earnestness in a sentence

Example sentences for earnestness

There is an almost childlike earnestness about him, a visible determination to win over any doubters.
His interview with a local television station indicates his earnestness.
Even his opponents admitted to admiring the earnestness with which he defended a cause.
But his earnestness and enthusiasm have served him well among entertainment execs.
He talks about scaling up startups with an earnestness that would make a boom-era dotcommer blush.
Astonishing enough, when you think of the fearful earnestness of this chapter.
The profound earnestness that informs her fiction must have been summoned again to carry through this vast undertaking.
For all the gastronomic earnestness, the scene feels raw and energized.
Two buildings could not possibly look less alike, but both were born of a marriage of earnestness and opulence.
Indeed, the root of the penguin's comic genius-his method-is his deadpan absurdity, his willful earnestness.
There is an earnestness to the art that makes it seem less inventive or engaging than it should be.
Indeed he is bringing to the official occasion a naive earnestness.
There is never any doubt of his earnestness, whatever may be the mockery on the surface.
He will be more impressed by the moral earnestness of this literature.
When the army of the crusade approached, the saint redoubled his earnestness among an obstinate people, and saved many.
Let us, with pious earnestness, beg repose for his soul.
Their deadpan earnestness in improbable situations helps make this broad comedy work.
Franny's earnestness, freshness and seasonality turns a seemingly ordinary menu into a road map to pure pleasure.
As she proceeds to this task with commendable earnestness.
His animated movements and the earnestness in his voice reflected the intense concern of his conversation.
Earnestness and, perhaps, eccentricity were marked in their labors.
He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor-indeed, he should do so.
He displays an earnestness and practicalness worthy of emulation by some of the nation's higher officials.
These questions are now constantly upon the lips of the people, and they are asked with earnestness.

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