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Students should have a clear understanding of cause and effect.
The psychologist's contribution is in determining the effect of the stresses on human behaviour.
The existence of the so-called halo effect has long been recognised.
The placebo effect is notoriously difficult to quantify.
He knew that decision is the greatest element of effect, and he uttered his .
This diversity of effect is quite confusing.
Rafer notes that the book had a nostalgic effect for her.
For a more subtle effect, try one grown mostly for its foliage.
The mountains and smaller ranges that help define this ecoregion have a significant effect on the climate.
The placebo effect is, potentially, one of the most powerful forces in medicine.
We were aware that this would have no effect on toxins or heavy metals.
When the pollinator lands on it, there is a cantilever effect and the lip bonks the pollinator on its back and deposits pollen.
But this age effect is not the only factor in the accuracy of the age estimate.
We share a view that health interventions can have a multiplier effect on societies.
While he did drink, many of those who knew him described the unusual effect that even the smallest amount had on his system.
Eating locally and knocking transfats out of my diet, has had a concrete effect on my physical health.
Presumably the same effect applies to, say, economists.
So, this so-called greenhouse effect is a totally wrong premise.
Here the closeness during childhood appears to bring about the same effect as blood kinship.
And the messages irisin carries are not trivial-they seem to effect positive changes in the body.
And the effect isn't limited to real-life face-to-face interactions.
Eyestrain is a common-and occasionally debilitating-effect of staring at screens.
Some follow-up studies replicated the effect, others did not.
Stretching subjects' mouths backward had no effect, implying a position-specific response.
We're talking about an effect that over years will be visible to people.
Of course there is a placebo effect and there is the effect of a kindly supportive physician as well.
With reference to the effect sleep has on clarifying memories.
The effect is similar to turning down all the background noise in a crowded room.
Gravity is still considered a field effect and its influence never ceases.
After decades in the jungles of fringe science, the placebo effect has become the elephant in the boardroom.
After that, they have whatever effect is below when they are played.
It wasn't a bad show for what was, in effect, a beta test focused less on academic research than the survival of its inhabitants.
Further, since the submissions are supposed to be blind, it would in effect identify me as author.
More important, this new perspective could have a positive effect on student success.
Some people believe tonight's full moon will have a loony effect on human and animal behavior.
In this shot, the layered effect creates a sense of peeking behind the scenes.
But until now the effect had never been observed in action in the wild.
The effect of climate change is making this rare as less or more rain is causing great disturbances around the country.
When it does, it produces a vacuum effect that sucks coastal water seaward and exposes harbor and sea floors.
See the greenhouse effect in action and learn more about the science behind global warming.
The effect of gene patenting on research and investment has been the subject of great debate.
For a thousand leagues have nearly the same effect with a thousand years.
Three egg-shells are sufficient to effect clearing where one cup of ground coffee is used.
His genius was inclined to the pathetic, and none could touch with truer effect the chords of human sympathy.
The effect in fact was quite a special thing and not easily explained.
One cause which surely contributes to this effect has its root in early childhood-Spectator.
No rotation is possible, but the effect of rotation is obtained by the pronation and supination of the radius on the ulna.
He never lived to effect the consolidation he had planned.
They were quite unsteady when they came out, owing to the effect of the alcohol on their empty stomachs.
The sign may have the added effect of lulling those displaying it into a false sense of security.
We have to recognise, however, that this tax has the opposite effect of a reduction in the official discount rate.
Those who compile the data are aware of this urban heat-island effect, and try in various ways to compensate for it.
Spirit is blasting that rule, which took effect last week.
And debate over the effect of extra pounds continues.
Storage has a great effect on both the texture and flavor of potatoes.
The upside effect in the intervention group, in other words, was far larger than the downside effect in the control group.
Try to pause only as the grammar might pause, if necessary exaggerating the effect a little to hear what the author has done.
In fact, such image correction is merely a side effect of what is genuinely different about the technology.
And there certainly are situations where moral hazard does seem to have an effect on people's choices.
Its effect on art students is likely to be galvanic.
The effect was sometimes disappointing, but it made strategic sense.
For added effect, try holding a barbecue grill out the window and turning it at various angles as you cruise.
The effect is almost dainty, the musical equivalent of a curtsy.
The chance of this music's having such an immediate and visceral effect on an aspiring rock star today is, frankly, pretty slim.
In the small world of fashion journalism, any move on the upper half of the masthead will have a ripple effect all the way down.
All done with the same materials that you-in effect-lease from the auto company.
The researchers have now demonstrated the same effect on metal surfaces.
Most drugs work by interacting with target proteins to influence their effect on biochemical pathways within cells.
In effect, they are turning the plasma sheath into a giant antenna that both receives and transmits messages.
To reduce this effect, cell makers apply antireflective coatings or etch the cell's surface to increase photon absorption.
Another idea, given the difficulty of reproducing the effect, is as an anti-forgery mechanism on bank notes and credit cards.
Indeed, that effect was due to decreasing rates of invention at younger ages.
The overall effect is that soldiers often have to work with poor and unreliable radio communications.
View images of an artificial retina and its effect on vision.
Now perhaps you are worried about the eventual effect if many more such plants were deployed in coming decades.
In addition, if censors block one node, that has no effect on the others.
It illustrates the interplay effect of positive and negative feedbacks.
Maybe, some researchers have suggested, beta-carotene has a different effect on smokers than on nonsmokers.
Mutations that change the pattern of imprinting can have a big effect on our bodies.
Environmental exposure to hormone-mimicking chemicals may have an effect too.
Researchers aren't sure why the treatment may be having a beneficial effect on autistic kids.
Indeed, the effect of digital technology on culture has been exactly that, but childhood is not entirely easy.
The effect of scolding was more pronounced when the dogs were obedient, not disobedient.
It also had a strongly negative effect on policy decisions.
The combined effect of these three books is one of mounting excellence.
Either you believe in the supernatural effect of this gesture-and then you should dearly wish for it.
The effect depends on starting over, again and again, and on starting every time from a tangibly new place.
Many demonstrators argued, in effect, that the integrity of the fledgling anarchist experiment must be protected at all costs.
And the stress of deployment in a hostile combat zone has a corrosive effect on discipline.
The endowment effect says we're likely to value something more highly simply because its ours.
Leon blocked the rule from taking effect until after the lawsuit is resolved.

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