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Some peas are for shelling, some have edible pods, and others can be eaten either way.
AN edible gift may be the solution to the problem of what to present to a weekend hostess.
The landscape plan calls for shade trees, vines on trellises on the south side of the house, and edible landscaping on the north.
Hunter-gatherers' practice of scouring surroundings for edible plants is responsible for only half of their moniker.
Animals are rarely served whole, and innards are not considered worth marketing and have faded from the inventory of edible foods.
Females clearly prefer males bearing edible presents.
They were crunchy on the outside, although the skin was thin enough to be thoroughly edible.
T his genus includes many ornamental twining vines as well as the edible sweet potato.
Fortunately, the edible pumpkin is not completely lost.
As far as the zoological viewpoint is concerned, if the material is edible animal flesh, it could be considered meat.
It was traditionally consigned to hedgerows, protecting more valuable, edible crops from peckish goats.
Make an edible model of fossils found in sediment layers.
As research into edible vaccines is progressing, so too are efforts to make foods more nutritious.
It's been fun watching the heirloom edible movement regain momentum.
Scientists have created the first edible cottonseed through genetic engineering.
With fresh green garlic, everything is edible except for the outermost skin.
Edible varieties probably first arose as random, sterile mutants.
The chemistry of encased mussels and other edible orbs.
There are all kinds of places you can sneak it something edible.
Ask a bakery near you if they can create edible images.
The children, you see, had in mind brownies of a more edible sort.
The edible root, which measures one and a half to two inches in length, resembles a dahlia tuber.
We do not have to use edible sugars to produce the raw materials.
If accepted by consumers, other breeds of edible fish are likely to follow.
To address the first question, all acorns are edible if prepared properly.
Normally, pollination by specialized wasps is required for fig trees to bear edible fruit.
Harvesting of commonly edible fish could be a good way out to teh problem.
The leaves and stems are poisonous, but the fruit is eminently edible.
Plants in turn provide oxygen, edible parts and attractive floral displays.
The brain recognizes edible artwork on multiple levels.
And nearly all of it was made from edible corn kernels.
Filipinos now serve guests species of fish that they barely considered edible a decade ago.
His decision was wise given that the stale lunch food no longer qualified as edible.
He prefers to grow edible things, which can sometime include flowers, but usually not.
Growing an edible plant is an extremely simple thing.
These varieties have less flavor but remain edible longer.
Edible oils are filling fuel tanks as well as bellies.
Failing that, unless you can buy everything organic, focus on foods with edible skin.
These sunny giants bring old-fashioned charm and a bounty of edible seeds.
The trees produce a delicious edible fruit, similar to a creamy mixture of banana, mango and pineapple.
The water barrier will be used to breed two kinds of edible fish.
All of the ingredients you need to keep unpainted wood floors clean and shiny are edible.
There is continuing debate over whether or not it is safe to use water from a rain barrel on edible plants, so use caution.
Not everyone has the room or time for a big edible garden.
Same with growing certain weeds on your lawn, which are more adaptable to the climate and edible.
The latest approach to encouraging kids to eat fruits and vegetables is edible stickers.
The basis for these decisions is about much more than whether something is edible or palatable.
If there are six or more, the chances are they are edible, and that one or two of a kind are embellishments only.
Pressed sushi is covered with a thin speckled film of kombu, edible kelp: it looks as if lacquer had been applied over the rice.
It is filled with helpful instructions on how to build an inflatable boat, catch edible fireflies, and make fishing lures.
There are a lot of plants with edible leaves and stems, and things that were used as drugs and dyes.
Anyone who has ever nibbled on a raw acorn might doubt that the things are edible, let alone worth cultivating.
Get the scoop on the best perennials to plant for edible garden herbs.
Learn about the environment where you will be, what resources will be available, such as edible plants.
The upper leaves and shoots of the plant are edible.
What the lemurs want is the edible pith, which looks about as appetizing as rolled vinyl.
Edible clay by no means exhausted the region's culinary creativity.
The broad repertoire of edible animal parts emerged from a subsistence culture in which nothing was wasted.
Ask students to volunteer to bring in items, both edible and inedible, that they think represent the season.
Materials scientists are developing edible packaging for processed foods.
Conversely, a simple candy bar may not make someone happy who thinks that truffles with edible gold is a simple pleasure.
Identify a number of safe, edible wild mushrooms while avoiding mushroom poisoning.
The initiative is dedicated to planting and tending to edible plants throughout the city.

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