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So developing a financial system that can intermediate between savers and borrowers effectively and efficiently is crucial.
Productivity is also dependent on how efficiently and effectively you work.
There are several countries profitably using biofuels cars can be designed to run effectively and efficiently on ethanol.
By early evening, port authorities said maritime operations there were effectively shut down.
Must be a team-player and be able to function effectively in a team work-centered office.
It's also an extremely centralised system, effectively offering no choice at all to patients.
Until a few years ago the animals were thought to be effectively extinct in the wild.
Emotion sways opinion more effectively than logic, even for scientists.
She uses lavender effectively in the berry crisp pictured above right.
Learning how to effectively motivate and manage a team takes some planning, the right tools and good communication.
The three-strike law is a good law when it is used effectively.
Comfort and skill in managing complex issues creatively and effectively.
They wondered in particular if the mere presence of a canine in the office might make people collaborate more effectively.
At that point, the craft will be effectively lost in space.
The heat and smoke, rising to ceiling height, had effectively hidden all exit signs.
Used effectively on north and east walls, in patios and entryways, as small lawn trees.
By manipulating key attributes, you can effectively change the focus of the image.
Ability to effectively communicate with a diverse population.
Democracy constrains the power of the state-not as effectively as one might wish, but to some extent.
Two simple tips to learn better and take tests more effectively.
Because this wavelength of light doesn't travel far underwater, a dark red squid is effectively invisible.
The insert effectively re-creates the balanced heat of a hearth oven.
Plus, it removes warts more effectively and less painfully than liquid nitrogen.
Requires judgment and discretion in task fulfillment and skill in effectively coordinating health care.
It had thus become effectively isolated, because it could never hook up with individuals from other strains.
Also, our gut is not set up for processing raw items as effectively as cooked food.
If that is the case, neutrinos are effectively propagating in a vacuum, not interacting with any material media.
It's knowing that and knowing how to use it effectively.
The challenge is to do it effectively without being obvious.
Ability to work collaboratively and effectively in a team environment.
Sometimes information disclosure can achieve policy aims more effectively and at far lower cost than traditional regulation.
Eat something that's bad for you and you get sick, effectively teaching you to never eat that thing again.
But these symbols of status had been effectively erased by municipal neglect.
Biologists, physicists, chemists and engineers need to spend long hours in close quarters together to communicate effectively.
Monetary policy effectively became much tighter over the past two months.
On land, river otters can bound and run quite well, if not quite as effectively as they swim.
Opioids effectively alleviate pain, but they can be highly addictive.
Some of these tools help programmers to work together more effectively.
The star effectively vanishes, although a lingering cloud of expanding gas can remain visible for a while.
They become solely responsible for everything instead of working effectively as a team with their staff.
These colorings help foxes to effectively hunt rodents, birds, and even fish.
But markets will be watching these others closely to see if austerity effectively closes current budget gaps.
White vinegar is a non-toxic, acidic cleaning agent that cuts grease on floors effectively.
Many people are working to harness renewable energy sources more effectively and to enhance energy efficiency.
They effectively split the prize equally between the two teams.
Putting their services online should allow governments to serve their citizens much more effectively.
The order is unlikely to be effectively implemented, and can be challenged in court, where it may well be rejected.
Colleges and universities have plenty of tools, but they must learn to use them more effectively.
That, too, should help police deploy their limited resources more effectively.
In order to play that role effectively they will need new tools, skills, and opportunities for exploration.
And a president who is famously loyal to his staff effectively fired one of them.
Warm winds will dry clothes as effectively as a clothes dryer.
The trickiest problems seem to have been largely about the details of doing things effectively.
When light is bent around a surface, for instance, the surface itself effectively becomes invisible.
Able to effectively handle escalated issues to diffuse concerns through verbal and written messages.
Ability to communicate effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds.
As they do, college financial-aid offices must learn to communicate effectively with that population.
As a result, this method may underestimate both the costs of disease and the benefits of combating it more effectively.
Candidates must possess experience working effectively with students.
Effectively picking up on nonverbal cues is also an important part of getting to know how other cultures convey subtle messages.
Ask students if they think they would be able to effectively communicate important ideas with quilts.
Could give a few clues to effectively enhancing vitality in the aged.
They effectively wrote a dogmatic political statement.
The experiments confirmed that an increase in tail temperature effectively deterred the snakes from approaching.
From then on, teachers were effectively granted equal status with doctors and lawyers.
The design effectively creates a perpetual-motion machine, which physicists consider an impossible device.
Effectively, they're already dead unless something changes.
Student-elder teams are effectively serving as citizen biologists, monitoring local snow leopards and other wildlife.
Oil trades in a world market, and every player buys and sells at effectively the same price.
Few movies have worked out that conundrum so powerfully, or so effectively dramatized the folly of judging by partial evidence.
The aid has to keep coming and to be deployed rapidly and effectively where and to whom it needs to go.
And yet sometimes memoir may be the only way to cover a subject effectively.
It effectively amplifies the available light several thousand times, giving you a green-hued window into the night.
We can respond more effectively together than apart.
And that goes double if that employee effectively makes fraud a company policy.
Spending cuts tend to reduce budget deficits more effectively than tax increases, so these should not be delayed.
To operate cost-effectively, wind turbines will need to keep turning for many months without upkeep.
Thus training a dog effectively becomes a contest for dominance in which there can be only one winner.
Now they are investing in more personalised medicine: biotech drugs that treat small groups of patients more effectively.
But moral authority does not come from simply managing people effectively or communicating better or being able to motivate.
Investigators explore how to use an apology effectively.
There's no way to seal our borders effectively enough to prevent disease transmission in or out of the country.
After about one minute circulation effectively stops.
What you eat can also influence how effectively your brain operates.
In principle, such tests could effectively rule out theories of micrometer-size extra dimensions, he says.
Clearly this study does not effectively show the presence of bias in student preferences of physics lecturers.
Scientists are also studying whether islet-cell transplants would effectively treat diabetes.
Not to mention that this can be combined effectively with companion planting.
With a true objective view, it can be done effectively, and saves us from further judgement and above all resentment.
Difficulties arise from the radiation which is preventing them to work effectively.
That's a little bit of a simplistic description, but that's effectively what happens.
But the court reversed course this week, and issued a new opinion that effectively ended the possible confrontation.
Effectively teaching ethical behavior and moral courage requires combining curricular emphases with co-curricular events.
There is no tenure track, however, because positions are effectively tenured from day one.
Your primary goal is not to show off your profundity but to demonstrate how effectively you can communicate.
They are also still effectively under water because their reporting requirements have been suspended.
Higher education has failed miserably at teaching students to deeply and effectively collaborate in order to innovate.
Due to the shape and size of the abdomen, it is difficult to apply a tourniquet or effectively apply external compression.
These are all effectively commitments to use one's willpower.
Also intriguing is the finding that impulse can be converted pretty effectively into long-term commitment.
Effectively blind without a mask, he raced toward a rocky bottom.
In the past, it seems he has effectively managed his public image as it tends to be conflated with his artwork.
Effectively, the military's proposals would put it completely beyond the authority of any civilian government.
Poets need to write prose about poetry more often, more candidly, and more effectively.
But many politicians and pundits do not trust that private companies can get the job done safely and effectively.
They are developing a set of chemicals that disrupt the mosquito's sense of smell, effectively blinding the insects to humans.
On the other hand, the cold core should function more effectively as a heat sink, so it shouldn't get as hot.
Over time the information density can be seen as effectively unlimited.
Much more likely that they were learning to use hand-held weapons effectively for hunting purposes and against each other.
They've lived poor lifestyles for so long they're essentially unable to exercise enough to lose weight effectively.
When they tried to increase the density further, the atoms started clumping into molecules, effectively leaving the cloud.
Scientists who don't care about communicating effectively tend to be bad at it.
If scientists want their work to inform public policy they have to know how to do it effectively and not counter-productively.
She had effectively forced one of them to be a co-operator and the other to be a cheat.
Operating and maintaining the system cost effectively is another.
Bats fly more slowly than birds, but they maneuver more effectively.
Effectively an infinite age of the universe and also increasing expansion.
They effectively donate their computing power to speed up the laborious task of solving protein structures.
Studies suggest that deep brain stimulation could effectively treat depression.
Drugs embedded in special polymers can more effectively shrink tumors.
The material uses the light more effectively, generating hundreds of times more current than conventional silicon.
It doesn't silence neurons all that effectively, and it can build up and have toxic effects in brain cells.
They found that hitting the beams with a laser not only cooled them effectively, but also generated x-rays.
Algae that use sunlight more effectively would produce more oil, he says.
Negative action is also more likely to be repeated than merely reciprocated, which is why it spreads more effectively.
We unreflectively suppose that truth no less than beauty is conveyed more effectively thereby.
Effectively made the case that the status quo is unsustainable economically.
Effectively made the case that the status quo is unsustainable morally.
Finally, observe the skills of others who effectively set limits.

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