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Words from our former senior editor for photography.
Each submission is read carefully before being forwarded to the appropriate editor.
Writers must submit a query letter to the editor in advance.
Finally, the desperate editor sent an equally desperate illustrator to search out the writer.
It was my pleasure to act as editor for the project.
He had been a magazinist all his life, and he had learned to view the tale from the standpoint of the editor.
To this journal he became a contributor, and later was for a time its nominal editor.
One might have supposed that the doctor had been watching from his office window and had seen the editor going along the alleyway.
He was a powerful influence not only as a poet but as a critic and editor.
Discover is running a selection of letters to the editor about the column, and a response from the scientists.
Ideas are generated in weekly development meetings and are fleshed out into a short summary by an editor.

Famous quotes containing the word editor

I was born to be an editor, I always edit everything. I edit my room at least once a week. Hotels are made ... more
To be an editor, as I was. Then to lie here close by the river over the place Where the sewage flows from t... more
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