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Smartphones can't eliminate all the pain of holiday shopping, but depending on what's on your list, they can make the job easier.
It all gets easier when you're older and more experienced.
Governments need to keep testing and monitoring, but that may be becoming easier.
The bigger the bird's beak, the easier it is to crack open the seeds' coatings.
Learning a second language makes it easier to learn a third language which is a good opportunity.
In some ways, corn plastic is clearly easier on the environment.
Making an elegant wedding bouquet is easier than you may think.
It's about to get a lot easier to go electric motorcycle racing.
Now researchers say there is an easier way that allows some patients to stay at home.
Fair enough, but inflation is easier to put right than deflation.
Don't believe me, try meditating and see if it gets easier.
It is far easier to tell students to memorize something and vastly easier to test what they have memorized.
And tall pots make it easier for gardeners with limited mobility to tend crops without kneeling or squatting.
New voice-activated software makes computing much easier for quadriplegics.
The finite nature of physical space makes it easier to let things go.
Social networks offer a cheaper and easier way to identify dissidents than other, more traditional forms of surveillance.
Creating stunning, cutting-edge adventure films hasn't gotten any easier.
And if the lyrics are familiar the stroke sufferer finds it even easier to speak them.
And barbless hooks are much easier to unhook from fish, trees, clothing-and ears.
Although they're more expensive than the conically shaped ones, straight-sided cages are easier to use.
Talking about drugs is easier for parents because it's a vague subject.
The social sciences are easier than the natural sciences, according to second graders.
Pulley-drawn cords make it easier to open for ventilation.
It also has a bigger e-book store available and the better screen is likely to make it easier for readers.
It is easier to find new threats than new possibilities.
Perhaps it's somehow easier to talk about infectious disease than toilets.
Though these tools have been around for decades, they are now much easier to control, he says.
For the home cook, it's easier to toast the rolls first, then fill.
And the more you do it, the easier and more enjoyable it gets.
My job as a photographer is to make that seeing easier.
Tactile models based on video footage could make navigating a new city easier.
By following these guidelines it becomes easier to determine whether or not you have really found a fossil bone.
And mal-cha-kitty is easier to pronounce than mal-ka-kitty.
The presence of water on the moon could make future human visits easier.
The other group started with the hardest choices and moved toward the easier ones.
With a detailed line drawing of the buttes, it makes a visit much easier to manage.
Keeping the plant too wet makes it easier for bacteria or fungi to establish themselves.
The fact that it's easier to read might explain why it's also easier for me to fall asleep.
Getting ahead professionally tends is easier when one is recognized and well regarded.
Its small size makes it easier to move through dense rain forest.
Compounds that block bad tastes would make medicines easier to take.
The way the story was told chronologically was beneficial to the reader and made it easier to follow.
We used a table with wheels to make it even easier to bring the party outside.
But it sure makes it easier to do those problem sets.
They also allow enemies to have a much easier time causing catastrophic damage.
Roughing it is always easier if there's good grub around, but cooking while camping can be tricky.
Double boilers are great for gently melting chocolate, but we've found an even easier method that uses common kitchen equipment.
The promise is that listening to music will get easier.
And bringing social and health services onto campus makes everyone's lives a bit easier.
Conserving energy in your home is easier than you think.
Thus, beans fermented prior to packaging could be easier to eat.
And the strawberries, especially, would be much easier to harvest.
The network computer is supposed to make users' lives easier.
As more ants travel the path, the scent becomes stronger and easier to follow.
We all want to be green these days, and some companies are making it even easier for us to travel that way.
The wheel motors might allow a vehicle to almost literally turn on a dime, making parking much easier.
Communicating with a busy household is much easier when your message center is tailor-made to fit your space and your needs.
The device itself is tiny, but it ostensibly makes typing easier than on the tiny keyboards on mobile devices.
The earthworms excrete a slightly different version of the metals, making them easier for plants to suck up.
Rodents and primates around the world can breathe a little easier.
Around the first of the year, many gardeners cut the leaves off at ground level so that the flowers will be easier to see.
Most predators move past the hedgehog to look for easier prey.
Fugu genome to guide them, the scientists say, locating genes in the comparatively cluttered human genome will be much easier.
It lasts longer and is easier for time-pressed gardeners to maintain.
The shift could make it easier for rare whales to find each other and reproduce, researchers say.
Unfortunately these reactors make nuclear weapons proliferation somewhat easier.
They look great together and seriously couldn't have been any easier to grow.
In other words, genetic changes in the whale lice happen faster and are therefore easier to trace than those in whales.
The process of finding out about the science itself is no easier.
It may be easier and more affordable than you think.
It is often far easier to give information in an unlimited number of words than to be limited.
The question is what will happen to the region once access has become easier.
With a new color palette and stunning shaded relief, backcountry navigation has never been easier.
But keep in mind that a pot containing primarily foliage will be easier to maintain.
For one, the plentiful food sources allowed for easier reproduction and a denser population.
These kinds expand slowly and gradually from the center, so they're much easier to control than their running relations.
It's also easier to catch leopards because they are more plentiful than tigers.
Raising chicks is both easier and harder than getting grown-up chickens.
The crocodile cousins are easier to catch on land, but jaguars don't mind swimming.
If possible, rent a rotary tiller to make the job easier.
They're easier to spot in the morning when feeding at the tips of stems.
The rug defines the space and color scheme, making it easier to choose accessories.
And perhaps it is easier to take care of her if you know exactly what it will cost you if you do not.
Lately, it's been getting easier and easier to find.
Most games make the first level easier than others so as to encourage players to play.
If it all works, picking tumours up at a stage when they can be dealt with should become a lot easier.
Angling the sink and simplifying wall treatments allowed the cramped and busy room to breathe easier.
Libraries, of course, have catalogues to make it easier to find books.
The mountains seem sharper, the air purer, other animals more numerous and easier to spot.
But a new tricycle that morphs into a two-wheeler as it gains speed may make things easier.
Its leaders will find foreign relations easier to manage if they draw less on historic grievances.
It is easier to spot a bear's tracks than to spot the bear.
Several countries enact new limits and providers make it easier to report abusers.
Regions are used to simplify complex spaces so that they are easier to consider.
Shooting point-of-view uh, short films would be a lot easier if you didn't have to hold the camcorder.
At home, giving the police still more powers was already on the cards, and may now be easier for the government to justify.
If the midget had been fatally struck and sunk on the spot, the search might be easier.
Also, insects and diseases were easier to spot on the lighter rice strains.
It doesn't have everything in it, but it has the important stuff organized so it's much easier to find.
And that could make counting and catching them a lot easier.
Its new mate, in the starry moments of courtship, may find it easier to see the opportunities than the challenges.
Each street follows one general direction-north-south for example-allowing for easier navigation and better orientation.
Sure it is easier for parents, but it encourages picky eating.
Raised buttons with different feel make it easier to use in the dark.
Personally, and this is easier said than done, don't let it get to you.
Killing a moose is far easier than getting permission to do so.
Exchange of information between dental professionals is also becoming easier with technology.
Filing your email as it comes can make this part easier and less time-intensive.
Definitely am glad they're working on this sort of thing to make our future years easier.
They're easier to maintain and harder to steal from.
It also gets easier once you have your materials prepared.
It will always be easier to make organic brains by unskilled labor than to create a machine-based artificial intelligence.
Getting in shape is way easier with a personal trainer.
With all of the vibrant colors and textures of fall, a warm and inviting entry couldn't be easier to create.
Plenty of room makes it easier to toss the contents.
Fortunately, various tools are available to make the job easier.
It's easier to make than you might think, and the end result is irresistible.
But changes in technology are making it easier to coordinate with complete strangers.
It's much easier to roll dough into a circle if you work from the center out to the edge in all directions.
Apparently this is supposed to eliminate a lot of unwanted growth and make it easier to harvest our bounty.
Concrete looks more outdoorsy and is easier to maintain.
The way the branches overlap and interweave makes nest-building easier for birds, he says.
Beekeeping is easier than ever, and hives can work on balconies and rooftops.
The sleeve prevents rotting, and replacement and repair will be much, much easier.
All of these ideas have the added benefit of making the pots lighter and easier to move, if needed.
Here are two of our favorite recipes from our hunter-gatherer past, using easier-to-find farm-raised duck.
And weeding standing is so much easier than on your knees.
To make your life easier, you can put them on caster wheels and put them on your patio.
We used pry top bottles because they are easier to seal than screw tops.
We preferred the type with the door at the top, because it made reaching in easier.
It's helping make the lives of citizens and their jobs easier to do and less work involved.
But technology and globalisation make it easier for the two to combine.
Attractive people also have an easier time getting a loan than plain folks, even as they are less likely to pay it back.
And because ownership is concentrated, companies find it easier to take risks.
Each time it has grabbed an existing technology and produced an easier-to-use and prettier version than anyone else.
The pernicious influence of oil, along with other rents such as foreign aid, is easier to measure.
It would make it easier to monitor each student's progress, he says.
Perhaps, instead, a more cyclically sustainable approach would be to make them easier to close.
In a state that pioneered bans on smoking tobacco, smoking cannabis is now easier than almost anywhere in the world.
These made it easier for economies to rebound and helped shore up governments' electoral support.
Cuts in tax rates and bureaucracy have increased tax revenues and made it a bit easier to start a business.
It turns capital expenditure into operational expenditure, which makes things much easier and cheaper.
The move will have clear economic benefits, making it easier for foreign firms to operate and invest in the country.
Building robotic traffic police and guides will make it easier for people to overcome their diffidence.
Each looked for an easier triumph, and a result less fundamental and astounding.
Lobsters taste nearly the same when placed in dripping-pan and baked fifteen minutes in hot oven, and are much easier cooked.
Talking is easier than doing, and promising than performing.
Flies are easier caught with honey than with vinegar.
The familiar essay is easier to write than the short story, but it imposes equal restraints on a scrupulous author.
Travel is increasing and transport growing easier by reason of horses and roads.
Soup-stock making is rendered easier by use of proper utensils.
It would be much easier to conquer them, if they had once given themselves over to sensual indulgences.
It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves.
We suspect that it will not make our work any easier.
Dug and stuck are easier sounds than digged and sticked.
New technology has brought faster, easier access to information to everyone on campus, along with a newfound sense of community.
We know it has made communicating with colleagues in our own departments and around the world far, far easier.
Luckily, there are some simple strategies that can make it easier.
Its low cost makes the publication of inferior and unreliable journals much easier.
His messed-up attempt at punitive self-motivation was a lot easier than finishing the diss.
Creating an online tool that makes it easier for students and advisers to monitor progress toward a degree.
Salaries will be lower in smaller towns, but in smaller libraries it's also easier to get your hands into different areas.
Rubrics make it much easier to explain to students why they received a certain number grade rather than another.
They're easier to edit and review, not to mention less time-consuming to write.
Because this helps break down an abstract or difficult change into smaller steps that are easier to accomplish.
Perhaps it is easier to explain an exothermic phase change using the following argument.
It can also help make other kinds of physical work easier by giving the user a mechanical advantage.
It's much easier to explain why neon isn't inert in a discharge tube than it is to explain why it is inert to chemical reactions.
Figuring out which genes are important would be easier, though, if scientists knew what kinds of genes the salamander possesses.
The brand new cancer blood test might make early diagnosis of cancer easier.
Because the iron-based superconductors work at higher temperatures, such fluctuations may be easier to research.
And these organisms are a lot easier to study than people: they breed faster, and their genes are easy to manipulate.
Probably this is not a property of the algorithm, but rather of how the problem becomes easier the more different the signals are.
Denying uncertainty makes life so much easier, as many have discovered when it comes to climate change.
But with relatively few genes to wade through, scientists will now have an easier time identifying the important ones.
It turns out there may be a biological reason why it's easier to walk a mile in some people's shoes but not in others'.
In fact, forgetting is important because it makes it easier to recall new memories.
Basically its easier to see a reflection in a pond service if a stone hasn't been thrown in it.
You'll find they cut the surface glare and make water much easier to see into.
However, ignoring the dancing dots turned out to be easier said than done.
Long tongues make eating easier-in addition to fruit, the bats snack on pollen and flowers.
Other items may be cheaper or easier to make in other countries.
It was easier to make new poles when they got to their new destination than to haul the long, awkward lengths of wood.
Ask students what would have made it easier to diagnose the patient.
It would be far easier to tune the climate models if scientists were able to look through centuries of records.
Limiting logging in the over-wintering areas would seem an obvious solution, but so far that has proved easier said than done.
In some cases this means that it is easier to cut down forest for plantations rather than care for existing ones.
If you can figure out what kind of pictures you want to take, equipment selection gets much, much easier.
Staying in the park also allows easier access to the various sites.
It might seem that milder winters would make life easier for animals living in cold environments.
The big advance-the one that had all the impact-was the move to easier-to-manage bits.
Add it to powdered heroin and the mixture will vaporize at a lower temperature, making it easier to chase the dragon.
The results, he says, will have higher energy content than ethanol and will be easier to extract and distribute.
It would have been easier to take and behave as though it were a given, during those times.
They disrupt native vegetation and make it easier for invasive plants to take hold.
Moving from the trees to the ground meant that hominids became easier prey.
Seeing faces in nature is something that some people find easier than others.
It's getting ever-so-slightly easier to drive an electric car without buying one.
It may be easier to schedule an appointment to get your teeth cleaned.
There had to be an easier, less complicated approach.
No doubt, technology has altered the world of food, making ingredients easier to produce and faster to distribute globally.
Look for the straightest large chiles you can find to make charring, peeling, and stuffing easier.
Being somewhat lazy, we're also constantly trying to make the process quicker and easier.
Life became not necessarily easier, but certainly much more interesting.
So much easier to get them by the barrel now, shrouded in ice, the legs fresh as fresh.
It winds through countryside abandoned long ago in favor of easier accessibility.
But the answer to that problem is not making all teachers easier to fire.
It is also much easier and more profitable to partially automate the radiologist's job.
Whatever its effect on recidivism rates, education clearly makes prisons easier and less expensive to run.
The idea behind early voting is that by making it easier for people to vote, you will ensure that more people do so.
The bolt-on water meter that could make it easier for residents to consumer water more efficiently.
If you fire people without families and mortgages, that might make the toll on society a little easier than the alternative.
It's much easier to fly here-it's a big spread-out country.
He sighed, looked down, and softly said that it never gets any easier.
New advances in information technology have made such collaboration much easier and more common.
Thanks to the smaller wavelengths involved, a visible-light interferometer would be smaller and thus easier to launch.
Blue mussels have offered scientists an easier and more fruitful course of study.
Our ancestors discovered that if they set the words to music they were easier to remember.
Ammonia makes it easier for liquids to melt and for geological activity to be produced.
Cobalt is both easier to engineer and less expensive than metals currently used in electrolyzers.
Micro nukes are more reliable than wind power, cheaper than solar, and much easier to operate than conventional nuclear plants.
His method is now used worldwide, making crocodilian study easier and more humane.
Also, a particular biological process may be more highly developed and thus easier to study in one species than another.
The same capabilities, however, make it easier for fans to avoid paying royalties to recording companies and artists.
Our bodies consist of an intricate series of levers that make it easier to move our lower arms down than to move them up.
If you can look at two galaxies that are alike except in one way, it's easier to isolate the cause.
What was once considered ingenious may no longer be, as isolating genes gets easier and more routine.
CT scans make it much easier to put these puzzles back together.
Although not as far along in development as sodium-sulfur, they may be easier to scale up.
Installing one of those prefab, snap-together wood-flooring kits is a lot easier than shaping and sanding rough planks.
Some battery components are easier to make using transparent materials than others.
The new liquid-metal antenna could make it easier to send and receive data from flexible electronics.
The new transistors also perform better than their silicon counterparts and are easier to fabricate on flexible plastic.
The changes would make the reactor easier to engineer and build.
Today's higher oil prices will make it easier for algae to compete.
Sometimes it can be easier to think in the dark, or easier to yell.
It might make it easier for the rest of us to banish the memory of everything else that would have happened in those eight years.
But it is easier and faster than flying or taking a train.
And the more you experiment the easier it is to do different things.
And then there's this one: the easier you swing, the farther the ball goes.
But if you had already been abroad, it was easier to go again.
Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently.
The appeal of that promise may make it easier for politicians to run a campaign.
It has made it easier for money to connect lenders and borrowers.
Evert suggested that fathers competing in high-level tennis might have an easier time than mothers.
It is easier for them to slip away from their day jobs, and also to get situated.
Right now, the easier a project looks to market, the easier it is to finance.
When interviewers figure this out, the work gets easier.
It's a lot easier to do this when people are where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there.
Most of these groups talk about writing songs, which is easier to accept when there is singing involved.
Each features a central character who has trouble communicating and finds that aging does not make it any easier.
Foresight and action now might make some of the coming trade-offs easier.
It is easier to catch up economically than it is to break new paths, or so the argument goes.
It was much easier to correct errors in plain text than in cipher.
Permits to build churches became somewhat easier to obtain, and broadcasts of church services and programs became more frequent.
There were all kinds of easier ways for him to bring me down, if that was his aim.
It is cheaper and in many respects easier and faster to do them there.
However, as she approaches her eightieth birthday next year, she has been having an easier time of it.
One step that might make this cooperation easier is the old idea of governing the city by boroughs.
But insistence on freedom is easier to accept as a general proposition than in its applications to specific situations.
Obviously it is easier to offer partial protection for missiles than total protection for cities.
It never occurred to me that things would have been easier without language.
We took the time to find some of our favorites, to make your job a little easier.
How much easier and cleaner to make decisions in consultation with a higher authority.
But, of course, it's much easier that you can fall in some mistake you can regret for all your life.
But she's reluctant to discuss a life in which fame was easier to find than a home and family.
While the diagnosis was a breakthrough, it didn't make it any easier.
Life would be a lot easier if art and politics walked hand in hand, but they rarely do.
For years she's routinely done her own makeup, which is easier because she has good skin.
The buildings are positioned to receive the maximum amount of daylight, making it easier to light them with solar power.
Every day, sadly, it was easier because he was lighter and lighter.
As there begins to be less time ahead of you, you want to be exactly who you are, without making it easier for everyone else.
Work at the sink under running water to make the job easier.
Urban planning is easier in a dictatorship than in a democracy.
But it'd be so much easier to take coming from you, especially if you sing it.
Especially when it's comedy, it's so much easier because you're doing it for the laugh.
Failure is a lot easier to rationalize than success.
Let the smart ones go: all the easier for us to run a stultified and stalled society.
People tend to label things because sometimes it's easier to label things.
The plants are in bloom now, with little lavender flowers, which can make them easier to spot.
Job seekers have long known, of course, that it's easier to land a job when you are still working.
Few things are easier than telling a lie, and few things are harder than spotting one when it's told to us.
The market is more consolidated, which makes it easier for those images to perpetuate themselves.

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