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Certainly it is easier to edit and rewrite papers electronically than with pencil and eraser.
We also edit the articles that appear in this space.
When you are certain that an edit is misguided, grant that your editor was trying to fix a problem.
The idea that an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit can provide high-quality content is increasingly established.
Preview and edit your cover before you finalize your order.
Perhaps it hasn't yet been published but could be in edit stages.
Everything on screen is a computational video, meaning there is no loop point and it isn't a linear edit.
Most people would want to edit memories that impair them.
People can edit their movies on-the-fly without making tweaks and then waiting for the movie to render and reflect those changes.
But the same way you do not edit quotes, you should not edit photos.
Then use your own filter to edit out what's either relevant to you or not relevant to you.
Anyone can contribute new items or edit an existing item.
Whether you are desperate enough to squint at your work and edit with your thumbs is another matter.
Every entry is a wiki-a special kind of web page that anyone can edit.
So now we've been through a first edit, a top edit, and a copy edit.
Everyone can submit and edit entries, but submissions get reviewed by editors before being published.
He formally retired a year ago but returned to edit special editions until a few months ago.
Your piece accepts that all publications edit photographs in some ways.
It also acts as a filter, allowing people to edit out distracting or unwanted signals such as background noise.
The software creates a permanent record of every edit to show exactly who changed what, and when.
Lawyers and non-lawyers alike are invited to suggest legal arguments and help edit drafts.
Instructors who adopt the books can also edit the authors' words without permission.
See our upcoming key edit packages that can work for you.
To edit your previously placed announcements, please click here to login.
In addition, admission officials are aware that parents and even teachers are often called on to give the essay an edit.
If you're feeling chatty about video chat, feel free to hop on in and edit this article.
Edit them out of the equation and the menu is still plenty long and articulated, including a great many delights.
Either that or find someone who could edit your message and resend it.
Low couldn't easily edit them together for the video.
Palmer also used the ability to edit audiotape for less artistic purposes.
Even better, they could edit their inflammatory master text.
The size of the comment box makes difficult for me to edit my post adequately.
If you have something to add, log in and edit this page.
Contribute to it by clicking the edit tab at the top of the page.
So you could import a bunch of code and it would automatically arrange it into a hierarchy that my editor could edit.
If you have something to add to it, log in and edit this page.
Edit the above script so that it will sound natural to make me happy.
Innovations in social networking may unlock entirely new ways to report and edit the news.
He felt willing to let any one edit, if he himself might write.
To be able to edit either one of these could become the deciding factor in whether or not a nation goes to war.
Apparently you can't edit a comment once you enter it.
Unless the interview is live, producers need space to edit.
Wikis are collaborative web pages that allow readers to edit and contribute.
Probably not-unless you edit a lot of music or video, the chances are that you have far more disk space than you need.
Editing with a reply to your own comment in the new format is better than an edit button.
Auto-Tune, properly torqued up, is the rare edit that calls attention to itself.
We edit some of the recipes if they don't fit on the page properly.
We can't edit them out, or bury them in a flurry of tweets.
And their success or failure has to do with whether or not the edit reflects the artist's evolving consciousness.
So some underground papers practically made it an editorial policy not to edit.
They're still a little slow and the software that you use to create, organize, edit and finalize the ebooks is crude.
Web portals should not bother to edit their news sections.
Its generous teacher showed me, among other things, how to line-edit my work.
Video is now startlingly easy to produce, edit, and distribute.
Although you read and edit a lot of fiction, you write only nonfiction.
One of the great responsibilities of those of us in preservation is to edit.
On a lark, he took razor to tape to edit out the barks and then painstakingly spliced them together.
Both movies are so eager to paint reporters as heroes that they edit history to do so.
The faculty are given course release time to edit the journal and a small stipend.
The magazine reserves the right to edit submissions, which may be published or otherwise used in any medium.
He could gather and shape and edit and at the same time remain an honest broker.
Landman, the paper's deputy managing editor, would oversee and edit the story.
Bill worked closely with her on her announcement speech, the first of many he would edit extensively throughout the campaign.

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