he's committing fraud.
With no distinction selection would have no efficacy in terms of driving adaptation.
Ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical products or whatever is easily done by the market.
If this is in accord with observations, the efficacy of the approach is established.
The resurgence of vouchers comes at the same time that evidence for their lack of efficacy grows stronger.
It relies on drug companies to perform all premarket testing on drugs for safety and efficacy.
If there is misalignment, you'll find it will undo the efficacy of the principles.
More tests are currently under way to determine the efficacy of various dosages for different types of migraines.
Most studies have been small and focused on safety rather than efficacy.
The act allows natural supplements to be marketed without any proof of their purity, safety or efficacy.
Today's stock market action suggests investors are still in doubt about the potential efficacy of both plans.
Debates about the efficacy of vegetarianism follow us from cradle to wheelchair.

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