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It has three parts: the outer, middle, and inner ear.
The low-tech hearing aid is an update to simply cupping your hand to your ear.
Ear tube insertion involves placing tubes through the eardrums.
Much of the richness of life is absorbed through the ear.
Hold husked ear of corn upright in a deep, wide bowl.
Her fine-tuned ear isolates the croaks of frogs and the croons of other creatures, and she mimics them for my untrained ear.
Please be careful when using ear buds or headphones.
When the mantis hears the bat's ultrasonic cries, the ear sends a signal to the brain via the auditory nerve.
Elephants may look alike to you and me, but the shapes of their ear flaps and their tusks set them apart.
In a breakthrough for cloning research, researchers produce calves from the ear of a prize bull.
The best way to prevent ear infections is to prevent colds and flu.
It's fortunate that someone who has spent a lifetime thinking about them now has the ear of the wider world.
Camp by the lake-come prepared for a chilly night-and keep an ear out for late-season bugling elk.
Normally when sound enters the ear, acoustic information is relayed from the ear to the brain via nerve cells, called neurons.
Hazel surprised everyone with her ability to play by ear.
Its latest accessory is a tiny phone receiver that you lift up to your ear to make a call.
Bacteria that cause ear infections in children are becoming increasingly resistant to penicillin, new studies have found.
My candidate had the tiniest little diamond stud in his ear.
Then watch the videos to learn more about what sound is and how it travels through the ear.
Meanwhile, their murmuring resonates in your ear and their scribbles in your hand.
It required wires to the ear buds, but were discreetly hidden.
Try a little petroleum jelly on the tip of your nose, ear lobes, and lips.
Another distinguishing feature of the sea lion is its ear flap.
Slack has a tiny silhouette of a bat tattooed behind her ear.
To hear the lower frequencies, they evolved an ever larger apparatus in the middle ear.
Access to a friendly, understanding ear can work wonders on your stress level.
Intensity and harmonic sophistication--plus an ear for texture--characterize this music.
She offered a patient ear for our mostly poor neighbors' many troubles.
Closed design and tight grip may cause ear fatigue during long listening sessions.
Compare his left ear in his photo with the left ear in the photo of the life mask.
Your mobile messes with your head by funneling both the caller's voice and the room noise into one ear.
Smartly, the status light has been moved to the interior of the headset, so no more flashing signals by your ear.
One of dogs crapped right by her head, inches away from her ear.
Gradually the ear habituates to the absence of human activity.
There's some clever engineering that lets the speaker occupy the entire diameter of the ear stem.
Ask people you know to keep an ear out for such things.
Vibrating the ear bones could create shortcuts for sounds to enter the brain, thus boosting hearing, new experiments show.
If necessary a calculator can slide into a back pocket with a pencil behind an ear or a pen in a shirt pocket.
Make sure the hat can go over your ears, otherwise get ear warmers.
Moreover, repeatedly listening to lectures trains the ear so that it learns to follow a straight-through narrative.
Technology leaders no longer have the president's ear at some campuses, and that could spell trouble, they say.
If you have two varieties of corn planted next to each other, you might get two kinds of kernels on one ear.
They look you in the eye and when you respond in kind, they smile from ear to ear.
What is unbearable, however, is after a few hours the disc design puts some decent strain on the inner ear.
He doesn't stamp out the first cigarette-he palms it, then puts it in his ear.
While some people experience no ear pair while flying, others might spend the entire flight in agony.
Slime may even be at the root of chronic childhood ear infections.
They form a seal around the ear to block out external noise.
Many people have run out to buy ear pieces in hopes of making their phones safer.
We hear when the cochlea, in the inner ear, stimulates the auditory nerve.
Horseshoe bats had been known to move their entire outer ear, or pinna.
Yet the human ear can hear and process sounds ranging from a pin drop to the roar of a jet engine.
To see whether he'd enjoy going into medicine, he spent time observing an ear, nose and throat surgeon.
Some writers have a tin ear when it comes to sliding a quotation nicely into a sentence.
Not sure how much you will be outside, but a pair of earmuffs or ear covers can be a life saver.
The animal is known for its ability to clamp itself to rocks under its large, flat, ear-shaped shell.
Flanking his skull are two silver ear spools, which would have been placed inside his hugely distended earlobes.
Grinning from ear to ear, they charmed us with folk-ditties, fulsome harmonies and foot-stomping accompaniment.
Her left ear had sunk into the flesh on the side of her skull, and her head was almost completely without hair.
My companions wore gas monitors, which immediately unleashed ear-splitting shrieks.
When the unnerved scientists gathered the fragments, they noticed that the bone now revealed the inner ear.
The diagnoses range from inner ear diseases and brain tumors to schizophrenia and psychopathy.
Eye bones and ear bones of sea turtles, by the hundreds.
For hour after hour, it held every eye, every ear at every party.
Jarrell learned the way practically every other fiddler and banjo player did-by ear, at the knee of older musicians.
To figure out if a sedated lion is truly down for the count, he'll get out of the truck to tickle its ear.
Officials from the health department rushed back and forth, hugging each other and grinning from ear to ear.
In both cases the cue is delivered to the ear opposite the direction that the animal is being nudged towards.
When you haven't finished your book, your friends will buzz in your ear.
The sequence of ear-catching new formats created an illusion of prosperity that fuelled the record companies' taste for excess.
But an ear-bashing from politicians won't fix the problem.
His ear for dialogue is keen, and his language is often sharp and unique.
He has two things all technocrats need: the ability to pick his fights, and the ear of the boss.
Though the two sounds are indistinguishable to the human ear, they can be told apart using signal-processing software.
Though hobbled by strokes and blindness, he now grinned from ear to ear at the prospect of power.
Wiping the ear with a dry towel will remove any recalcitrant silk.
He was bleeding profusely from his ear, eyes and nose.
Even his detractors admit that he has the keenest ear in the business.
There is a moment of vertigo before the inner ear accommodates the artificial gravity of this inverted world.
It can be great to pop in the ear buds, turn on the music, and answer emails or study for an exam.
Sometimes she will whisper lines into my ear, lovely conjectures and occasionally laughable ditties.
Walking around wearing ear-buds is all fun and games until a train comes by and flattens an unsuspecting iPod user.
Shucking it, boiling it, and slathering it with salt and butter makes an ear of corn a pretty delicious treat.
Choose the corpulent ear, well filled, plump in the hand.
He will not eat that last ear of corn he saved, or wade the deep snow coming.
These are songs to be sung inches from someone's ear, preferably with the lights off.
Writing on the subject falls apart because lyrics make less sense to the eye than to the ear.
He'd been eighty-one years old and in fine health, aside from some deafness in his right ear.
The writer tells her thoughts about ear piercing which she notices is getting more common.
The wounds healed, but his ear was damaged permanently.
It was ultimate candor, it was the body's lingo, it was low tide in his inner ear.
He had friends by the carload, who were drawn to his tall, semi-silent elegance and attentive ear.
He wears a gold earring in each ear, and heavy rings on his fingers.
He's right: he sounds professional, and yet nothing he says sticks in your ear.
It had begun diligently scratching its ear, but stopped and fixed its dark little eyes on the door.
No, it's a fight over something far more familiar, far more modest: the humble ear of corn itself and its mysterious origins.
Then a microphone sitting in her ear transforms my voice once again into electricity.
Incandescent rocks sizzled past his head, fractured his skull, broke his jaw and both legs and tore off his left ear.
But the public concern about autism has caught the ear of federal lawmakers.
Her hand was drooping so that the receiver was nowhere near her ear.
More complex structures-an ear and teeth-have also been grown.
Given the new craze, it's a pleasure to have artists who are as easy on the eye as on the ear.
They bless everything and everyone with the little flick quotation marks, that rabbit-ear genuflection of cool, ironic sterility.
And poetry began with the voice as its only player and the ear as its only recorder.
Anyone in the theater can gain admittance to this secret section so long as they are wearing one diamond stud in their left ear.
She always stroked around her temples, from her temples to the tip of the curl of her hair behind her ear.
One afternoon his aircraft was grounded because the pilot he regularly flew with had an ear problem.
She had a smile from one ear to the other, convinced of the magic and grandeur of the situation.
He'd thought it was a closet, but now he pressed his ear to it and heard a rush of running water.
He bade the messenger kneel by his bed, and whispered the message in his ear.
Those are a sound source and in no way inferior to the fallible impressions of a journalist's ear and eye.
They are full of dancing, clapping, screaming and shouting that may seem jarring to the untrained ear.
All his learning must be sustained by judgment and a good ear.
The novel is a triumph of local observation by a keen eye and ear and a rhythmical style.
What rings true does not please the ear, what pleases is not quite true.
The poems' pleasures lie in details where his impeccable ear for language, his huge vocabulary and play of wit are on display.
My doctor said it could be related to a lot of ear infections.
Then he removes his left ear, cupping it in his hand.
Have a knack for in-depth writing and an ear for pop culture, politics and music, then we've got a job for you.
Start by making an ear-to-ear part along the top of your head, and gathering the hair into a ponytail with an elastic wrapper.
Scientists have long puzzled over the inner ear's ability to amplify sound.
The tubular crest that runs over the top of your ear is known as the helix.
He has the ear, and many years of musical experience.
If one hears it with any less distance, the ear tends to flip the root note to the upper of the two in the fourth.
Imagine snooty attendants with ear sets or signage that discriminates between customers to pander to the wealthiest customers.
Grab the ringing phone and a touch sensor signals the phone to soften its ring while you are bringing it close to your ear.
He clicks on the image with a mouse, and it rotates from ear to ear.
For example, the movement of an ear and nose as a head turns slightly will be different from those appearing on a bent photo.

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