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In some cases these accounts are edited versions of a spoken interview.
The expansive space contains a well-edited mix of antiques and creatively reclaimed furnishings and collectibles.
These dispatches are edited versions of e-mail reports sent from the field.
All boundaries and labels can be edited, but please use caution when doing so.
The wide public acceptance of the periodical which he edited naturally brought a share of financial success to him.
The magazine emerged, yellow covered, the maiden number edited by the four of them in vortices of energy.
We present edited excerpts, below, because they are deeply troubling if true.
When investigators demanded footage, she gave them one of these edited videos.
Another approach would be to give incentives for people to get their work edited, or indeed to make it mandatory.
Anecdotally, authors bemoan fights to keep caveats in place as chapters are edited, refined and summarised.
Following is an edited transcript of our interview with him.
The edited segments were then synthesized and introduced into yeast cells, replacing the corresponding natural segments.
Seamlessly edited, the film sustains a visual rhythm that is as confident as it is edgy.
The site's entries were edited to include parody-style riffs on topics and bogus source citations.
Edited photos are re-uploaded and then re-synced across devices.
Letters are edited for accuracy, clarity and length.
Submissions are edited for length, accuracy and clarity.
Unfortunately, the second half of the comment is often edited out of the final piece.
Following are excerpts, edited for clarity and space.
Comments cannot be edited once posted, and comments are filtered for inappropriate language before posting.
Questions and answers have been edited for length and clarity.
Some of them need to be edited or modified in certain ways before they can be directly used in teaching.
Such findings tend to be scattered across journal articles and edited volumes.
Edited to add: it doesn't need to be horribly expensive.
There are a number of series edited by well-known scholars, and those include some books by other well-known scholars.
Articles for the first part of the encyclopedia are currently being edited and prepared for publication later this year.
Artificial intelligence is a complex subject, and some answers have been edited for brevity.
That's pretty impressive and may herald important changes in the way articles are written and edited.
Wiki agrees with whomever last went in and edited the wiki contents.
They are so blinded by reality television that they can't see through the fact that it is edited to play a certain way.
He has also edited dozens of cartoon books and published four of his own.
But people do need to be aware of how it is created and edited so they can treat it with the appropriate caution.

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