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The city's earliest settlements sprang up along the riverbanks, as did its first heavy industries.
The testimony as to his natural powers appears in the earliest records of his musical life.
The earliest electronic textbooks simply offered the text of the printed book on a computer.
They appear to have been part of the earliest-known organ.
The earliest educational video games leaned far more toward entertainment than education.
Since our earliest days, our content has been our glory, and it will remain so in the future.
The context for this list is a search that is in the earliest stages.
They were one of the earliest manifestations of communism and an early resistance movement toward what would become capitalism.
They want to get back to their routine and begin childcare at the earliest possible moment.
Such studies can be extrapolated to determine when the earliest modern humans lived.
Made mainly from flattened cereal crops such as wheat and barley, these earliest examples were fairly simple in design.
Collectively, these addresses chronicle the course of this country from its earliest days to the present.
The earliest records of its existence are worth transcribing.
Astronomers spot earliest light signifying a star's doom.
The earliest indicator yet of autism may be the presence of flawed cells in the placenta, scientists have discovered.
Planting stick, the earliest version of no-till, enables the planting of seeds without cultivation.
The object of his emotion was a coelacanth, the earliest type of bony fish.
Earthquake early-warning networks detect the earliest stages of an earthquake and sound an alarm to warn people of the danger.
One of the earliest experiments showed that a regular array of atoms could diffract an electron beam.
In the conventional picture, the background radiation consists of photons produced in the earliest moments of the big bang.
The discovery represents the earliest case of severe masticatory impairment in the fossil record yet found, the researchers say.
With infectious enthusiasm, he describes them, from their earliest known incarnations to their place in the modern world.
Machine translation has been an elusive goal since the earliest days of computer science.
But the earliest victory may be against an ailment with no vaccine or treatment.
The earliest images that cosmologists have found come from a couple of hundred thousand years after the birth of the universe.
One of the earliest objections to the faster-than-light interpretation came from an astrophysical observation.
The earliest organisms might not have been preserved in stone at all.
But violence in fairy tales has been around since the earliest folk tales in children's literature.
They reach back to the earliest days of the medium, yet sponsored films are a mystery to many.
The earliest versions were probably twigs used to retrieve food from cooking pots.
There is something wonderfully suggestive about the final anecdote in the memoir being one of your earliest memories.
Should a guard confiscate your headphones during a cell shakedown, seek the earliest opportunity to throw a cup of urine on him.
Something of that character must have belonged to the earliest sarabandes.
Indeed, the two earliest trials have serious potential shortcomings.
My earliest distinct recollection is of family prayers.
The earliest commentators welcomed print, celebrating it as an essential part of the civilizing process on the way to modernity.
He mentioned that one of his earliest pupils was already a grandfather.
Notice how on the earliest ones his delivery is staid and serious-he even tells hecklers to shut up.
They are things that should be feared and beheaded at the earliest possible convenience.
Ray's earliest memory is of burning her thumb on a flat-topped grill while trying to spatula some cheese.
Amid a pile of bills and past-due notices, a yellow telegram peeked out: please call me at your earliest convenience regards.
She had an independent conscience from her earliest years.
There wasn't much resistance from its earliest adherents.
On one of our earliest visits, he had shown us a series of drawings and discussed them with us at some length.
He was interested in those above him in the hierarchy, and was one of the earliest networkers.
It's one of his earliest musical memories, and he has a visceral reaction to it.
The company's earliest attempts at walkers were really nothing more than a pair of legs and feet with a big box on top of them.
Studying patients diagnosed in the earliest stages of rheumatoid arthritis could help tease that out, she says.
Some of the earliest client-server systems let people share files by placing them on centralized file servers.
We are at the earliest stages of learning how to do mathematical formulations.
Eventually all the physical world will be easy as it was in the earliest of ancient times.
Moreover, researchers must address the problem of drug resistance from the earliest stages of drug development.
Some of the earliest umpiring was more about enforcing gentlemanly conduct on the field.
My grandfather once told me about the perils of owning an automobile in its earliest days.
In one of her earliest memories, the two of them are going to the zoo to see the tigers.
Runaway inflation followed-one of the earliest political memories of my childhood-accompanied by shortages of everything.
Much of it stems from the scientists who did the earliest investigations.
Instead it evolved gradually, beginning with our earliest hominid and even our primate ancestors.
Some of the earliest evidence for this zombie came from studies of people who had suffered brain injuries.
The earliest artists simply picked up chunks of rock or charred bone and began to sketch.
The earliest insects with winglike appendages lived in an aquatic environment.
Some of the earliest works of western philosophy and science were written with a left hand.
From their earliest months, in fact, children interpret the world as a real and predictable place.
As psychiatric symptoms go, hair-pulling is among the earliest recorded.
It goes back to the earliest days of our prison ministry.

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