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The ships were incubators for typhus, dysentery and cholera.
It was an apt title for an era when amoebic dysentery was considered the good kind of dysentery.
Among human inhabitants on the Yangtze basin, dysentery and intestinal cancers are already epidemic.
By that time the general had become wracked with dysentery.
She lost 20 pounds in a week from dysentery in Mexico.
Additional diseases caused by the presence of bacteria and viruses in the ocean can include cholera, dysentery and skin rashes.
Most died of starvation, exhaustion and diseases such as typhus and dysentery.
Half of the men have dysentery.
One year later, with dysentery a mere memory, I'm ready to make the trip again.
As a prisoner, he watched other boys die of dysentery and starvation.
He then contracted dysentery, was shipwrecked, and finally returned home to find his estate looted.
Water shortages, poor hygiene, and piles of garbage are boosting the dangers of cholera and dysentery.
All knew how to use the plants in the forest to heal cuts, treat dysentery, or cast or break a spell.
More than five million people die each year from water-related diseases such as cholera and dysentery.
He was attacked by dysentery a fortnight afterwards, and in a month he died.
For a long time he was afflicted with a dysentery and a loathing of food.
People get diarrhea and dysentery on these trips, and sometimes the boats sink.
The bubbling torrent is full of fecal microorganisms responsible for typhoid, cholera and amoebic dysentery.
They were weakened by hunger, crippled by festering sores, incapacitated by malaria and dysentery.
He made the same journey weeks later in the back of a truck, sick with dysentery.
Five million people die each year from waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery.
He found all the diseases typical of underdeveloped countries-trachoma, dysentery, that kind of thing.
It worked wonders to cure intestinal diseases or dysentery.
Of the children, four were to die of dysentery or cholera-Booth's grief was inconsolable.
He suffered from malaria, dysentery, scurvy and beriberi.
They can cause ailments ranging from pink eye to dysentery.
But then an individual was misdiagnosed as having amebic dysentery, a parasitic infection.
His father, a traveling merchant, had died there five years earlier of dysentery.

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