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It stagnated economically for the next half century.
The economically inclined can have several varieties of cards printed from one plate.
Paintings and more economically-priced handicrafts are sold in the adjoining plazas.
Focus on encouraging pride and self worth for a race which has contributed economically,socially, and politically.
They must be able to effectively and economically publish and present their findings.
Economically, there have been two welcome results thus far.
Another part is contributing socially and economically valuable activity to the common good.
Politically and economically, it verges on being a failed state.
Economically speaking, this has many obvious bad results.
Those who complete a higher education still do better economically.
But, economically speaking, the source of the anxiety is something much more specific: high prices at the gas pump.
Rising inequality isn't only morally repugnant, he said, it is economically inefficient and damaging to the country.
The puppet required a mental readjustment every time it appeared, and perhaps should have been used more economically.
Demographically and economically, our era is unique in human history.
But if the silicon byproduct can be sold or recycled efficiently, the new approach could be economically feasible.
The spill affected people living in or near the sound economically and culturally.
With strong government, this could be rapidly achieved and is economically viable.
The idea was to showcase economically feasible ways to reduce the energy use of existing buildings around the world.
However, as supplies decrease and production costs increase alternative forms of fuel will become economically attractive.
There are a variety of hydroelectric site locations, some of which are not economically viable.
Whether they can soon be economically produced for any large volume applications is a different question.
These revisions were based on changes in the price that companies use to estimate how much they can economically produce.
The challenge is finding a way to do it economically.
The goal of the program is to produce an economically viable, environmentally comparable, quiet hypersonic airplane.
Others see these steps as pragmatic choices necessary to hold the community together economically.
The obstacle is how to economically produce large amounts of spider silk.
Surveys of voters leaving the polls showed the economy dominated the election in this economically troubled state.
Provide an action plan that gives countries a guide on how to develop economically without harming the environment.
Today it is a democracy, economically dependent on agriculture and tourism.
More resources are used by economically developed countries than by developing countries.
The need or desire for resources has affected people economically, politically, and socially.
Another consideration is creating a vertical farm design that would be economically viable.
It's not strategic geographically or economically, and it's not particularly important for military reasons.
But extracting the resource from this unique geological formation is costly-both economically, and environmentally.
Synthetic oil can cost five times more than standard oil, but less frequent changes may make the two economically comparable.
They cost more to install and maintain, but the fuel savings add up, both ecologically and economically.
Its residents appear to be benefitting economically from its nascent tourism industry.
Farmers countered that reductions in their use of fertilizer would be economically ruinous.
It doesn't make sense in any way: economically, environmentally, or ethically.
It's all you need to ensure that your project is run smoothly, economically and efficiently.
Depending on your home's location, a small solar, wind or hydropower system could be an economically viable option.
All of these wetlands are home to economically valuable fisheries.
It is legally flawed, economically dangerous and unnecessary.
Of course, reducing the need for those journeys make even more sense economically.
Charging families for each bag of rubbish they produce seems environmentally sound and economically sensible.
The characteristics of information-be it software, text or even biotech research-make it an economically obvious thing to share.
Such curbs may be politically expedient, but they are economically self-defeating.
As a balloon when fully inflated it bursts by the impact with a pointed object, economically, called value.
It's a new step in the right direction economically, globally, and still pays respect to the past by keeping the memories alive.
Indeed, an enduring lesson of financial crises is how political constraints interfere with economically efficient solutions.
Being a member shows that, economically speaking, your country matters.
People who live in poverty are at increased risk of mental illness compared to their economically stable peers.
He would also create special business tax breaks for economically distressed districts.
It is historically ignorant and economically fanciful.
That's probably true economically but not so much socially and politically.
The biggest threat now is the potential for waves of economically desperate refugees.
They're not gonna engage in a trade war because it would harm them economically.
The proponents of the tax limitation proposal talk as if the country were stagnant economically.
Only by a policy that allows legal immigration can this country continue to grow and expand both economically and culturally.
It reinforces an economically and socially dangerous status quo, while buttressing a functional aristocracy.
But what is economically plausible appears to be politically unacceptable.
As the country gradually opened itself economically and culturally, he found himself back in favor.
If the oil price goes up, there are more reserves, because it becomes more economically worthwhile to drill for them.
Suddenly, drilling there looked more economically feasible.
Every adult, no matter how economically illiterate, has a view on its future prospects.
Some experts doubt that mining rare earths from the ocean floor will be economically feasible.
What is missing here is discussion of the facts: that all countries who give up the high ground lose, economically and otherwise.
As a result, many of these therapies are not economically sound and cannot be available to the general public.
Of course, this has to be coupled with social programs and a society that allow people to be economically mobile.
But the value of wool has reduced so much recently that it's no longer economically viable to produce.
Unlicensed white spaces have all the hyped potential, but the big question is what they can support economically.
Creating a historically plausible world, not based on pre-existing historical and cultural schema, isn't economically feasible.
Get your act together, you are badly affecting the rest of the world economically and socially.
Any major organization that tells the truth that major corporate interests want hidden will suffer for it economically.
There isn't much of a demand for nuclear fuel, so it's not economically viable to build breeder reactors.
Suppose it becomes economically viable to create thousands of them, or perhaps millions of them.
It's economically impossible for biotech companies to make a drug for widespread use by this time-consuming method.
Everything that can be done in space can only be done economically with unmanned robots.
The pharmacist question seems simpler, both morally and economically.
Physically small and weak, economically dependent upon others, they cannot control their environment.
It is a misleading concept because higher prices make it economically feasible to develop more expensive sources of energy.
And yet making it work economically has been a struggle.
Because of the huge capital costs, nuclear plants have long been economically unattractive, even with enormous government subsidy.
The book's largest flaw is that it is not as careful and clear-eyed politically as it is economically.
But while both countries struggled with democracy, economically they began to diverge.
But more historically and economically minded scholars see it differently.
For he was born to a poverty even more dire emotionally than it was economically.
The trick is to get it out of the ground economically and efficiently and to do it in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Economically recovering natural gas from shale deposits depends on advanced drilling techniques.
Exotic energy storage methods will never be economically feasible on a large scale.
But wave action is so dispersed, it's difficult to harvest this power economically.
The feed-in tariff made building this type of power plant economically viable.
Finding the right combination of rare earths in sufficient concentration to be economically exploited is what is uncommon.
If those technologies can be produced economically, they could greatly expand existing markets.
Today, ethanol isn't quite on par economically with gasoline.
But the company cannot use the processes used in the mine's heyday: they're both economically and environmentally unsustainable.
In today's economically difficult world, that may not be the case.
Even in cities, the problems would be similar but with a more condensed population it would be more economically sound.
Not that this is what one would do economically, but it shows the scope of the biofuel capability.
It is both much more sound economically, as already mentioned and fairer.

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