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Instead, the holes are smooth-edged and show no signs that they were made by the teeth of another dinosaur.
Besides, another vendor has edged his green and blue vessel up against ours.
Online courses, she said, are also a double-edged sword when it comes to time-management issues.
For college presidents, personal charm is a double-edged sword that must be wielded deftly.
Such awards are a double-edged sword, but not always a dubious distinction.
The two-edged sword of electronic media strikes again.
Edged with concrete, the raised patio and its planter-retaining wall level the yard and make it more livable.
There is no better emblem of the double-edged pleasure of seasonality than a backyard fig tree.
Square-cut flagstone pavers are edged with colored concrete.
Each bed is edged with overlapping hoops formed from small cuttings of apple, elderberry, and pear trees.
Though the small leaves read white, they are actually pale green with touches of pink edged with cream.
The area is edged by modest homes and magnificent mansions.
Di-lemma is a double lemma, or two-edged sword which strikes either way.
The tail has a terminal dark bar, with the outer feathers externally edged at the base with white.
Virtue often trips and falls on the sharp-edged rocks of poverty.
The speeches which he puts in her mouth are all delicately turned and finely edged.
At best, the natural good-nature is edged with complaint or has changed into sullenness and gloom.
Virtue often trips and falls on the sharp-edged rock of poverty.
Scapulars have blackish edged white outer webs, forming a line of white spots across the shoulder.
Back feathers edged white, but have complicated pattern of buff, and darker brown in centers.
Outer tail feathers thinly edged in white on outer webs.
Some of the animal bones bore cut marks from simple, sharp-edged stone tools, according to the study authors.
Giant chunks of blue ice floating in glacial lakes edged with boiling mud.
The train of camels then calmly marched into the torrent of gray water, and edged across, amazingly sure-footed.
The sky had cleared, and the world was sharp-edged under a chill desert sun.
The dinosaur's oddest feature was a broad, straight-edged muzzle, which allowed its mouth to work close to the ground.
Her round, pretty face looked determined and more than a little defiant as she edged through the crowd.
Every footfall raises tiny puffs of dust and leaves a sharp-edged track.
Yet, to be absolutely sure, three potential challengers have been edged aside in the past year.
Seed companies, too, have an interest in apomixis-and it is double-edged.
Spread macaroni on a shallow-edged pan lined with parchment paper.
Degrease then gently bolt together a stack of new double-edged razor blades.
By peering deep into the early universe, astronomers have edged ever closer to an answer.
As with medicines, patent protection may be double edged: promoting innovation but slowing diffusion to the poor.
But the double-edged sword is actually a triple-edged sword: without spending, the economy can't get better.
They carried machine guns and the traditional long, single-edged machetes known as bolo knives.
The backgrounds of soft-edged, human-scale island architecture are an additional delight.
Often it's while supine in bed, the laptop precariously balanced on some pillow or edged between their legs.
His prose was wordy and ornate but also sharp-edged and funny, packing the punch of an old-style broadside.
So layoffs edged up a bit as hiring increased slightly.
He was waiting on the riverbank outside his small house, its windows edged in lace doilies.
We both agreed that short-term capital flows are a double-edged sword, both positive and negative.
Joseph rose to his feet and edged out toward the quarry.
If these are useful weapons against unemployment, then they're also doubled-edged swords.
As is by now well known, psychiatry and neurology edged toward a permanent intimacy.
The garage, with its vast and open knife-edged floor plates and soaring wedge-shaped buttresses, has become an instant icon.
The show drifted further and further away from interesting character development and edged closer every week to self-parody.
He is barefoot and clothed in a white blanket edged with green.
We edged away and climbed into a pickup truck with some government soldiers.
The flopping- edged covers were backed with green watered silk.
Its brick walls were edged with red-upholstered banquettes.
Yet, in retrospect, it came to an end in a peculiarly double-edged way.
His autobiography is a strange mixture, cast in the double-edged amiability of a slangy, funky tone.
It also creates a sort of two-edged cultural imperialism.
Harder-edged features evoke an enigmatic, somber expression.
It's the shape of the features that's interesting: sharp-edged, yet with rounded contours.
It came with an aluminum case and a tiny instruction booklet that was leather-bound and gilt-edged.
They had edged towards the right strategy but they were a long way from the ideal approach of the pigeons.
Over time, new mutations turned up that gave specific cells an advantage and soon edged out their weaker siblings.
Many were two-edged: science got rid of a monster that science had itself created.
Flat-stem: the broad, flattened, sharp-edged stems distinguish this plant.

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