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Fewer than a third of these prescriptions were supported by strong evidence of effectiveness.
Most studies he's seen show no difference in the effectiveness of the two media.
In sum, there are solid grounds to be sceptical about the effectiveness of across-the-board capital controls.
Mud and other floating matter can detract from this method's effectiveness.
It still is, but a new repellent comes close in effectiveness.
All have been highly praised for their effectiveness.
Um, you need good information about which medical interventions work, and how well they work: comparative effectiveness research.
He highly recommends light therapy and says the research supports its effectiveness.
But advertisers also need to be able to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
Several drugs help to wean cocaine addicts from their physical dependency, but the compounds are limited in effectiveness.
The effectiveness of stem cell therapies may rely not only on the nature of the cells involved, but the time of their application.
Empirical evidence is mixed on the effectiveness of forced rankings.
Effectiveness on the job in campus public relations usually comes down to credibility.
Once their effectiveness has run its course, memory loss and cognitive decline progress unimpeded, and sometimes even accelerate.
Labels provide information about the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic products.
No trials of effectiveness for disease prevention or treatment have begun.
But their increased use may be spurring pirates to think about ways to minimize their effectiveness.
Now researchers are looking for correlations between the value-added rankings and other measures of teacher effectiveness.
The piece begins with a rumination on the effectiveness of last year's stimulus plan.
There has been no really independent auditing of the effectiveness or progress.
Because scientists have found that, in battling chronic infections, sugar can boost the effectiveness of antibiotics.
Some expressed mixed emotions about her effectiveness as their representative.
The feasibility and effectiveness of the technique is uncertain.
He plans to begin clinical trials to test its effectiveness in humans within six months.
In the game you also need to consider the effectiveness of their weapons, but this is a good guide to begin with.
The state's governor vetoed it, so the legislature has now called for a study of the effectiveness of capital punishment.
Arthroscopic knee surgery is a remedy for arthritis, but researchers have matched its effectiveness with a sham operation.
Ghostwritten articles also questioned other therapies and the effectiveness of generic hormone treatments, she says.
Students should evaluate their solutions for practicality and effectiveness.
At the same time, effectiveness has improved markedly.
Which may also be a marker for their effectiveness as a team.
Commercial water filters vary widely in their effectiveness against different types of contamination.
It's not that regular soap will break the machine, it's simply a matter of effectiveness and convenience.
Solar panels and solar roof tiles are both viable options, but they differ in effectiveness and cost as well as in appearance.
Especially if more research comes in about their effectiveness.
And the foreign patrols' effectiveness is declining as the pirates move ever farther offshore.
While many products have repellent properties, they are short-lived or their effectiveness is limited to certain species.
Work is reviewed for effectiveness in achieving program goals and objectives.
The survey found large-scale faculty engagement with online teaching but also broad suspicion about its effectiveness.
And once better nets are available, researchers will be able to objectively judge the effectiveness of the distribution programs.
They tend to taste less salty, however, which might reduce their effectiveness if you use more of it to get the taste you want.
He had helped strengthen the organization's effectiveness with the press.
Accountability requires information, and nothing shows effectiveness better than an online survey of students.
Adult stem cells have limitations and as a result, are limited in their effectiveness in modern therapies.
As you carry out the job, everyone is watching and judging your effectiveness.
Worse, when scholars and others do not employ fair use, they shrink its effectiveness as a right.
Great to see some scientific backup to the effectiveness of meditation.
But it doesn't seem to have reduced any effectiveness.
These are great ideas to help improve our legislative effectiveness.
Health researchers still debate each approach's effectiveness.
To attempt this, is to miss the true aim and lose much of effectiveness in this style of composition.
His fairness won him a hearing and his good-will gave him effectiveness.
As for the effect of the cruise upon the training, discipline and effectiveness of the fleet, the good cannot be exaggerated.
To slow its progress, opponents call its social effectiveness a myth.
He was known for his remorseless effectiveness on the ice, but also for being deeply involved with the team's charities.
Or function at all with any semblance of efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.
There is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of that program.
But he's brought it to an amazing level of effectiveness.
The biggest hurdle facing solar power is cost-effectiveness.
The plant's effectiveness varied, apparently, depending on where it grew and when it was picked.
It's a belief system, a philosophy about the effectiveness of decentralized, bottom-up innovation.
More studies are still needed, however, to determine whether they are comparative in long-term effectiveness.
But as others have pointed out, grading student work lets the instructor know something about his or her own effectiveness.
Applicants should present evidence of effectiveness in teaching.
They will have an outstanding work ethic and a demonstrated record of effectiveness.
We have less frequently worried about the effectiveness of either our research or our teaching.
Scholarly emphasis in educational practice or effectiveness.
If the study had evidence of network continuity, she said, she would be more convinced of the workshops' effectiveness.
Right now, the cost-effectiveness of a handful of interventions has been parsed for different subpopulations of patients.
It certainly appears that pH plays a large role in the effectiveness of this home remedy.
Nonetheless, some engineers have tweaked the vertical turbine designs to improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
New research shows that the ability-or lack of ability-to properly interpret mammograms also plays a role in their effectiveness.
After generations of this, the super-drug loses its effectiveness.
The effectiveness of these programs will not be clear for many months, if ever.
Insulin and thyroid hormones are also sensitive to heat, and can lose effectiveness in high temperatures.
What they're talking about is the relative effectiveness of employment.
They were also perpetually looking for ways to improve their effectiveness.
Clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of an air suspension bed in the prevention of pressure ulcers.
To avoid under-treatment, there needs to be end-of-year audits to review effectiveness.
More doubt is being raised about the cost-effectiveness of even future iterations of alternative energy.
But knowing what not to answer is a part of rhetorical effectiveness too.
Its surest test will be its effectiveness in the social sciences and the humanities.
Distillation also leaves ample evidence of its effectiveness.
But the program's effectiveness and ability to expand are hampered by a paltry budget.
Moreover, during balance sheet recessions the effectiveness of monetary policy actually depends on the government's fiscal policy.
But the horrible truth is that the effectiveness of any such body will be discovered only when a real crisis occurs.
Health services are mining clinical data to gauge the cost-effectiveness of drugs.
But it baffled him that drugs he'd been prescribing for years seemed to be struggling to prove their effectiveness.
The pain expressions of mice could help researchers gauge the effectiveness of new drugs.
However, the effectiveness of these lifesaving resources is at risk.
Think about efficiency versus effectiveness in another way.
One need look no further than the thousands of arrests the behavior detection program has generated to know its effectiveness.
First there was the exuberant claim about its reputedly great effectiveness in preventing cervical cancer.
Ideally, the researchers need a larger pool of test rats to really see the effectiveness of their vaccine.
There, he treated hundreds of returning veterans with hypnosis, becoming ever more convinced of its effectiveness.
That's sort of true, but there is observational evidence that one can use to judge the effectiveness of the approach.
That's a powerful incentive to find the effectiveness of marketing.
Keeping a close eye on the population will help researchers monitor the effectiveness of the conservation strategies.
Researchers involved in the project say the experiment will answer crucial questions regarding the procedure's effectiveness.
And the current trials are measuring the vaccine's safety at different dosages, not its effectiveness.
But the effectiveness of the herb is still an open question.
Therefore, it can decrease the effectiveness of other things you may be taking.
The results are the culmination of millions of years of research and development and they are striking in their effectiveness.
Of course, that would be the simplest test for homeopathic effectiveness ever.
By bringing human rights home, domestic courts give them a concreteness and immediacy that is critical to their effectiveness.
But a necessary condition of their effectiveness is a disappointment in reasonable expectations that could be socially disruptive.
In fact, the strongest argument for the old-fashioned book is its effectiveness for ordinary readers.
The intent of the study was to show that the treatment is safe, not to look at its effectiveness.
It can also improve the effectiveness of existing methods such as using water or steam to extract oil.
The concerns about the effectiveness of this sort of system are, in my view, well founded.
Such targeted delivery could significantly improve both the safety and effectiveness of cancer drugs.
The trial is one of a handful worldwide seeking to prove the effectiveness of gene therapy for eye diseases.
The software's effectiveness will be judged by comparing its decisions and observations with those made by medical staff.
The dimensions of the particles are the key to their effectiveness.
One solution: robots to boost the effectiveness and productivity of rehab.
The article expressed concern over the effectiveness of a viral therapy in non-immuno-compromised subjects.
Chelation therapy has been the subject of clinical trials, with no evidence for effectiveness found.
But the company still needs to prove the safety and effectiveness of its approach.
What is important to understand is that any power generation technology lives or dies based on its cost effectiveness.
It may be measured by way of a simple calculation: an estimate of the employment cost- effectiveness of a company.
Satellites afford great effectiveness as it relates to solar conversion to energy in space, do to obvious reasons.
Other basic questions about the effectiveness of blocking specific ion channels remain unanswered.
But the supplements he promotes are of unproved effectiveness, and not all over-weight people eat emotionally.

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