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Example sentences for eccentric

Perhaps most eccentric of all, a professor in our math department taught his dog the essentials of calculus.
It would be easy to dismiss him as a lovable, eccentric old hippie.
The eccentric circular rotor has three radial vanes, giving three combustion chambers.
Wingate was and remains fascinating, a brilliant and eccentric Brit.
The life of an eccentric isn't as satisfying as you might think.
They didn't seem particularly neurotic or even eccentric.
There is a horse, Tapit, who is trained by an eccentric that feeds his thoroughbreds a pint of beer and three eggs every day.
And she's just about the most left-wing eccentric person I know.
All are a little eccentric in their own way and all are probably very interesting, high energy people.
It memorializes the meeting of two remarkable eccentric minds at a particular moment in intellectual history.

Famous quotes containing the word eccentric

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