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It'd probably require shirking the status quo of our materialistic dystopia.
That is almost a dystopia.
Ominous words and violent imagery fuel this dystopia, which is equal parts science fiction and life-as-we-know-it.
Workplace dystopia is something we can all relate to.
Your description of the elder-dystopia is unfortunately closer to current conditions than one would hope.
Perhaps like one of sci-fi cinema's most debilitating dystopias.
To this dystopia of video and reggae alongside timeless barbarism, Johnson is the perfect witness.
But utopia usually contains the seeds of its obverse, the dreaded dystopia.
Young Liam is the only walker on the streets of an urban dystopia where residents — no surprise — prefer to remain indoors.
However much he invented as he created his dystopia, he was also relying on actual events and situations.
In this dystopia, doctors haven't been trained in genomics, and payers won't fund predictive and preventive tests and protocols.
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