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She was a single mom with a successful career as a hedge-fund money manager, her earnings doubling, then tripling.
In-the-money options-but not at-the-money options-had to be recorded as an expense, which drove down reported earnings.
Average wages and salaries grew because the earnings of those belonging to the highest income categories increased rapidly.
But getting behind the velvet rope isn't based on market cap, earnings or shares owned.
But what the hoodlum thought was the restaurant's earnings for the day turned out to be dough in the literal sense.
It is not occupied by sweet moral scientists who pay for their research out of daddy's wealthy earnings.
Cost reduction has been over emphasized as a way to improve earnings.
Nor does their education level correlate with their box office earnings.
Movie-makers are burning potential earnings when they have onscreen characters light up, new research suggests.
Espial investigations merely leads to more paperwork, tying up lobbying rack earnings.
Continuing technical development typical of need to improve earnings will occur.
The earnings of each new state endowment may be used only to support geography education in that state.
While oil earnings have helped fund industrial expansion, fluctuations in prices of export commodities have forced austerity.
Income from copper and potash supplements earnings from crude oil and natural gas.
But he has invested a good part of his life's earnings in a huge wrestling ring at home, where his group trains.
He who does not look before him must take misfortunes for his earnings.
As his chief expense was for printing and translations, his net earnings must have been considerable.
The policy changes are especially aimed at dampening inflation and boosting production and export earnings.
Export earnings from agriculture and mining have fallen sharply, while the import bill has risen, driven by higher energy prices.
Its economic fortunes depend mostly on declining oil resources, but the country is trying to diversify its earnings.
He could have become a bankrupt and gone on living comfortably on the income of his offices and the earnings of his pen.
The whole, however, is commonly considered as the earnings of his labour.
He therefore desired the saint to partake of his earnings.
Out of her own earnings she bought a mop and regularly scrubbed the lawyer's office.
Bosses are especially quick to decry the market's obsession with quarterly earnings figures.
How resilient those positions are is now being tested, as plunging commodity prices sap export earnings and capital flows dry up.
GE would buy loads of companies priced at ordinary multiples of earnings.
At the same time, earnings inequality has increased strikingly.
If these are not eased, bank earnings and capital as well as the prospects for a wider economic recovery may be at risk.
For its return-on-investment rankings, the company uses a nonrandom, self-reported sample of earnings.
The data also revealed earnings differences within groups of similar majors.
Of course, the solution to the problem is to reduce student indebtedness and/or increase student earnings.
Feeding the array is not synonymous with net retained earnings.
Rational minds do not trust their earnings to financial advisors that can not support their economic policies.
And that translates to a serious deficit in earnings.
Foreign earnings must be distinguished from export earnings.
Alumni gifts and endowment earnings help with the costs.
From an economics point of view, it's important to consider disproportionate tax burdens in light of disproportionate earnings.
Choice of occupation also plays an important role in earnings.
Instead, they fund their operations and expansions out of retained earnings or in the bond and commercial-paper markets.
He never spent his earnings, but saved them in the lining of his jacket.
The team is now profitable, and has benefitted from record earnings last season.
Workers, fearful that inflation might eat up their earnings, made relent- less demands for higher wages.
Suzy loved the freedom she derived from her earnings, but her spirit was searching.
Many use their earnings to turn their adobe shelters into humble cinder-block casitas.
Benefit estimates depend on your date of birth and on your earnings history.
He orders them to divulge the amount of their weekly earnings and then to demonstrate talents equal to such enormous salaries.
As the economy grew, foreign aid was replaced by an increase in domestic savings and foreign exchange earnings.
Forced to rely on her earnings, she is caught in an exhausting dead-end routine.
Secondly, wage earners spend on different goods from dividend receivers or business investing their retained earnings.
So there were four others to share my meager typist's earnings.
Too bad you can't say the same about corporate earnings.

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