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My heart goes out to everyone who was effected by it.
It seemed like a pretty dire situation for many effected villagers .
Two years later, when the Union was effected, he became prime minister.
Hopefully, their grade won't be effected by their performance – but who knows.
By bringing brownies to class, I effected a cheerier affect in my students.
Everyone effected by high-speed rail service knew they were near a train line when they bought their property.
I've run businesses for long enough to see both the good and the bad that can be effected when you control significant resources.
Players would be far more motivated toward winning; if their score was greatly effected by the outcome of the game.
The metamorphoses of insects, with which every one is familiar, are generally effected abruptly.
Each side would necessarily be greatly effected by the influence of the other.
There will be a short period when the poles are actually switching that inclination could be effected, but this would not be long.
Whether an exploit is effected effectively or not is not really answering anything.
And being sound proof, they wouldn't be effected any out side vibration.
The primary effected areas are typically colder regions.
Off course the food supplies will be effected or is depended on the climatic situation.
There is anecdotal evidence that bees kept in a certified organic system have not been effected by colony collapse.
It takes the atomic material that is being torn apart and sheds it revealing an as yet effected molecule.
In contrast, circulatory structural and functional systems changes are effected much more rapidly by supplementation.
It would seem to be saying that orientation is effected by both environment and heredity.
In our form of democracy the expression of the popular will can be effected only through the instrumentality of political parties.
When fatigue sets in, recovery is needed, and this can only be effected by rest and nourishment.
We presume this rejection must have been effected mainly by a party vote.
The old and the new are to meet on this continent, and this will be effected through the means of commerce.

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