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It's a nice ecclesiastical Hymn.
He intones the words with a dramatic ecclesiastical tremor.
It is certainly nothing novel to talk about academia's ecclesiastical roots.
Political and ecclesiastical bigwigs have gathered for the ceremony.
Up beyond the altar, the ecclesiastical and national flags hung motionlessly side by side, church and state aligned.
Calls for ending the ban on women priests are only a blip on the ecclesiastical radar screen.
Interestingly, it was ecclesiastical blessings that gave the trade a much-needed boost in this boot-shaped country.
The remainder of his writings are concerned with ecclesiastical history.
In the church's early days, excommunication meant any ecclesiastical penalty.
Their acts are a precious monument of ecclesiastical antiquity.
These are supplied by an ecclesiastical talent agency complete with fake ordination papers, should anyone bother to ask.
With an appalling uniformity, it is polygamists who rise to ecclesiastical eminence.
To tie that failure to a broader problem of ecclesiastical anti-Semitism is trickier.
One goal was to stamp out immorality: get the priests to stop marrying, stop selling ecclesiastical offices, live by their vows.
We tried to be careful about not bowing to any cultural or ecclesiastical agenda.
They are expected to perform their ecclesiastical duties on top of career and family responsibilities.
And although ecclesiastical changes are sometimes hushed for a while, this one was made public almost at once.
It is remarkable that ecclesiastical breaches should be harder to heal than civil or political breaches.
They favoured reform alike in academic and in ecclesiastical politics.
Ecclesiastical furniture and architectural elements may also be decorated with geometric or floral designs.
If a birth certificate is unobtainable, the applicant can present a baptismal certificate notarized by an ecclesiastical notary.
If the church is congregational, the court must determine whether the controversy involves ecclesiastical or secular issues.

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