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Example sentences for effete

How hopelessly effete and elitist an intellectual approach becomes in such a setting.
Drop that wimpy ad campaign with its effete typeface.
Chamberlain proves impressively adept at playing both the effete king and the more dashing brother.
Doctorow is aiming at is too effete to react quickly to a crude challenge.
Much of the other drawing, painting and sculpture here is too effete.
The pictures are to die for, even if the theme is effete.
Observers say one of the project's main risks is that it could be perceived as an effete, academic endeavor.
The action melodrama, although it rarely pops its shaggy head into the comparatively effete.
Lisping, stuttering and effete, he was considered a fine conversationalist and companion.
As for company, he stood to gain more from garrulous oldsters with gnarled hands and long memories than from effete littérateurs.
It tends to seem dry and academic, and they think this is a bunch of effete intellectuals worrying about odd things.

Famous quotes containing the word effete

I have come to believe ... that the stage may do more than teach, that much of our current moral instruction will not en... more
We are supposed to be the children of Seth; but Seth is too much of an effete nonentity to deserve ancestra... more
It's such a surprise for the Eastern eyes to see, That though the English are effete They're quite impervio... more
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