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Effervescence is not generally considered an enduring quality.
Bubbles are engaging because of their effervescence.
Bubbly soft drinks tickle our tongues with their effervescence.
Whatever effervescence this vessel once contained is long gone.
Acidity is a crucial component in sparkling wine, balancing the flavors and the effervescence with a sense of crisp liveliness.
At the best of times, his devilish effervescence tears defenses apart.
Its slightly syrupy quality yields to effervescence.
The lively comedies possess a natural effervescence.
All the effervescence didn't allow too many cynical impulses to bubble up.
Corea has always been a fount of clear effervescence at the piano, hair-trigger responsive and at his best in conversation.
Expect the effervescence of a full house and a good time, where diners are laughing and sharing plates.
Much of the social effervescence is only indirectly felt on the page.
It has the effervescence, though not the body or the flavor.
Its effervescence lends perfume a spiritual quality.
The effervescence of powdered dolomite with cold dilute acid is slow and frothy.
The amount and violence of effervescence are affected by many factors besides the amount of carbonates.
If effervescence is not a problem, these samplers should be preserved with sodium bisulfate in the laboratory.
The presence of methane is usually signaled by unusual effervescence or other gaseous quality in the water.
Care should be taken to first test a portion of sample in a sodium sulfate solution to check for excessive effervescence.
She delighted crowds with her effervescence and charm.
The reports also contain a fix for how effervescence is reported in the profile narrative.

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