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Mount two inexpensive mirrored cabinets next to each other to create one seamless surface.
Choose any large pot and umbrella that match your garden decor and coordinate with each other.
Hold the posts plumb by placing diagonal braces at right angles to each other.
Left undisturbed, they'd glom onto each other and become a fortress of twisted shells.
Our goals were to open the spaces to each other and to turn the kitchen into a warm and elegant entertaining area.
These branches should be well spaced along the trunk and should radiate in different directions so they don't shade each other.
Use a tighter-than-usual spacing method for seedlings so that plants will support each other and protect foliage from sunburn.
Or, if the other queen has emerged by the time they find each other, they will often fight until one is dead.
Players should line up in two lines, with partners facing each other.
The books discuss topics such as how people greet each other, customs used at the dinner table, and business etiquette.
Scientists say they have discovered the first evidence that chimpanzees speak to each other about objects in their environment.
He then asked each couple to stare into each other's eyes for two minutes.
The two dolphins began squawking and chirping to each other-distinctive dolphin chatter.
Crows make tools, play tricks on each other, and caw among kin in a dialect all their own.
It would seem that the chimpanzee and the baboon tolerate each other because each, to some extent, has respect for the other.
Climate was cold and both of them are warming each other sleeping under the sunlight.
Four galaxies are crashing into each other in one of the largest collisions ever seen, scientists say.
Ask students to list the reasons why they think countries would be interested in forming alliances with each other.
As they move through the forest they make plenty of rumbling, howling calls to ensure that they stay out of each other's way.
But they don't need them because they can locate each other with these long-distance calls.
Breaching also could be one way mantas communicate with each other.
The two cultures have evolved to depend on each other for goods, services, and even important rituals.
These cannibal stars are routinely found in dense star clusters, where stars have many chances to feed off each other.
Among songbirds and humpback whales, competing males seem to imitate each other's songs.
But the birds themselves seem to find each other somewhat less than appealing.
Foxes also signal each other by making scent posts-urinating on trees or rocks to announce their presence.
Team members follow in a single file, keeping a safe distance between each other.
Imagine a herd of elephants all talking to each other.
The temperatures and pressures were so high that quarks and gluons were able to exist independently of each other.
In the city's food stalls, meanwhile, vendors keep their meat-alive and dead-in cages and baskets stacked on top of each other.
Part of his research involves studying what the lizards communicate with each other via changes in their color.
The beginning and the end extend hands to each other.
Now and then the spell that held them was broken and they turned and tried in the dim light to see into each other's eyes.
For a minute they stood there, hating each other with a bitter sadness.
These three sets of structures are divided from each other by two processes of fibrous tissue.
It is composed of several layers of fibers, which vary in length, but are closely interlaced with each other.
The two currents do not intermingle, being separated from each other by the delicate walls of the villi.
The cartilages are placed horizontally above each other, separated by narrow intervals.
Tendency for these types of concepts to flow into each other.
Standing alongside of each other on the range are two pans so much alike that one may be mistaken for the other.
All these are at first independent of each other and of the extra-embryonic celom, but later they become continuous.
By seeing each other often they contract a habit, which makes it painful not to see each other always.
UK astronomers have discovered a pair of stars twirling around each other at record-breaking speed.
So, as a beam of photons travels for decades thru space the photons attract each other.
In some cases, these regional calls may help males and females from similar areas find each other-or perhaps avoid each other.
Thus, the galaxies give us the impression of moving away from each other.
When the two come together, the ocean crust goes down, and those two plates really grind against each other.
They had known each other since eighth grade, sharing the silly private jokes that only longtime pals know.
Instead of building a wall between each other, which is what they are doing now, they should have economic ties.
Thus, there are actually parts of the universe moving apart from each other faster than the speed of light.
Photons have gravity, and so they attract each other.
The two groups of students agreed that they wanted to spend more time learning from each other-and getting to know the pigs.
Spouses boast that they are each other's best friends.
People rarely listen to each other as attentively as they wish others would listen to them.
We're trapped in a polarized state of indifference to each other's complexities and conflicts.
While the two sides of this cantankerous odd couple may occasionally feud, they actually need each other-a lot.
Some of them do get to know each other through the discussion boards.
The important thing is that the students get advice from each other and, as a result, are more likely to listen.
Instead of the degrees being measured by presence in the same film, degrees are determined by articles that link to each other.
It's time that the barbarians and the centurions had some dialogue, instead of calling each other names.
It so happens that when people are married to each other, you can tell that there are certain camps.
The students see me and each other and then spend the rest of the semester completing the course.
Imagine if you could instruct those services to interact with each other automatically under certain conditions.
Accommodating faculty couples has become a major concern in higher education, as more and more academics marry each other.
The gatherings allow professors to get to know each other in an informal setting as they unwind from their busy week.
For example, they paired up high-energy boys so they could pace each other.
Some forms of springtails caress each other with their antennae before mating.
We all need to be more tolerant of each other so that our own cultures do not disappear.
Not at the same time-they arrived a few months apart from each other.
The males sing to their partners, and the two share a nest and clean each other's feathers.
When two different cliques come together, members of both groups often chase and fight each other.
It's because when they're hungry, they start eating each other.
It is about the community and their concern for each other.
Trees of many kinds arose and struggled with each other to be taller.
Jailors made little effort to protect the prisoners from each other.
Especially when these centers are relatively near to each other.
And countries aren't going to go to war with each other because their local climate has slowly changed over decades.
They spend a few days foraging, depending on each other to protect against shark attacks.
The complex relationship helps reveal the evolutionary pressures that humans and snakes once put on each other.
Software algorithms that know where other nearby bots are can stop them from crashing into each other.
And it works, because salty and sweet have always had a thing for each other.
Except that the spades card is empty and the two jacks are both on the hearts card looking longingly into each other's eyes.
It is not that the lonely and the gregarious are genetically different from each other.
Species are usually defined as groups of individuals that can breed with each other but not with creatures outside the group.
Stay in touch, ask about each other's days, and focus on and plan for your reunion.
The website enables them to identify mutual contacts who can introduce would-be employees and employers to each other.
The first proto-dogs probably remained fairly isolated from each other for several thousand years.
People do not need phones to talk to each other now.
One obvious answer to their problem seems to be that they're spending too much time talking to each other about their problem.
There are only six or eight of them who make the decisions, and they only talk to each other.
It had to be explained to them that philosophers honor each other by disagreeing with each other.
They enjoyed each other, and embraced when it was done.
Honey bees do a little movement called the waggle dance to alert each other to new food sources.
Characters are not strangers to each other, but are connected in surprising and complicated ways.
Children going to preschool often learn as much from each other as they do from the teacher.
We listen to children talking to other children, parents sharing their experiences, and siblings helping each other.
And they have known each other for more than a decade.
As a result, dealers rely heavily on their ability to trade with each other, and smooth over any imbalances in their books.
Friends don't really have that much influence on each other.
These things are starting to talk to each other and develop their own intelligence.
Nor have they credibly guaranteed all of each other's debt.
In a good place, the bond is respectful and solidifies the team and makes us enjoy our job and support each other.
The other distinction between government and business is that elected officials are trying to beat each other.
They also believed that nations that trade with each other are less likely to go to war against each other.
Along the way, they pummel each other verbally with their constant squabbling and dredge up several decades of pent-up grudges.
People with a grievance will always find ways to communicate with each other.
They started seeing each other, and two years afterward they were married.
And the essays all build and reflect on each other in an interesting way.
People eat and fart and feel each other up and breathe in each other's faces.
Give them different skin colors so they can tell each other apart.
Watching the two go at each other may be cathartic for some, but it shouldn't be confused with movie art.
Perhaps it was because they hadn't seen each other for so long.
But the candidates went further, stumbling over each other to object to vaccine mandates generally, if not coherently.
Audience members looked at each other uncomfortably.
One could write volumes about the ways civilian and military values can and must infuse each other.
They hid behind the columns to take pictures of the money and each other after being told they weren't allowed.
My memories are when we're ten years old and we're on the courts next to each other and it was all ahead of us.
The two sides haven't spoken to each other in five years.
In fact, as the orbits shift so much they can cross each other, and can cause the planets to collide.
Their mouthparts are tiny and degenerate, and it's laughable to think of them inflicting any sort of injury on each other.
Whether they have special concern for each other should their territories collide remains to be seen.
In nature, peace and violence are never far from each other.
Chimpanzees have rich cultural traditions that determine how they forage for food, communicate, groom each other and wield tools.
Both spirals, they are caught in each other's gravitational claws.
The trouble with these two ideas is that they often seem to contradict each other.
Because our ancestors could talk to each other, they became a powerfully cooperative species.
Several groups of scientists have mimicked human depression in mice by pitting the animals against each other.
Two whip spiders circle one another and start gently probing each other with their whips.
The gravity of each galaxy distorted the other, drawing the arms out, slamming gas clouds into each other.
Also, they are so close they are practically touching each other.
They'll stay in constant communication, sending radio pulses to each other.
The hemispheres flopped away from each other, two identical slabs of fleshy neurons.
He slowly brings together two magnets until they repel each other.
They are territorial animals with a penchant for eating each other.
Imagine two children, one big and one small, facing each other and holding hands.
Two people moving relative to each other can even disagree on the order in which two events take place.
Few of these plots resemble each other beyond either wishful thinking or confirmation bias of the eye.
They'd probably invent radio, and start talking to each other.
So you can send two light beams through each other, and they both keep going.
Italians have their own form of individuality and their own ways of relating to each other and to the groups they move in.
Staff covered for each other, grievance processes were sabotaged and evidence was frequently destroyed.
They landed so far away, in so many different places, that they never found each other again.
They are magnificent animals, at first prowling around each other, and then progressively slinking away from each other.
Eventually they'd stumbled into a taxi together, weak with laughter, their arms around each other.
What the characters share is a peculiar lightness of attachment, both to each other and to the geography in which they're placed.
But it is not acceptable to have protesters link up with each other in a national network.
While related, they operate somewhat independently, almost as backups for each other.
The soldiers don't talk with each other about these things, there is no serious discussion in a company of combat soldiers.
Here he shares his take on how fashion and cinema inspire each other.
It was beautiful to see the relationships between them, how they needed each other.
Let's take a closer look at who hated each other the best, and why.
Piano has arranged for the organic and inorganic to play off each other in clever ways.
Foreground and background appear scissored and pasted against each other to create a dynamic clash.
And it's really about them coming to terms with each other.
Here are images of the two teams playing each other over the years.
They will chase each other around the moon measuring the distance to each other with great precision.
The new battery is similar to something called a flow battery, in which two electrolytes are pumped past each other.
Fans at the same show could use the application to communicate with each other and the band.
It's simple enough: two players walk three steps away from each other, turn and shoot.
If these are moving relative to each other, then this needs to be factored in.
Furthermore, the directional nature of laser light means that optical pulses in different places won't interfere with each other.
All these companies seem to be fighting each other to control the space between broadcasters and viewers.
Browser manufacturers are finally really competing with each other.
They are innovating in-house, learning from each other, and licensing each others' technology.
These groups coalesced spontaneously as they urgently organized and accessed each other.
The levels all seem pretty close to each other, in part because of the gradual differences in color between them.
But fusion is extraordinarily difficult to tame because nuclei strongly repel each other.
Multiple data patterns can be written and read within the same area in the material without interfering with each other.
But all of the teammates can beam data they gather into each other's computers through the wireless network.
In essence the cortex is doing no more than conditioning sensory sub-patterns to produce each other.
That's made a huge difference to the way researchers understand and appreciate each other's work.
They were too busy trying to get new products to market, win customers, and outsmart each other.
It's where service delivery partners connect with customers, and with each other.
Other sites have different ways of making strangers trust each other.
They're sharing homes, living next door to each other, vacationing together.
Team sports pitch two groups of players against each other in direct combat.

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