edict in a sentence

Example sentences for edict

Willy defiantly flouts every edict to prove her wrong.
Arthur vocally resisted the edict.
Its not all about drawing a line in the sand and blindly following an edict.
The arguments concerning this federal edict have been many and heated.
His fellow prisoners are fatalists, who regard their peonage to a local landowner as a sort of edict of God.
When boundaries in the search for truth are established by authoritarian edict there is bound to be ideological bias.
There, by ancient edict, all wild swans belong to the queen.
This edict, however, has been subject to certain exceptions.
When you rule the world, you can issue that edict.
The edict also called for stabilizing prices on medical services and for certain agricultural fertilizers.
Press photography was prohibited, an unexplained edict increasing the tension before the concert.
The latest engineering edict is that one single bit is all you need.
But that edict closed off the primary revenue stream for the dozen tiger farms nationwide.

Famous quotes containing the word edict

If then true lovers have ever been crossed It stands as an edict in destiny. Then let us teach our trial pa... more
The great King of kings Hath in the table of his law commanded That thou shalt do no murder. Will you then Spurn at his ... more
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