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Recently it did some research on the effective formation of memories.
More studies will be required to see if the vaccine can be made more effective and translated to other strains of the virus.
Over all, the mop was effective, except on very wet spills.
The thick black smoke was such an effective warning signal that to this day the Chinese phrase "wolf smoke" means crisis.
The first step to building an effective corporate philanthropic program is to determine the design and structure.
Human hunters have been less effective at keeping down the deer population.
It looks like the habits of highly effective people are indeed hard to break—when it comes to audiobooks, that is.
The brain is like a muscle: when it gets depleted, it becomes less effective.
It's a very simple an effective way to check the water level.
What made him especially effective was his ability to catch passes out of the backfield.
It's simple, effective, and more important than it might seem.
No known pesticide is effective against it for long.
At this time there is no effective plan if a catastrophe such as a ship collision or oil spill occurs.
Without effective methods, any dispute can become unmanageable, and democracy can be spoiled by overreaching.
Yet, apart from the actual business on the stage, these characters are irresistibly effective.
Yet, declaimed, the strange constructions would be dramatic and effective.
We understand more clearly now that what is effective and beautiful in one language is a vice in another.
But it would be difficult to argue that the former has a more effective careers office.
Also, the ban is already effective, not soon to be effective as claimed.
So effective, indeed, that some economists are now worrying it may be working rather too well.
And researchers are vying with one another to be the first to devise an effective vaccine.
To extract the crucial point from complexity is essential for devising an effective strategy.
The government's response to the disaster was quick and effective.
Content companies need more effective legal remedies against piracy.
The first solution offered, branding, was simple and effective.
To be fair, it has tried to make the bureaucracy more cost-effective.
Inevitably companies have claimed to offer products that are more effective and less toxic.
Both more, and more effective, vaccines will be needed.
But many new buildings are designed first and greened later-a cheaper but less effective approach.
To be effective, the amounts involved have to be significant.
Effective treatments would thus be embraced with enthusiasm by sufferers and society alike.
Some programmes, such as unemployment insurance, have grown less effective.
Despite all this, missile defences can be effective.
Such techniques have become increasingly cost-effective as companies have got more practice.
Recession has proved far more effective than policy at stemming the flow.
It could be made still more effective in that role by being treated with substances that help to break up hydrocarbons.
But that disaster was a natural one, and the government's response was in many respects effective.
Effective introverts can get away with saying little, but they must speak up at some point, she says.
He was always a more effective vertical threat in college when his weight was down.
Even obviously manipulative compliments are remarkably effective.
Caffeine is more effective, but in high concentrations it is toxic.
Those who have might find this extermination approach,feasible and effective.
The good news is that behavioral treatments are highly effective.
The only way to tell if a drug is effective is through the scientific data and clinical trials.
There's no question that the use of metaphors is a powerfully effective communication tool.
As a result, researchers have yet to develop effective vaccines against them.
Researchers claim it's both milder and more effective.
Science is progressing fast to develop safe and effective cognitive enhancers, drugs which will improve our mental abilities.
Fortunately, there are two solid models that have already proven effective at cracking problems and pushing past plateaus.
Food and gas are so expensive it's more cost-effective to stay home and diet.
But they can also produce much more effective stunning effects.
Even simple algorithms become more effective when trained on big sets.
Or the fact that consumers pay more for brand-name products that are no more effective than generics.
It might even be what makes whole grains effective cancer fighters.
Alpha-amylase, a key protein in saliva, would be effective at disintegrating carbohydrate clogs.
In contrast, both search and threading promote more effective finding.
Although it's too early to tell how effective smartphones are as learning tools, they already have smart uses for universities.
Evidence of effective teaching in educational measurement, research methods or evaluation at the college level is desired.
The first step in successful proposal development is to craft an effective literature review.
Some observers have wondered how effective such an unorthodox learning model can be.
More important, they're effective in making connections and showing an alternative path.
But graduate programs are costly, and not all are as effective as they should be.
Blogs may be more of an effective use for setting up such historical pages.
To be an effective second in command means developing the instinct to know when to put on which hat.
Though there are plenty of drugs to treat bacterial infections, there are few pharmaceuticals that are effective against viruses.
Each workshop includes suggestions on effective presentation at science fairs.
Technological improvements have made solar-electric modules more cost-effective.
Traveler can provide advertisers with exciting and effective merchandising programs that no other magazine can offer.
But babies born without effective nerve connections between skin and brain can fail to thrive and may even die.
Even with today's medical advances, millions of people die each year from malaria, for which there is no effective vaccine.
All pods use effective, cooperative hunting techniques that some liken to the behavior of wolf packs.
Effective new products that help shed weight are always in high demand.
Equipped with grasping tentacles, the nautiloids were effective predators.
In order to be effective, the two must learn to work together.
It helps keep them warm in the winter and provides effective camouflage.
They are particularly effective at night, when their light-reflecting eyes allow them to see better than much of their prey.
Such storms reduce the time that warnings are effective and allow people to get out of harm's way.
In the fall and winter, they form packs for more effective hunting.
The fox's feet are also effective shovels for frequent digging-fennec foxes live in underground dens.
Known as scavengers, ravens are also effective hunters that sometimes use cooperative techniques.
When asleep, it's green color provides effective camouflage.
As a result the skin may become a less effective barrier.
They're also higher than the top effective tax rate, including payroll taxes.
But enough has been said by those who do to indicate that the bomb has been made more effective.
It has been exhilarating to work in effective partnership.
And for that change to be effective and sustainable, it must be shaped by those who actually do the day-to-day work.
However, as effective as these measures are, no security system is impenetrable.
Food stamps are considered highly effective government spending, but they're earmarked for food.
The experts they called in explained the basic principles of effective community policing.
It's journalism theatre: flat, effective, and to the point.
He was both evil and effective, which is a worrying combination.
The manager had bad news: the lab was under orders, effective immediately, to stop handling such film.
The movie is so effective in depicting the inhumanity that it makes our failure to act seem baffling.
There's no mystery why they won-because they were more effective in making their argument.
But property rights need to be limited to be effective.
For example, decongestant drops and sprays may be effective in reducing congestion for a few days.
Their program proved in fact more effective than outside experts were.
But then something unexpected happens, the kind of reversal you need in any effective thriller.
Yet the joke sheets proved an effective calling card to the advertising world.
Two days earlier, a governor's commutation-effective immediately-had been handed to him at his hospital bed.
Less than half the surgeries, drugs, and tests that doctors recommend have been proved effective.
The experimental surgery was nifty but not effective.
Fear may not be one of the more pleasurable emotions, but it is an effective survival tool.
Although many treatments have shown some promise, none is consistently effective.
The work could help make marrow transplants more effective by improving the survival of transplanted cells.
If an alternative were shown to be effective, it would no longer be alternative.
They have to be efficient, cost-effective and resistant to interruptions or failure.
But why this particular plastic is so effective, no one's really sure.
Treatment costs less, and is more effective than incarceration when dealing with drug abusers.
It is supposed to improve defensive play because it gives and is therefore more effective at absorbing the impact of a ball.
The chemotherapy drugs that had previously been so effective now could not stop the cancer.
It also turns out that the more you worry, the more effective you become at worrying.
Developing a cost-effective process for bonding polyethylene glycol to fabric took years.
But once you get one generation that starts, they're likely to go on to evolve an effective strategy.
It lies in erecting a more effective barrier between the economy and politics, between capitalism and democracy.
The latter are essential to cost-effective care because they help patients avoid unnecessary, expensive procedures.
But this would have given the government effective control of a large part of the banking system.
Special interest groups mount effective disinformation campaigns to sow doubt about the reality of global warming.
As reductive as this may seem, these kinds of messages-whether in the form of logos or slogans or colors or songs-are effective.
Citizens would lose effective control over their representatives.
Both kinds of experience are indispensable for effective educational endeavor.
Conventional chemotherapy can wreak havoc on healthy tissue, causing painful side effects, and it's not always effective.
Such materials could offer a more effective way to deliver drugs or imaging agents to the interior of a cell.
These devices could enable completely new kinds of digital marketing that make ads more relevant, meaningful, and effective.
The new technology could speed up the development of butanol biofuels into a cost-effective alternative to ethanol.
However if you could not zero the initial state their single fibre detector would be more effective.
But he claims that his process is simpler, involving fewer steps, which would make it more cost-effective.
Effective administration of access policy requires understanding the hacker's mind and methods.
Work on the one tool that can make the biggest difference in the severity of a pandemic-an effective vaccine-has been underfunded.
There are currently no overwhelmingly effective addiction treatments.
It was one of several companies that offered the government free supplies of drugs believed to be effective against anthrax.
But scientists have been trying for years to develop more effective methods of dealing with spills.
Metformin also makes insulin more effective in moving sugar out of the bloodstream and into cells.
Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.
It would be far cheaper, more effective and less traumatic to prevent it.
He has the long arms to be effective as a press corner and good recovery speed.
Good medical care depends upon effective communication between patients and providers.
Cleaning compounds, sanitizing agents, and processing aids must be safe and effective under the conditions of use.

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