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Business education can shorten that string by speeding the acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge.
Our education department has been in existence since 1983.
Traditionally, education has relied heavily on texts and lectures, .
Great education happens in lots of places.
Programs in health care and education combine indigenous and outside knowledge.
My parents were thrilled that I would get a broad liberal arts education.
Distance and blended learning programs are becoming more and more vital in the world of higher education.
More women are going online to seek an education.
She was working evenings to pay for her college education.
The important thing in tailoring education to an individual's brain is to let the individual do the tailoring.
He might have gotten to the ring sooner if not for his father's insistence on putting education first.
Education remains the trickiest part of attempts to reform the public sector.
Of course, promoting maths and science education can stimulate innovation, but more powerful alternatives abound.
Our education debate focuses on the roles and responsibilities of public versus private actors in education.
Indeed, digital textbooks have been around for more than a decade, but have made little impact on education so far.
Their elders have always told them that education is the best way to equip themselves to thrive in a globalised world.
It teaches only graduate-level and non-degree executive education programmes.
Hence a flurry of new thinking about higher education.
Because big problems often transcend borders, many ambitious students demand a global education.
Cuts to higher education will limit the financial aid available to tens of thousands of students.
The index is a combination of three sub-indices covering wealth, health and education.
There are craftier ways of overhauling the education system to fight privilege.
His new strategy is more ambitious: overhauling the nation's education policies.
Some experts in history education criticized the report's methodology.
Teaching new facts should not be the focus of adult education, she says.
We are happy to review articles or proposals for articles about issues and policies affecting higher education.
It is equally the business of education to cultivate both.
He kept all his life a feeling that his early education had been incomplete.
Universal suffrage should rest upon universal education.
Then he spoke of the rise of charity and popular education, and particularly of the spread of wealth and work.
With such an equipment a college education matters little.
The country's achievements in education have other nations doing their homework.
We offer education and interpretive exhibits that capture these experiences.
The comment above displays an absolutely mind boggling degree of lack of intelligence and education.
The usual schedule of exhibitions, education programs and events will be staged at various off-site locations.
But he had a third-grade education and didn't even know what a cell was.
She had little formal education and so taught herself anatomy, geology, paleontology and scientific illustration.
When it arrived there were many expectations that it would improve education and everything else.
The education community seem to be too weary of what might be.
Education publishers are also much bigger than other media companies that attract much more attention.
Some companies are offering more specialized versions designed for education.
The idea that a university education is for everyone is a destructive myth.
Without question, there is a link between education and innovation.
Commercially sponsored research is putting at risk the paramount value of higher education-disinterested inquiry.
Every serious thinker knows that emotional transformation of the individual through education is impossible.
Your purchases help support our mission of research, education, conservation and exploration.
Colleges use the survey to help evaluate the quality of their undergraduate education.
Education can help the poor climb their way to a higher socioeconomic status.
One has even used movie stars as models for understanding why people tend to marry partners with similar levels of education.
The study authors urge more education on the subject, and protection and privacy for whistleblowers.
The magazine may be quite interesting, but it is not the place to get a well-rounded education.
Its not about education, these are an educated people.
Spending money on needed investments-infrastructure, education, technology-will yield double dividends.
We had a lot of information: who they are, who are their families, what is their education.
But what some candidates lacked in experience or art education, they made up for in moxie.
The students were asking me to justify the return on investment in a college education.
He told me that he had a great respect for education and regretted that he hadn't had the means to continue, after high school.
Further, the language suggested some degree of education.
In this age of widespread education and flagging creativity, new translations abound.
Prior to his conversion, he had had almost no education.
But he doesn't have the sort of education or occupation that would seem to go along with the house he lives in.
The use of study drugs by healthy students could corrode valuable practices that education has traditionally fostered.
Of course you are talking about post-secondary education and so this is less of a problem.
The government education system needs to be held accountable.
Lots of things start in the education world where students get used to it and carry it with them the rest of their lives.
There's certainly not a relative problem with workforce education.
But it will: in education, medical research, you name it.
The company's charitable giving focuses on children, particularly health and education.
Many of these technology based solutions fail because they fail to address the education problem.
Many people of different ages, backgrounds, and career goals are now looking to online education programs.
As the economy tanked over the last couple of years, the wisdom of a college education became increasingly debated.
In this uncertain environment one crucial instrument of unity and stability was the newly introduced, compulsory education system.
For the reformers, rehabilitation and education continued to be altogether feasible goals of the prison system.
The poor received treatment on the wards, and in return gave their bodies to the service of medical education.
Investing in infrastructure and education makes more sense.
Third, this is the time to put idle resources to work by investing in education and infrastructure.
Issues of education, the economy, and rising inflation are of critical concern and need to be tackled immediately.
Nevertheless, she took me on, and proceeded to give me an education that put the whole of my previous schooling in the shade.
Without a good education, it is increasingly difficult to attain a comfortable standard of living.

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