earnestly in a sentence

Example sentences for earnestly

Now that the war is over, public attention will be turned more earnestly than ever to the condition and prospects of the currency.
Sustainable gardening is always presented so earnestly.
Huck thanking them earnestly for being as so kind as to cover his campaign.
In general, however, people of faith earnestly believe their position and want to show you what they feel to be true.
When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there's no end to what you can't do.
Merely put it down as a frivolous entertainment, which tries earnestly to be amiable and occasionally succeeds.
As advertising dollars dry up as a source of revenue for newspapers, publications are earnestly looking for new sources of income.
It is at times reminiscent, in broad strokes, of early modern-dance attempts earnestly to address sweeping societal ills.
The participants seemed earnestly interested in listening to one another.
The court recognizes that many prosecutors strive earnestly and successfully to meet their discovery obligations.
If the public engages with it earnestly, it could produce marvellous results.
They were also, more earnestly, in pursuit of precious metals.
He earnestly denied it, shaking his large head at the extraordinary nature of the charge.
She was speaking earnestly, and intended for her statements to be taken literally.
Against them no war is so earnestly waged as that carried on by the bar itself.
Yet, in private, he spoke earnestly of the mountains beyond mountains that his organizations have overcome to combat poverty.
The guest who sits on and on, unless earnestly pressed to do so, is wanting in tact and social sense.
He has colorless eyes, fixed earnestly, and a face almost as pale as the clerical bands beneath his somewhat receding chin.
We listen earnestly to customers and empower team members to make a positive difference.
Comments, whether supportive or critical, are earnestly solicited regarding every aspect of this requirement.
It entails both speaking and listening, articulating one's views and earnestly considering those of others.
Listen earnestly and objectively to the needs of the customer.
Comments, whether supportive or critical, are earnestly solicited regarding every aspect of the proposed initiative.

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