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But little is known about the long-term effects of the exams, center officials said, and more study of those.
What has been unclear until now, however, is how long such effects persist.
Even small temperature changes can have far-reaching effects on the life cycles of marine animals from corals to whales.
As far as side effects its too early for us to see any however, im curious about what other peoples experience with it is.
Many people are successfully managed or cured using drugs, without any serious side effects.
Mixed with water and sprayed directly on foliage, seaweed-containing fertilizers can have dramatic effects in a matter of days.
Furthermore, the effects of chronic stress directly counteract improvements in medical care and public health.
Given that cohort, presidential cowardice doesn't have ruinous effects.
And the effects of global warming need to be included, too.
Fear of the effects of radiation had a significant effect.
To see how far-reaching climate change effects could be, you might try looking under your feet.
All the scientists studied effects of a crisis that never happened and called it consensus.
Use for bold effects against walls, at back of wide flower borders, on slopes.
When people are dosed with a substance that counteracts the effects of these opiates, their response to placebos evaporates.
Ask them to include a discussion of the ways in which the effects of the colonial era are still felt in this region today.
The reader also inquired as to what doctors recommend astronauts do to counteract these effects.
Imagine an e-book that comes with its own music background and sound effects that play when you read over the appropriate words.
But little is known about the long-term effects of hallucinogenic use.
To do its job properly, such a safety board needs more and better information about the effects of drugs in real-life medicine.
Their overview of the effects of global warming on polar regions was clear, comprehensive and concise.
Caffeine--the drug that gives coffee and cola its kick--has a number of physiological effects.
His personal effects were scattered and sealed under lock and key at private residences.
Second, general anesthesia was often accompanied by vomiting and other side effects that were undesirable.
Different types of reform have diverse effects on prices.
Teach students about the effects of oil spills on the natural environment and human culture.
Eating a diet of meat from corn-fed animals hasn't been linked to any specific health effects in humans.
He argued that transactions can have effects that don't show up in the price of a product.
Some also suggest that to be invasive, a species must have negative effects on native wildlife.
There are many reasons that large volcanic eruptions have such far-reaching effects on global climate.
Reduced enrollment has far-reaching effects in part because recovering from it is difficult for colleges.
History sends mixed signals about how much these effects matter.
But it is also responsible for the plant's psychotropic effects.
Crudely speaking, there are two ways to manage its effects.
The effects spread as far as three degrees of separation.
Ask students to list a number of intended effects of the channeling process.
Most of the ill effects described here are attributed to chemicals which are added to the plastics.
He says poor examples set by professors can have lasting effects as their students become faculty members.
The second question is whether, if there are permanent effects, those will be growth effects versus level effects.
The results fit predictions of the effects of global warming.
The effects on the local ecosystems could be devastating and the underwater land slide etc difficult to predict.
Results, however, could speak to the effects of human encroachment on animal habitats.
Some of the long-term effects of the disaster are clear.
Before computers, this experimental section helped engineers model the effects of compression on the finished bridge's cables.
One wonders what effects modern pharmaceuticals might have had on the luminous work of writers with physical and mental illnesses.
Not everyone will profit: its effects will be seismic.
The paychecks of professors continue to be squeezed by the lingering effects of the recession.
Even though the proportion of students who declare themselves teetotalers is slightly larger, the effects.
Most computer-generated films strive to impress the audience with realistic special effects.
The researchers used mice to test the health effects of pomegranate juice.
The work is part of a two-year project to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Being ready and prepared will have big effects to the interview.
Count the shifting number of messengers, then, and you can see the effects on the genes of a course of treatment.
Growing natural cover on a building's roof can help combat all these effects and more, scientists say.
Over the past several years experimentalists have seen quantum effects in a growing number of macroscopic systems.
And people in the cinema world use it to mean pictorial effects that are overdone.
It was chemical serendipity of billion-dollar proportions: a tanning drug with all the right side effects.
Long-term effects will be harder to detect, but more insidious.
Other transoceanic drifters have had much larger effects.
High concentrations of oil are acutely toxic, but low concentrations have more subtle, widespread effects.
It all created a volatile environment in which mistakes can have grave effects.
And there are increasing reports on the human health effects of chemicals used in plastic products.
Four received chemotherapy only while fasting, and reported fewer side effects than is typical.
We attribute part of her cognitive decline to the effects of anoxia and hypothermia, but the manifestations of dementia are clear.
The past offers all sorts of unsavoury stories of behaviour brought into the realm of medicine with dire effects.
Film studios could also use the technology for special effects.
It stopped the feeling that my throat was closing far faster than anything else with few side effects.
Cats relaxed when dosed, and nervous old folk became tranquil, with no side effects.
It's about baboons, stress vaccines and the often dangerous effects of glucocorticoids.
Their invasion has wiped out native populations of ants in some areas, with damaging effects across ecosystems, a new study shows.
For many diners who enjoy beans, the side effects can be somewhat unpleasant--the legumes are notorious for causing flatulence.
The wake of the affair will be a long one and no doubt in time its effects will lessen.
He observed that lots of psychological experiments have been done on the effects of status and lots on the effects of power.
Explain to students that they will now be exploring the effects of oil spills, along with some possible remedies.
The key to three-dimensional profits, then, is to put out hugely popular films with extraordinary special effects.
But there are ways to prevent or lessen the effects of extreme heat.
The effects of radiation leaks and subsequent damage is not properly discussed.
Most evidence suggests ill effects from violent video games.
It is no doubt possible to use instrumental variables to estimate effects on uninteresting subgroups of the population.
Used carefully, colored walls and structures create different effects.
If you don't have room for lots of plants, you can still create dramatic effects.
The scientists hypothesized that when the effects of the overactive tau gene were removed, the animals' memory loss would stop.
About one in seven soldiers has suffered a mild brain injury, and a new study finds that the effects can linger.
But before embarking on medical school, he wanted the opportunity to see the disease's effects on the ground.
And three decades' worth of efforts by private foundations and federal agencies seem to have had only sporadic positive effects.
The trick, as always, is to get a med that alleviates symptoms without causing unbearable side effects.
It is prepared to help with any psychological effects on them from the movie's release.
Observers outside academe question the effects of such marketing on campus culture and student life.
Private funds seek not to maximize spillovers and generalize network effects, but to minimize them.
So do recovery times and the long-term effects on athletes' brains.
The still air keeps the smoke close to the surface, exacerbating its effects on health.
But the economic effects of the big freeze are still becoming visible in official data.
At the overall market level, momentum effects help to explain why bubbles develop.
The drugs can then be tweaked in order to boost the beneficial effects and reduce the harmful ones.
Large-scale shifts in economic power have effects beyond the purely economic.
Medical treatment, or even diagnostic examination, can cause adverse effects in a patient.
The table below shows several types of antioxidants, their possible effects, and food sources of each.
It's also going to have these incentive effects, more than tax rebates, on economic activity.
The question remaining is how to reverse the effects of what has become a self-sustaining culture.
But it rarely attempts to identify positive tail-end effects.
Even more, when you inject people with the anti-morphine drug naloxone, the effects of acupuncture are reduced.
The mental effects of staring into a screen are the same no matter what your age.
But few studies have examined these effects in such detail and in such a large population.
The famous theory whose effects have been so far-reaching is extremely simple.
We call them silent films today, but they were almost always accompanied by some form of music and sound effects.
Stormy seas heighten the effects of the currents, making the whirlpools even more spectacular.
After this he has a good brisk game of tennis: for by this sort of exercise too, he combats the effects of old age.
His style wants the penetrating simplicity which is requisite to the highest effects in pathos.
Nor does this command of minute detail in any sense bar the way to an equal mastery of broad, general effects.
In other respects their effects, it must be acknowledged, are the same as those of bounties upon exportation.
Provides news and information on the causes, effects, science and solutions.
Its benefits come with consequences-called light pollution-whose effects scientists are only now beginning to study.
To understand the effects of greenhouse gases, knowing where they come from can be helpful.
Beyond that there is little agreement, particularly about whether human activity might be exacerbating their effects.
Moreover, the effects of global warming on the polar regions are likely to have major repercussions in the rest of the world.
There can also be unintended effects, which can be positive but often are negative.
The effects were found only for trees that bore fruit during the previous visit.
Extra fat has bad effects, but more muscle has good effects, according to doctors.
We're not suggesting that this recipe has salutary effects, but it is delicious.
It is an interesting, unexpected expression of hemp, enjoyable even without its famous effects.
The influence of an artist on a tour's food does not always guarantee salutary effects on morale, however.
The oddly oxymoronic effects of steroids on the human body.
For the first time, scientists have developed drugs that mimics the effects of endurance exercise.
The tobacco plant is considered a villain of the plant world because of the harmful effects of smoking it.
We still need more information on how it works in people and whether it has any unanticipated side effects.
Today, freshwater resources are threatened by rising population and the effects of climate change.
He admits that suggestion alone is a powerful tool but believes that hypnosis magnifies its effects.
Other types of weaponry could have global effects as well.
He believes a combination of many different effects may stress frogs' immune systems and that atrazine may be a part of it.
The drug did not work for everyone, and even when it did, its effects typically wore off after an hour or two.
Optical lasers use quantum effects to produce an intense beam of light of a single frequency, or color.
The other is to use optical technology to unscramble the effects of turbulence.
Its effects were limited to language-but within that narrow sphere, its effects were profound.
Half of those who participated in the poll expressed concern about possible side effects.
Toxic placebo effects can be as real as those produced by any genuine drug.
Children with certain illnesses can be especially sensitive to the side effects of a drug.
Common side effects include an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness.
But the effects of underuse created by too much ownership are often invisible.
The side effects of unrestrained credit growth turned out to be devastating.
Their form is lenticular, yielding effects of flickering animation when your viewpoint shifts.
With both the children and myself about ten feet away from the metal, normal tribo-effects could not be detected.
Finally, there have been no studies made on the long-range effects of the administration of amphetamines to children.
The mellowing effects of simple aging may have had something to do with it.
We urge you to take action to reverse the corrosive effects of this decision.
And they are fond of a kind of pseudo-explanation that calls attention to alleged consequences or effects rather than causes.
We invite you to our city to view with your own eyes the catastrophic effects of the frenzy of construction.
He would have had to compose it from memory with the help of his knowledge of light effects.
Yet the effects of certain wishes in the distant past did linger.
Sorry but this make no-sense, there is no way to directly measure how pollution effects peoples health except on individual bases.
The goal of the engineering the microbes was to deliver the beneficial effects without the harmful ones.
Scientists are using gene chips to monitor the effects of global warming on marine life.
Also, the flashlight's effects are less during the day.
We have a pretty good history of knowing the effects of extraction.
But researchers are finding that stem cells may have other healing effects.
But a new study has found a way to make plants grow tall in spite of the metal's toxic effects.
And finally, these effects must switch on at a specific critical temperature.
The study could also shed light on how to develop drugs against the diseases of aging without introducing unintended side effects.
They suffer both the effects of a tumor that continues to grow and the side effects of the ineffectual drug.
Furthermore, it can be worn for long periods of time without any side effects, and it can be easily removed.
To put this right, he has constructed a different model of reality that preserves causality and has some interesting side effects.
These proteins are not based on hemoglobin, so they don't have the same toxic effects.
Given a chance to show off her flair for comedy, she demonstrates that she too is capable of precise effects.
And she did it without any stage tricks or fancy effects.
The article is about the ways in which people's desktop wallpaper effects their work habits.
You're going to get all those side effects that you get when you are scared.
To speed up the action and optimize the effects of the marine oligo-elements and minerals, a cold algae mask is applied on top.
He filled it with sound effects: harps, chirping birds, and dripping raindrops.
It's going to take twenty-five years before people really understand what the effects of all this tabloid journalism are.
Boxes of peelers straight from the factory made up the bulk of his personal effects.
Manage the physical symptoms of cancer and the side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments.
Radiation therapy fact sheets that help patients understand their treatment and manage side effects.
Common side effects from these drugs include muscle pain and soreness.
The protein regulates so many genes that such a drug would almost certainly have unwanted and potentially deadly side effects.
We're already feeling the catastrophic effects today.

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