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He extended the eaves of the roof so they would block the summer sun but allow in winter light.
L eaves are divided fanwise into large, toothed leaflets.
If a skeleton can be said to cower, the bones of an apparently terrified dog huddled under the eaves of one roof.
Repairing rotten eaves fascias generally consists of replacing the damaged boards.
Train as espalier or on wire along eaves add to my plant list.
Another plan commonly adopted is to put money in the garret under the eaves.
Extended eaves over the stairs provide shade and temperature control.
Don't forget to water plants growing under house eaves where rain doesn't reach.
Crosses on the sandstone carvings around the house's eaves recall its former purpose.
The low roof and broad cantilevered eaves both beckoned to the horizon and provided shelter.
Minute fungi overspread the whole exterior, hanging in a fine tangled web-work from the eaves.
From the look of things, the floodwater here had reached the eaves.
Attach a barrel to your downspout that will collect rain from your roof's eaves.
Two geckos climb from a hidden place in the eaves, and begin licking the knife with pink tongues.
Red lanterns wave from the eaves, and several rooms have become souvenir shops.
Open gable eaves are bracketed and feature lattice vents in the peaks.

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