earring in a sentence

Example sentences for earring

Another researcher described a chimpanzee using a shell first as a cigarette, then as an earring.
Someone had reached into the bus to steal her earring, tearing her ear in the process.
He wears a gold earring in each ear, and heavy rings on his fingers.
He made the sound again, looking at his boiled hand, the earring.
When a scruffy petty criminal discovers the lost earring at a gas station and tries it on, the two exchange bodies.
And one more touch: he wears an earring in his left ear.
The robber also wore a diamond earring in his left ear.
The children's jewelry was sold in a variety of sets that contained necklace, bracelet and earring or ring combinations.
But when it was imaged with neutrons, underneath was a piece of jewelry, probably an earring.
On the left side of the head, a gold earring was found but no other identifiable items were located.

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My long hair was tucked up under a cap I'd left the earring in the car.... more
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