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Standard hearing aids capture sound via a microphone and then send an amplified version to an earpiece.
So shouting would be reduced if the shouter's phone had noise cancellation on its earpiece, making it seem quieter to them.
Or will it require some kind of earpiece that you can.
All they did was turn the earpiece into a microphone because it is not switched off when placed in the cradle.
The argument wasn't her idea, it was coming in through her earpiece.
Indeed, by swiping a touch panel along the entire outer surface of the right earpiece you can control basic functions.
For me, a single earpiece drives me crazy with its asymmetry.
It appears that some super secret sauce lets you touch a single button on the earpiece and then speak.
There's no earpiece needed because sounds are transmitted through vibrations in your teeth and jawbone.
Each adhesive-backed unit lasts about six months and can be trimmed to fit any cell-phone earpiece.
Or wear an earpiece so his handlers can tell him what to say.
Hands-free use is allowed via either an earpiece or speakerphone function.
The radio has several antenna options and a wireless earpiece with a transmitting microphone.
It also has a padded earpiece that helps keep unwanted noises out to help you hear conversations more clearly.
Acoustic coupling is often ineffective as it is susceptible to noise, poor coupling of the phone earpiece, and acoustic feedback.
Hand opening and closing are wirelessly triggered from an earpiece that detects small voluntary tooth-clicks.
Earbuds may have one earpiece or two for stereo sound reproduction.
The devices had a combined microphone-earphone earpiece that left the user's hands free.
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